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How to transform the product innovation process

Provide product teams with superior feedback by capturing and analyzing 100% of customer interactions across all channels.

Enhance the product innovation process with superior customer feedback

Customer feedback is essential to the product innovation process. Because new products and features are designed to meet the needs of customers, product teams must first understand customer desires, pain points, and opinions about existing or competing products. It’s only by making customers the center of the product development process that businesses can hope to drive successful product innovation and gain greater market share.

While most product teams crave customer feedback, many struggle with ways to collect and analyze feedback effectively. Focus groups, user testing, and customer surveys – the most common methods for collecting feedback – are limited in scope, collecting data on a very small sample of potential customers. As a result, analysis based on this data is often incomplete or skewed by highly vocal customers with strong positive or negative opinions.

The CallMiner Eureka platform offers a better alternative. By capturing and analyzing 100% of customer interactions across all channels, our platform fuels the product innovation process with a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of what customers want and need.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

The role of conversation intelligence in product innovation

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, conversation intelligence technology captures and analyzes the unstructured information in calls, chat, email, social media, websites, surveys, SMS texts, and other channels. By transcribing, categorizing, and scoring each interaction, a conversation intelligence platform can convert this information into structured data that can be easily searched and analyzed to produce actionable intelligence. Conversation intelligence can also identify the sentiment and emotion driving a customer’s words and choices, helping product teams to better understand how to satisfy a customer’s expectations.

By automatically extracting product intelligence from 100% of customer interactions, conversation intelligence helps empowers product teams to innovate more easily and effectively. Data produced by conversation intelligence can serve as an “always on” focus group and product feedback loop that allows teams to test new ideas, improve on existing products, introduce new offerings, and even identify potential issues early to mitigate unnecessary risks and costs.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

Trusted by the world’s leading organizations in finance, retail, healthcare, and other industries, the CallMiner Eureka platform is the most comprehensive solution for analyzing omnichannel interactions at scale. Our technology analyzes interactions at the deepest level to identify patterns, understand nuance, and connect the dots between insight and action to drive new product innovation.

By revealing deeper insight into what customers are saying about their wants, needs, existing products, and competitors’ offerings, CallMiner Eureka provides critical capabilities for the product innovation process.

Gather comprehensive data. CallMiner produces insights from 100% of omnichannel conversations, enabling product teams to innovate more effectively, improve market fit, and respond rapidly to customer insights.

Identify product deficiencies. By analyzing conversations around product returns or service cancellations, CallMiner helps to identify product shortcomings and prioritize investments in remediation.

Understand patterns of consumer usage. CallMiner helps product teams understand the new ways that customers are trying to use existing products, uncovering potential opportunities to expand product lines and enhance marketing messages.

Democratize customer feedback data. With CallMiner, teams can share customer insights with product managers, leaders, and designers to align teams around goals for innovation and to enhance product service and experience.

Discover new opportunities. By analyzing conversations to uncover foundational drivers behind customer suggestions, CallMiner helps teams to identify adjacent opportunities for innovation.

Monitor the customer experience. CallMiner provides product teams with details about the consumer product experience for every touchpoint on their journey, enabling teams to take action to reduce friction and address customer pain points through innovation.

Comprehensive capabilities for superior innovation

The CallMiner Eureka platform includes a set of powerful technologies for capturing, analyzing, and exploring customer data. With CallMiner, product teams can:

Understand what matters most to customers with CallMiner Analyze. As the customizable dashboard for the Eureka platform, Analyze captures and analyzes conversations, tags transcriptions with sentiment and emotion, and delivers customer insights that inform the product innovation process.

Visually explore customer feedback with CallMiner Visualize. An interactive, easy-to-use interface allows users to drill down into the details of a single customer or to examine big picture stories and themes.

Improve the performance of contact center agents with CallMiner Coach. This technology makes it easy for supervisors to monitor, understand, and optimize agent performance at scale.

Turnaround potentially negative customer experiences with CallMiner Alert. By providing real-time guidance and next-best action suggestions, Alert helps agents to diffuse tense and escalating conversations and to improve outcomes of difficult calls.

Improve transcription accuracy with CallMiner Capture. This technology features high-fidelity, dual-channel audio that powers quicker and more accurate speech analytics.

Automatically remove sensitive numeric data with CallMiner Redact. To protect customer privacy, this CallMiner technology automatically identifies and redacts sensitive data and personally identifiable information.

Why CallMiner?

CallMiner Eureka is the global leader in conversation intelligence technology, providing the tools that businesses need to drive improvement and enhance the product innovation process.

Built on two decades of innovation and with expertise developed by mining billions of hours of customer conversations for insight, CallMiner Eureka delivers the intelligence required to make better, smarter, and faster business decisions.

No other platform offers more customizable solutions or deeper understanding of customer needs to drive product innovation. With turnkey integrations and extensive automation, Eureka helps product teams understand what matters most to customers, quicker than any other solution on the market.

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The product innovation process is the sequence of steps involved in creating new products or modifying existing products to meet the unfulfilled needs of customers. Steps in the innovation process typically include identifying a need, generating product ideas to meet the need, and gathering customer feedback about new products or features.

Customer feedback is essential to the product innovation process. By revealing the wants and needs of target audiences and providing insight about existing product experiences, feedback can help product teams to generate innovative ideas to better meet the expectations of customers.

Conversation intelligence enhances the product innovation process by providing deeper and more comprehensive insight into the mindset of customers. By capturing and analyzing 100% of customer interactions across all channels, conversation intelligence delivers insights about what matters most to customers more quickly and accurately than other customer feedback solutions.


CallMiner's insights created visibility across the customer journey to direct and indirect touchpoints that impact the CX. Real, cross-functional insights help us increase sales, grow and retain customers, and bring new products to life.

Robin Gomez

Director of customer care innovation, Radial