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Superior feedback is key to new product innovation

Access feedback from customer interactions on every channel with CallMiner Eureka.

Achieving innovation with a deeper understanding of customers

Your customers are undoubtedly the most important source of product feedback when generating ideas for new products and new features. By analyzing customer comments, criticisms, complaints, and competitor mentions, your teams can develop a clear picture of customer wants and needs as well as their opinions of competitors’ products.

While feedback is essential for new product innovation, many product teams struggle to access data from a comprehensive audience sample. Customer feedback solutions have traditionally been dominated by customer surveys collected through websites, email, and other text-based channels. These methods are limited, however, as survey response rates tend to be quite low and respondents are typically extremely satisfied or dissatisfied with a product. Calls to contact centers could provide more comprehensive data, but listening to and reviewing these audio interactions is prohibitively time-consuming.

CallMiner offers an answer – a conversation intelligence platform that can automatically capture, analyze, and glean insight from 100% of customer interactions across all channels to drive new product innovation.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

The role of conversation intelligence in new product innovation

Conversation intelligence uses AI and machine learning to understand the meaning and intent of a customer’s words and the sentiment and emotion behind them. A superior platform can capture customer interactions on every channel: phone, web, social, email, surveys, SMS, and more. By transcribing, analyzing, and scoring 100% of customer conversations, conversation intelligence solutions provide remarkable insight into what customers want and need, revealing what they think and how they feel about your products and your competitors.

With deeper insight into comprehensive customer data, your product teams can successfully drive new product innovation. Customers share a wealth of opinions on ratings and review sites about your products’ strengths and shortcomings. Calls to your contact center reveal the depth of frustration with a product, helping to focus priorities for remediation and product innovation.

Providing product intelligence and near-real-time insight into your customer’s mindset, conversation intelligence can serve as an on-demand focus group providing a continuous stream of invaluable data for the product development process.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

As the global leader in conversation intelligence technology, CallMiner Eureka analyzes conversations at the deepest level to provide product teams with the insight they need to make better decisions. By helping teams to connect the dots between insight and action, CallMiner quickly reveals opportunities to drive new product innovation and business improvement.

Our technology interprets nuance in conversations and identifies patterns across your customer base, empowering your product teams to enhance the product innovation process, improve product quality, and identify competitive threats and opportunities.

Achieving innovation and improving market fit

By automatically analyzing omnichannel customer feedback, CallMiner helps to inspire ideas for new features, products, and service offerings. Product managers, product leaders, and designers benefit from clear insight into customer preferences, helping to drive priorities within the product roadmap. By analyzing the foundational drivers of customer suggestions, teams can uncover adjacent opportunities for innovation. CallMiner can also reveal how customers are trying to use products in new ways, uncovering opportunities for product line expansion.

Improving product quality and safety

CallMiner can serve as an early warning system for product quality issues or safety concerns, allowing your teams to address issues before they become brand crises or lead to product recalls. CallMiner delivers insight into the customer experience at every touchpoint, helping your teams to prioritize improvements that can enhance satisfaction and build customer loyalty.

Evaluating the competitive landscape

CallMiner makes it easy to mine every interaction for competitor mentions, uncovering competitive strengths and weaknesses as well as competitive threats and risks. With clearer insight into how your products stack up against your competitors, your product teams can take action to enhance competitiveness and exploit new opportunities.

Capabilities of the Eureka platform

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform comprises a set of solutions that enable teams to access customer insight more easily and efficiently.

Analyze is the customizable dashboard for the Eureka platform, providing tools for capturing and analyzing 100% of interactions across channels. With Analyze, your teams can view conversations with root-cause analysis to understand what matters most to customers.

Visualize allows stakeholders to visually explore conversation intelligence data. An interactive, easy-to-use interface allows users to create compelling graphical presentations that reveal big-picture insights as well as drill-down details.

Coach enables contact center supervisors to automate agent performance at scale. By enabling a deeper understanding of customer and agent interactions, coach helps supervisors identify performance trends and target agent behavior for reinforcement or guidance.

Alert notifies agents and supervisors when a call is at risk of ending badly or a customer is at risk of churn. Alert provides real-time guidance to help agents de-escalate calls and improve outcomes for customers.

Redact protects customer privacy by automatically identifying and removing sensitive numeric data and personally identifiable information.

Why CallMiner?

CallMiner Eureka is the industry’s most comprehensive conversation intelligence platform for analyzing customer interactions across all channels at scale. No other platform delivers a deeper understanding of what customers want, need, and feel about products and brands.

CallMiner is trusted by leading organizations around the world in industries such as retail, financial services, healthcare, insurance, travel, and hospitality. Along with turnkey integrations, customizable solutions, and extensive automation, we provide value-added benefits that help our customers succeed. These include:

• A Solution Catalogue with pre-built analytics content that enables teams to mine critical insights for particular business use cases more easily.

• Accelerator, an intensive and personalized analyst training program.

• Playbooks that provide step-by-step guides for achieving ROI.

• A mono-to-stereo audio call recording converter that enables analytics to be parsed by agent and customer speakers for more accurate analytics.

• Language packs that provide support for analysis, transcription, and redaction in multiple languages.

• Access to CallMiner Customer Connect, an enthusiastic community of users that offers crowdsourced support and innovation.

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New product innovation is the introduction of a new, redesigned, or improved product. New product innovation may result in creating something new and original or substantially revising an existing product to make it better.

Customer feedback is essential to product innovation. By capturing and analyzing customer reviews, suggestions, comments, and criticisms, product teams can better understand which new products and features will best delight and impress customers and serve their needs.

Conversation intelligence is a technology that enables product teams to gather insight from every customer interaction, rather than a select few as is common with surveys and focus groups. Customer intelligence uses AI and machine learning to analyze thousands or millions of customer interactions, extracting insight from audio and text-based conversations that can reveal a deeper understanding of what customers want and need.


We kicked off the program with our customer care division, and expanded globally to supply chain, product, marketing and other departments.

Robin Gomez

Director of customer care innovation, Radial