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Enhance competitiveness with superior product feedback tools

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform delivers deeper insight into customers and competitors.

The power of customer-centric product feedback tools

When customers are at the center of your product feedback loop, it’s easier for your product development teams to drive product intelligence, innovation, and improvement. In the past, gathering comprehensive customer feedback has been a challenge. Many companies continue to rely on surveys, focus groups, and user testing as they seek to understand what drives customers’ buying behavior.

These product feedback tools have some value, but they’re very limited in scope. For example, surveys tend to capture feedback from only 5 to 15% of customers, omitting comments from the vast majority of customers. Focus groups and user testing also provide feedback based on a very small sample.

CallMiner Eureka provides an alternative. As the global leader in conversation intelligence technology, CallMiner makes it easy to capture and analyze 100% of audio and text-based interactions with your customers on every channel: calls, websites, email, chat, surveys, and other channels. Providing comprehensive insight into your customers’ wants and needs, product feedback tools from CallMiner enable you to craft a more customer-centric product management strategy.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

Gain competitive insight with conversation intelligence

Conversation intelligence technology leverages AI and machine learning to ingest, parse, understand, and obtain insight from the information in text and voice conversations. For example, your contact center agents field thousands of calls with customers every day, and each of these interactions can be an invaluable source of unsolicited feedback about your brand and products. By transforming the rich, unstructured information in these conversations into structured data that can be searched, categorized, and analyzed, conversation intelligence delivers deep insights into your customers’ product experience.

In addition to intelligence about customer preferences, superior product feedback tools can provide teams with deeper competitive insights. For example, mining conversations for competitor mentions improves understanding of a product’s greatest strengths and weaknesses as it stacks up against competitors’ offerings. And by combining conversation intelligence information with other data points, your brand and product management teams can help uncover product risks and threats that may not yet be on your radar.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

CallMiner Eureka is the industry’s most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel interactions with customers at scale. By delivering deeper insight from every conversation, our platform delivers the product feedback tools and accurate intelligence that product teams need to make better decisions.

With CallMiner Eureka, your product development teams can:

Collect comprehensive feedback. Eureka captures and analyzes feedback across all channels, transcribing, categorizing, tagging, and scoring interactions to discover what matters most to customers. Powerful analytics and AI-driven search reveal the meaning of the conversation, the speaker’s intent, and the sentiment and emotion behind their words. With detailed data collected from every customer conversation, product teams can better understand your customers’ wants, needs, opinions, and experience at every touchpoint with your products.

Visualize conversation intelligence data. CallMiner Eureka provides product feedback tools that let your stakeholders visually explore conversation intelligence data to connect the dots more clearly between insight and action. With Eureka, you can create graphical presentations that can be understood by users from the contact center to the C-suite. An easy-to-use, interactive interface makes it simple to access big picture stories as well as the specific details of individual customers.

Enhance agent performance and customer experiences. Eureka enables supervisors to monitor, understand, and optimize agent performance at scale. By providing a deeper understanding of agent and customer interactions, CallMiner helps identify performance trends and allows supervisors to target behavior for guidance or reinforcement. CallMiner can also automatically provide real-time guidance to help turn around a potentially negative customer experience.

Improve the accuracy of analytics. CallMiner enables high-fidelity, speaker-separated audio to be accurately transcribed in real time, powering quicker and more accurate speech analytics. A full-featured call recorder and screen recorder deliver deeper visibility of every aspect of agent and customer interactions.

Protect customer privacy. Eureka automatically identifies and redacts sensitive numeric data and personally identifiable information from audio and text-based conversations to protect the privacy of customers and ensure compliance with privacy regulation.

Benefits of CallMiner’s product feedback tools

With product feedback tools from CallMiner, your teams are better able to enhance product quality, drive product innovation, and identify competitive threats.

• Uncover competitive strengths and weaknesses by capturing and analyzing insights across social, ratings, and review sites.

• Focus your product management roadmap and plans for product investment with a deeper understanding of risks and threats.

• Enhance product experience management with clear visibility into product strengths and shortcomings.

• Use customer center interactions as an early warning system to identify product safety issues before they become a PR problem or business emergency.

• Share key insights with product managers, designers, and QA to ensure that all teams are aligned around plans to address quality issues.

• Drive innovation by mining customer conversations for suggestions that point to new features and offerings.

• Discover adjacent opportunities for innovation by analyzing the foundational drivers of suggestions from customers.

• Understand how your customers are using a product in new ways to identify opportunities for product line expansion.

Why customers choose CallMiner

The CallMiner Eureka platform is built with technology and expertise developed over two decades of innovation and billions of hours spent mining customer conversations for insight. By analyzing interactions at the deepest levels, Eureka enables product teams to understand nuance in customer conversations and identify patterns that reveal new areas of opportunity.

Along with product feedback tools for analyzing customer interactions at scale, we offer turnkey integrations and value-added benefits that help deliver the insights that matter most, faster than any other solution on the market.

• Our Solution Catalogue offers pre-built analytics content that helps your teams to automatically mine critical insights for particular business use cases.

• Language packs provide support for transcription, redaction, and speech analytics in multiple languages.

• Accelerator is our intensive, personalized analyst training program that helps to shorten the onboarding process and speed time to value.

• CallMiner Playbooks provide step-by-step guides for achieving ROI more quickly.

• A mono-to-stereo audio call recording converter enables speaker separation that allows conversations to be parsed by customer and agent speakers for more accurate analytics.

• CallMiner Customer Connect is an enthusiastic community of CallMiner users who help to innovate the platform and provide crowdsourced support.

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Product feedback tools enable businesses to collect feedback from users and customers to drive product improvement and innovation.

Most product feedback tools today collect information through customer surveys offered on websites, email, SMS, and other channels. While these methods work for certain purposes, they are difficult to scale, as response rates tend to be quite low. As a result, many organizations are turning to conversation intelligence technology that can capture and analyze 100% of customer interactions across every channel.

Conversation intelligence uses AI and machine learning to capture, transcribe, categorize, score, and analyze interactions with customers on any channel. A conversation intelligence platform can determine the meaning of a speaker’s words as well as their intent, and pinpoint the sentiment and emotion that is driving their behavior. By transforming the unstructured information in conversations into structured data, conversation intelligence technology makes it easy to mine interactions for deeper insight into the customer mindset.


We plan to cascade information gleaned from CallMiner throughout the organization, providing each account manager with insights that they can then share with their clients to solidify our partnership. To become our customer’s last best experience, we must make the investment in our tools and people. We see CallMiner as one of those gamechanger tools that is already propelling us forward towards our goal.

Kurt Mosher

COO and Executive Vice President, Gant Travel