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To make happy customers, focus on happy employees

The CallMiner Eureka platform uses conversation intelligence to provide insight that can lead to more satisfied employees and better customer experiences.

The biggest benefit of happy employees? Happy customers.

Most businesses invest a great deal of time and money on making customers happy. Yet, too often these organizations neglect one of the most important ingredients for positive customer experiences: happy workers. When employees are happy with their job, the benefits for the customer experience are enormous. Conversely, when employees are not happy, they can do enormous damage to the customer’s perception of a brand and experience with a company.

To develop happy employees and happy customers, organizations must take steps to understand the needs, wants, motivations, and opinions of their workers. While surveys can provide a partial view and conversations with supervisors offer anecdotal information, companies that want the deepest understanding of workplace happiness must mine employee interactions with colleagues, customers, HR, and other departments for insight into what will make their workers happy.

CallMiner can help. With conversation intelligence technology that can capture and analyze every employee interaction, the CallMiner Eureka platform delivers the tools to develop a roadmap for creating happy employees and happy customers.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

Why happy employees mean happy customers

Happy employees create happy customers in several ways.

• Happiness is contagious. When employees engage customers with a great attitude and a warm smile, their positivity can inevitably rub off on customers.

• Better relationships. Happy employees strive to build stronger relationships with customers, handling customer needs with greater attention and presence.

• More creativity. Happier employees are more willing to engage in the creativity required to solve problems and meet customer needs.

• Knowledgeable service. Because employees who are happy in their work tend to stay with the company longer, they develop a broader understanding of the company’s products and services.

• Exceptional effort. Happy employees are more productive and are more willing to take the extra steps to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

If happy employees mean happy customers, the job for every organization is to understand what contributes to employee happiness. Certain factors like recognition, rewards, and room for growth are universal. But truly understanding what makes workers happy requires deeper analysis of their wants and needs. That’s where CallMiner excels.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

CallMiner Eureka makes it possible to analyze 100% of employee conversations via phone, videoconferencing, chat, email, social media, SMS, and other voice and text-based channels. By analyzing interactions to identify the intent of a speaker’s words and the emotion in their voice, CallMiner’s conversation intelligence technology converts the unstructured information in employee conversations into structured data that can reveal patterns and meaningful insights into employee happiness.

With CallMiner Eureka’s employee experience software, organizations can:

• Analyze employee interactions at the deepest level to identify areas of opportunity for improving employee experiences.

• Coach employees by making it easier for supervisors to monitor, understand, and improve employee performance.

• RealTime customer-facing employees and their supervisors when customers are at risk of churn or when a conversation is at risk of a negative outcome. CallMiner can also provide next-best-action guidance to turn around negative calls and achieve optimal results.

• Visualize and share conversation intelligence data via an interactive, easy-to-use interface that allows users to drill down into the detail of a single employee.

• Redact sensitive data and personally identifiable information from voice and text-based conversations to protect the privacy of employees and customers and to comply with regulation.

How CallMiner makes “happy employees, happy customers” a reality

The powerful conversation intelligence technology on the CallMiner Eureka platform provides significant benefits for organizations seeking to support happy employees and happy customers through superior employee experience management.

• Enhanced employee experiences. By providing organizations with solicited and unsolicited feedback from employees, CallMiner helps to identify ways to improve the employee experience and create happier workers.

• Cultures of persistent improvement. CallMiner captures and analyzes every employee conversation, providing supervisors with a wealth of data that can inform coaching and training, including providing real-time feedback for customer-facing employees.

• Higher employee retention. Through a better understanding of what employees want, organizations can take action to create programs and workplace cultures that improve satisfaction and reduce turnover. • Empowered leaders. CallMiner provides business leaders and managers with the insight they need to connect the dots between positive employee experiences and bottom-line results.

Why CallMiner?

As the global leader in conversation intelligence that drives business performance improvement, CallMiner is trusted by leading organizations around the world in industries such as financial services, insurance, healthcare, retail, travel, hospitality, and others. The Eureka platform analyzes interactions at the deepest levels, interpreting nuance and identifying patterns that reveal new areas of opportunity for enhancing employee experiences and improving customer relationships.

The CallMiner Eureka platform offers:

• A clearer view of what matters most. CallMiner analyzes 100% of customer and employee interactions, revealing insight by accurately autoscoring, correlating across multiple channels, and categorizing for ease, effectiveness, and emotion.

• Faster improvement. AI-driven search features, unmatched accuracy, and real-time and post-call analytics enable organizations to take swift action increase employee happiness.

• A focus on success. CallMiner provides each account with a dedicated support team, while an active customer community serves as an outstanding source of crowdsourced innovation.

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Frequently asked questions.

The phrase “happy employees, happy customers” refers to the tendency for workers who are satisfied and engaged in their jobs to provide better service to customers, resulting in greater customer satisfaction, loyalty, and happiness.

Some drivers of employee happiness are universal. Factors such as appreciation, recognition, rewards, respect, and positive relationships with colleagues and supervisors tend to make any employees feel happier in their work. Beyond that, the key to understanding employee happiness is to listen carefully to what employees say about how they feel about their jobs and what they need to be successful and happy in their work.

Conversation intelligence is a technology that can analyze conversations with employees (or customers, patients, and other audiences) to uncover the meaning of words and the emotion behind him. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, conversation intelligence solutions transform the unstructured information in calls, chat, email, and other communications into structured data that can be searched and analyzed. By mining this data for meaningful insight, companies can better understand the needs, desires, motivation, and behavior of their employees, and act to make improvements to better meet their expectations.