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Harness the power of feedback to drive innovation

The CallMiner Eureka platform captures and analyzes 100% of omnichannel interactions to power product development and innovation with customer feedback.

Letting customers guide product development and innovation

Product development teams know that customer feedback is essential to product improvement and innovation. By mining customer interactions for intelligence, teams can gain a better understanding about how products can best serve the needs of customers, and which features will satisfy, delight, and impress them.

The challenge for teams working in product development and innovation is to capture feedback from the broadest collection of target audiences. Traditional methods like surveys and focus groups are highly selective, sampling a very slim fraction of the customer base. Calls to the contact center could be a potential gold mine of unsolicited feedback from a wide range of customers, but listening to and analyzing calls is extraordinarily time-consuming and difficult to scale.

Fortunately, CallMiner delivers a powerful solution that can deliver insight from 100% of customer interactions to drive superior product development and innovation. The CallMiner Eureka platform leverages conversation intelligence to automatically analyze customer interactions at scale, revealing more meaningful insight for product development management.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

How conversation intelligence yields more meaningful feedback

Conversation intelligence represents nearly limitless potential for product teams to understand their customers at a deeper level. This technology captures and analyzes voice and text-based interactions such as phone calls, live chat, emails, SMS, surveys, social media, and websites – all the places where customers freely share opinions about their experience with your products. Using natural language processing (NLP), AI, and machine learning, conversation intelligence can interpret the meaning of a customer’s language, the intent behind it, and the sentiment and emotion that is driving their behavior. Collectively, these insights yield deep visibility into what customers want and need, and how they feel at every touchpoint on their product journey.

With these customer insights, your teams have the intelligence for more successful product development and innovation. The comprehensive feedback that conversation intelligence provides can serves as an “always on” focus group and product feedback loop, making it easy to test new ideas, products, features, and messaging in the product planning and development process.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

As the product of two decades of innovation, the CallMiner Eureka platform is the most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel customer interactions at scale. Eureka makes it possible to capture and analyze every customer conversation on virtually any channel, delivering intelligence that can transform the new product development process.

With the power to extract deeper and more comprehensive intelligence from customer feedback, CallMiner Eureka enables your teams to manage the product development and innovation process more efficiently and effectively. With CallMiner, product teams can:

Gain inspiration for new features, products, and service offerings by analyzing customer comments, complaints, and suggestions. By understanding the foundational drivers of customer suggestions, product teams can uncover adjacent opportunities for innovation. And by understanding the new and various ways that customers are trying to use existing products, teams can open up new possibilities for product line expansion.

Understand the competitive layout by capturing insight from social, ratings, and review sites. Mining 100% of conversations for competitor mentions can reveal competitive strengths and weaknesses, uncover product risks or unforeseen threats, and drive product investment to take advantage of competitive whitespace.

Rapidly improve product quality and address product safety issues. CallMiner’s Voice-of-the-Customer insights can highlight shortcomings in the user experience and identify possible improvements. By analyzing customer sentiment across ratings and reviews sites, CallMiner can help to capture quality issues that can be shared with product managers, designers, and QA teams. And by delivering near-real-time access to customer feedback, CallMiner can serve as an early warning system to identify and address product safety issues before they grow into a brand crisis or business emergency.

Capabilities of the Eureka platform

CallMiner is the global leader in conversation intelligence technology, providing a platform that delivers comprehensive capabilities for mining insight from customer conversations. CallMiner Eureka provides tools to:

Capture, analyze, and score 100% of voice and text-based interactions. With CallMiner, product teams can understand conversations with root-cause analysis to discover what matters most to customers at every point on their journey, fueling smarter product development and innovation.

Improve outcomes of contact center calls with real-time guidance for agents. CallMiner can automatically determine when a customer is at risk or a call may end badly. By automatically providing next-best action guidance, CallMiner enables agents to de-escalate conversations and deliver more positive outcomes for customers.

Create a culture of persistent improvement. Supervisors can rely on CallMiner to deliver deeper insight into interactions between agents and customers, helping to track performance trends and identify agent behavior for reinforcement or guidance.

Visually explore customer feedback. An interactive, easy-to-use interface allows users to create shareable, graphical presentations that command attention. CallMiner’s technology can reveal big picture themes based on conversation intelligence data while also enabling users to drill down into the details of a single customer.

Gather speaker-separated audio for improved analytics. CallMiner makes it possible to collect high-fidelity, dual-channel audio for more accurate conversation analysis. Encryption ensures greater security and an always-open API makes it easy to integrate call recording across platforms.

Redact sensitive data from customer conversations. CallMiner automatically identifies and removes personally identifiable information and sensitive numeric data from audio and text-based interactions to protect customer privacy and ensure compliance.

Why CallMiner?

Built with the expertise developed through mining billions of hours of customer conversations, the CallMiner Eureka platform provides the intelligence that businesses need to make smarter decisions for product development and innovation.

Our platform analyzes interactions at the deepest level, understanding nuance, interpreting patterns, and identifying traits that reveal areas of opportunity for product investment and innovation. By helping teams connect the dots between insights and action, CallMiner Eureka enables companies to drive business improvement, growth, and transformational change more effectively than ever before.

Trusted by the world’s leading organizations, our platform delivers:

• Source-of-truth confidence through rich behavioral insight based on what was expressed and how it was said.

• Actionable insights based on real-time analysis and scoring of conversations on every channel where customers share thoughts, opinions, and feelings about products.

• Omnichannel security achieved through automated redaction of sensitive data within a PCI-certified hosted model.

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Product development and innovation is the process of creating new products that meet an unfilled need and guiding the development of the product from ideation and design through production and market release.

Because products are designed to meet the needs and expectations of customers, customer feedback plays a pivotal role in product development and innovation. Customer comments and suggestions can help guide product teams as they design products, roll out new features, identify target markets, and revise products for subsequent releases.

Conversation intelligence is a technology that leverages AI and machine learning to analyze interactions with customers via phone, chat, email, SMS, web, social, surveys, and other channels. By determining the meaning of words, the intent of the customer, and the sentiment and emotion driving behavior, conversation intelligence reveals deep insights into what customers want and need and how they feel about their product experiences. Delivering broader and deeper customer insight, conversation intelligence enables truly customer-centric product development.


Conversation analytics kicks open the doors of what’s possible for us. We were able to quickly and consistently add value and demonstrate insight across departments.

Colin Whelan

Head of workforce optimisation, Hoist Finance