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Improve product service and experience with better feedback

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform captures and analyzes 100% of omnichannel interactions to deliver more meaningful insights from customer feedback.

Capturing customer feedback more effectively

Customer feedback must be at the center of efforts to enhance product service and experience. With a clear understanding of what customers want from interactions with your products and your service teams, you can take action to improve offerings, innovate features, and deliver a more compelling product experience.

The challenge is gathering customer feedback effectively and cost-efficiently. Traditional product feedback tools – surveys, focus groups, and user testing, for example – glean insight from a very small sample of customers, many of whom share feedback based on highly positive or negative experiences. These methods tend to ignore feedback from 80 to 95% of customers, robbing your product teams of valuable data and insights.

CallMiner meets this challenge with a conversation intelligence platform that can capture and analyze 100% of customer interactions on any channel: calls, chat, email, social, Web, SMS, surveys, and more. With the CallMiner Eureka platform, your teams can deliver product service and experiences that win greater customer loyalty and drive customer satisfaction.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

How conversation intelligence drives quality and safety

Every day, your customers share their thoughts, opinions, and feelings about your products in interactions on many channels. These unsolicited and unstructured conversations are full of invaluable data that can be mined for intelligence that can drive improvements in product service and in the consumer product experience.

Using AI, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP), conversation intelligence technology captures, analyzes, categorizes, and scores these interactions to reveal meaningful insight at scale. A conversation intelligence platform can determine the meaning of words, the intent of a speaker, and the sentiment and emotion that is affecting their behavior and opinions. By aggregating this detailed data in thousands or millions of calls, CallMiner provides an unprecedented level of insight into the mindset of customers.

Product service and experience teams can gain early warning of product safety issues By accessing this insight in near-real-time to identify product shortcomings and understand how customers feel about their product experiences. Ultimately, CallMiner delivers the intelligence teams need to make better decisions.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

Trusted by the world’s leading organizations in finance, retail, healthcare, and other industries, CallMiner Eureka is the most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel interactions at scale. Eureka analyzes customer conversations at the deepest levels to reveal intelligence that helps product teams connect the dots between insights and action. Automated scoring, emotion metrics, and AI-driven topic discovery enable our technology to provide insights that matter most, quicker than any other solution on the market.

CallMiner Eureka can transform product service and experience by enabling teams to accomplish critical objectives. As a leading customer feedback management software solution, CallMiner empowers teams to:

Enhance product experiences. CallMiner helps your teams understand how customers feel about your product service and experience at every point on their journey. With these insights, product teams can respond rapidly to address shortcomings in service and introduce new features and products to better meet the needs of customers.

Drive product innovation. By capturing customer suggestions and analyzing the drivers of these comments, CallMiner can enhance your product management roadmap and inspire ideas for new offerings as well as new features for existing products.

Identify competitive threats and opportunities. Omnichannel analysis of competitor mentions can help your teams to understand the strengths of your products as well as the competitive shortcomings of your product service and experiences. CallMiner can also uncover competitive threats and risks that may not yet be on your team’s radar.

Capabilities for improving product service and experience

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform encompasses a broad set of tools and solutions that make it easy for product teams to extract insight from omnichannel customer interactions. With CallMiner, you can:

Capture and analyze customer feedback from voice and text-based interactions on any channel. CallMiner overcomes the limitations of other product feedback solutions to extract intelligence from 100% of customer conversations.

Understand the meaning of conversations with root-cause analysis. CallMiner reveals what matters most to your customers through omnichannel journey mapping that scores performance, tags transcriptions with sentiment and emotion, and delivers insights that can improve product service and experience.

Improve customer outcomes in product service calls. CallMiner Eureka monitors conversations in real time and notifies agents and supervisors when a call is headed in a negative direction. Offering real-time guidance for next-best actions, CallMiner helps to turn around negative calls and improve the customer product service experience. CallMiner Eureka can also improve the performance of agents by giving supervisors clearer visibility into their interactions with customers and identifying behavior for guidance or reinforcement.

Visually explore product service and experience data. Graphical reports produced through an interactive interface reveal the big picture stories in conversation intelligence data while also allowing users to drill down into the details of a single customer.

Protect private information. Records of audio and text-based interactions often contain sensitive or private information. CallMiner automatically identifies and redacts sensitive numeric data and personally identifiable information to protect customer privacy and ensure regulatory compliance.

Why CallMiner?

CallMiner is the global leader in conversation intelligence technology, delivering the insights that product service and experience teams need to make better decisions. By analyzing customer interactions at the deepest levels, CallMiner helps teams to connect the dots between insight and action and to drive business improvement, growth, and transformational change.

Our technology is built on the expertise and experience we’ve developed over two decades of innovation and through mining billions of hours of customer conversations. Turnkey integrations and extensive automation deliver the insights that matter most, faster than any other solution available. No other company provides more customizable solutions or deeper understanding of customer mindset for improved business outcomes.

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Product service and experience management is the practice of monitoring and enhancing the customer experience with products and interaction with product service teams. Product service management focuses on delivering exceptional service that delights and impresses customers while meeting their needs as quickly as possible. Product experience management (PXM) is designed to create positive experiences for customers as they learn about, purchase, and interact with a product.

Product teams use customer feedback to determine where a product or product service offering is meeting the needs of customers, and where it is falling short. By monitoring customer comments, suggestions, complaints, and opinions, product teams can move swiftly to address issues and improve interactions that lead to more positive opinions and experiences for customers.

Conversation intelligence technology is one of the best ways to capture customer feedback. By enabling product teams to capture and analyze 100% of customer interactions across all channels, conversation intelligence can yield deeper insights into what customers want and need. Using AI and machine learning, a conversation intelligence platform analyzes audio and text-based interactions to extract meaning, determine intent, understand context, and identify sentiment and emotion. By aggregating this type of deep analysis for thousands or millions of customer interactions, conversation intelligence reveals meaningful insights and patterns from customer conversations at scale.


We have been able to use the CallMiner platform to help us meet our organizational goals and focus more on customer experience.

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