Happy Workers

Happy workers are the key to retention and productivity

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform mines interactions with employees for insight that can help companies create better workplaces and promote employee happiness.

Improving the employee experience with conversation intelligence

While many businesses invest time and effort to improve customer experiences, focusing on the experiences of employees is equally important. Happy employees are more productive, and they’re more likely to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Happy workers are also more likely to remain in their jobs.

The key to creating happy workers is to effectively capture the Voice of the Employee (VoE) to better understand the drivers of workplace happiness. While surveys and conversations with supervisors may reveal some insight into employees’ opinions, needs, wants, and motivations, companies need more thorough and effective ways to understand the mindset of employees and improve employee experience management.

CallMiner can help. The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform can capture and analyze interactions between employees and customers, HR departments, and other entities to provide organizations with insight that can create happy workers by building better work environments.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

How conversation intelligence reveals employee mindsets

Conversation intelligence allows organizations to analyze 100% of employee conversations over phone, email, chat, social media, web, SMS text, IT tickets, and other forms of external and internal communication. Using AI and machine learning, conversation intelligence converts the unstructured information in these interactions into structured data that can be analyzed to reveal insights into the experience of individual employees and trends across the employee base. Conversation intelligence solutions determine both the meaning of the words as well as the emotion and sentiment driving them, providing clear insight into what employees want and what will make for happy workers.

The benefits of using conversation intelligence to create happy workers can be transforming.

Happy employees, happy customers. When workers are happy, they’re more likely to deliver the kind of service that makes customers happy as well.

• Higher productivity. Studies prove that a happy employee is a productive employee.

• Greater performance. Because happy workers are more invested in their jobs, companies can count on them to help improve overall performance.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

CallMiner Eureka is the most comprehensive platform for analyzing interactions with employees, customers, patients, and other audiences across every channel. Eureka analyzes interactions at the deepest levels, interpreting nuance and identifying patterns and traits that reveal new areas of opportunity for improving workplace culture and supporting happy workers. Automated performance scoring, emotion metrics, and AI-driven topic discovery allow companies to drive business improvement, growth, and transformational change more effectively than ever before.

As a form of employee experience software, CallMiner Eureka provides companies and supervisors with a deeper understanding into what workers want and what their experiences are like from the moment they’re hired to the day they leave the organization. With CallMiner, companies can:

• Improve experiences. By collecting both solicited and unsolicited feedback, CallMiner enables companies to identify areas of opportunity to better meet employee needs and expectations.

• Create cultures of improvement. By monitoring and analyzing 100% of conversations with customer-facing employees, CallMiner enables managers to provide clear direction and a path for improvement with real-time feedback and improved communication.

• Increase retention. CallMiner leverages emotion scoring, trend analysis, and other factors to improve the company’s understanding of what employees want from their jobs, allowing organizations to take action to improve satisfaction and reduce turnover.

Comprehensive solutions for creating happy workers

CallMiner Eureka provides all the technologies that companies need to take action to create happy workers. With CallMiner, organizations can:

• Analyze every call, chat, email, and text-based interaction that employees engage in to better identify their needs, desires, and feelings about the workplace.

• Enhance engagement with personalized coaching for customer-facing workers.

• Provide next-best-action guidance during conversations between employees and customers to improve outcomes and turn around potentially negative interactions.

• Capture high-quality audio for deeper and more accurate insights into employee conversations.

• Visualize conversation intelligence data with shareable, easy-to-use presentations that reveal both big picture insights and granular detail about employee behavior and challenges.

• Redact sensitive numeric data and personally identifiable information from transcriptions of employee conversations, ensuring privacy and enabling compliance with regulatory requirements.

Why choose CallMiner?

The CallMiner Eureka platform is the choice of many of the world’s leading organizations in retail, financial services, healthcare, insurance, travel, hospitality, and other industries. With expertise developed over two decades of innovation and billions of hours of conversations mined, CallMiner has built the most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel customer interactions at scale.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform provides:

• Faster time to improvement. With AI-driven search features, unmatched accuracy, and real-time and post-call analytics, CallMiner helps organizations act quickly to drive business performance improvement.

• Insights that matter most. By accurately autoscoring interactions, correlating across multiple channels, and categorizing for effectiveness and emotion, CallMiner reveals deeper insights into employee happiness that shed light on opportunities for improvement.

• A commitment on success. CallMiner provides a dedicated support team for each account, along with access to an active customer community that is a valuable source of knowledge and innovation.

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Happy workers are employees who find their jobs to be satisfying, positive experiences. Many things contribute to workplace happiness, including quality of relationships and supervision, the opportunity for growth and advancement, and a sense of fulfillment, appreciation, and recognition.

Happy workers tend to be more engaged in their work and more productive in their jobs. Happy workers also tend to create happy customers, since employees who are engaged in their work are more likely to go the extra mile to deliver superior service. Workplace happiness contributes to greater employee retention and, ultimately, to a better bottom line.

Conversation intelligence is a technology that can analyze and extract insight from conversations that employees have via phone, chat, email, and other channels. By determining the meaning of an employee’s words and the emotion that is behind them, conversation intelligence can help employers to better understand the needs, wants, motivations, and opinions of their workforce. With this information, employers can take steps to meet employee needs and expectations more effectively, creating happier workers and more productive workforces.