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The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform analyzes agent performance and captures 100% of customer conversations to drive employee productivity and improvement.

Promoting call center employee engagement with conversation intelligence

The job of a call center employee is often stressful. When days are filled with negative, angry customers and little positive enforcement, call center agents can quickly become disengaged and ineffective. Lack of engagement leads to high turnover which in turn causes issues for call center performance.

Call centers can take several concrete steps to improve the employee experience. From improving training to offering recognition and providing real-time coaching, the right programs and improvements can significantly increase employee happiness and enhance customer experiences. Conversation intelligence technology is key to this effort, providing call center managers with the data and insights they needed to understand employees’ needs, monitor their performance, and provide clear communication.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform is an industry-leading solution that can dramatically improve employee experience management. By capturing and analyzing 100% of interactions between employees and customers, CallMiner makes it easy to enhance employee experiences and improve performance management.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

How conversation intelligence works

Conversation intelligence relies on AI and machine learning technologies to automatically capture and analyze omnichannel conversations at scale. By converting the unstructured information in conversations into structured data that can be searched and analyze, conversation intelligence provides organizations with deep insight into needs of customers and performance of call center employees.

A conversation intelligence solution like CallMiner can achieve extraordinary levels of transcription accuracy along with sentiment and emotion analysis. By merging keyword and phrase identification with data on word tempo, silence, agitation and topic mapping, conversation intelligence technology can pinpoint the meaning and intention of a speaker’s words as well as the emotion that’s driving them.

Rather than presenting this analysis in reports that come days or weeks after a phone call, conversation intelligence enables agents and supervisors to view real-time data during and immediately after calls. With this information, organizations can offer more effective training and coaching for call center employees, driving agent success, and improving employee experiences.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

CallMiner is the global leader in conversation intelligence solutions that drive business performance. As the industry’s most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel interactions, CallMiner enables companies to automatically leverage every conversation between call center employees and customers to monitor the performance of agents and to understand their needs.

With CallMiner’s conversation intelligence technology and employee experience software, organizations can:

• Increase productivity. Knowing that a happy employee is a productive employee, organizations can rely on CallMiner to enhance the employee experience to create a more engaged and satisfied workforce that can drive performance in the contact center.

• Improve feedback. By applying data-driven insights from 100% of interactions, call center supervisors can deliver superior, objective feedback to support improvement and success for call center employees.

• Enhance coaching. Real-time insights and instant access to data and KPIs enable supervisors to provide call center employees with continual coaching that helps improve performance and increase engagement.

• Create a culture of improvement. With in-depth performance data, managers can identify the most effective employees and use their habits and strategies to inform and train other agents.

Solutions that support the success of call center employees

The CallMiner Eureka platform provides solutions for:

• Analyzing calls, chats, emails, and other text-based interactions between call center employees and customers to identify the most impactful insight for business improvement.

• Capturing high-fidelity, speaker-separated audio for more accurate conversation analysis.

• Monitoring and optimizing call center employee performance with automated tools that reveal behavioral insight for every voice and text-based interaction.

• Alerting supervisors and agents in real-time to customers at risk of churn based on certain interaction indicators, providing next-best-action guidance that can improve outcomes.

• Visualizing data through graphical presentations with interactive features that allow users to drill down to the specifics of customer behavior, agent performance, process challenges, and other root cause indicators.

• Redacting sensitive numerical data and personally identifiable information from audio and text-based conversations.

Why CallMiner?

CallMiner is trusted by leading organizations around the world in a variety of industries – from retail, financial services, and healthcare to insurance, travel, and hospitality. Founded in 2002, CallMiner has pioneered the conversation intelligence industry with two decades of innovation and with expertise developed through mining billions of hours of customer conversations for insight.

Along with its comprehensive conversation intelligence platform, CallMiner provides:

• A Solution Catalogue with pre-built analytics content that makes it easier and less costly to mine insight for specific business use cases.

• Solution Set-up Accelerator, a tool that speeds implementation and allows call centers to start auto-mining and auto-scoring calls within minutes.

• Illuminate, a machine learning tool that instantly identifies words that were transcribed differently than intended, helping to improve conversational accuracy.

• Omnichannel intelligence, combining text-based communications and speech interactions for expansive visibility into employee and customer conversations.

• Language packs that support a wide range of languages for interaction analytics and redaction.

• Extensive support from a Customer Success Director.

• An active customer community that is an invaluable source of knowledge, collaboration, and crowdsourced innovation.

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Frequently asked questions.

A call center is a department or an organization that is charged with managing inbound and outbound communications with customers, prospects, patients, employees, and other audiences. Call center employees may communicate with audiences via phone, chat, email, social media, and a variety of other channels.

The employee experience is the sum of an individual’s feelings and observations about their work at a given company. The employee experience includes the work they do as well as the interactions they have with supervisors, colleague, and customers. Employees who have positive experiences tend to be happier, more productive, and better ambassadors for the company.

Because the work of a call center employee can be stressful, call center managers are highly focused on creating positive experiences that can help improve employee performance, increase retention, and lead to better customer experiences. Conversation intelligence solutions like CallMiner help improve the call center employee experience by capturing and analyzing the conversations they have with customers, providing insight into their performance that managers can use to improve training, offer rewards, and improve success rates.