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Customer feedback drives innovative product development

Capture and analyze 100% of interactions to gain greater customer insight with CallMiner Eureka.

Is your new product development strategy customer-centric?

Every new product development strategy should be informed by customer feedback. Yet, too often, product teams struggle to access adequate insight into the customer mindset. In the past, soliciting feedback from customers required significant effort to collect data on a small sample of customers. Most teams still rely on focus groups, user testing, surveys, social media monitoring, or review of contacts center calls. While these methods offer some value, they are inherently limited to a narrow subset of customers and prospects. Additionally, the customers who are most vocal in these scenarios tend to have the strongest positive or negative opinions, skewing the results. For truly customer-centric product development, your teams must find a way to gather intelligence from as many customers as possible.

CallMiner can help. Our Eureka conversation intelligence platform makes it possible to capture and analyze 100% of interactions with customers across all channels. With CallMiner, your teams can optimize the new product development process with deeper insight into customer wants, needs, opinions, and behavior.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

How conversation intelligence enables product innovation

Conversation intelligence fuels product development and innovation by delivering deeper insights into a much broader array of customers, faster and more accurately than any human being or product development team could achieve.

Using AI and machine learning, conversation intelligence technology captures, transcribes, and analyzes both audio and text-based interactions, determining the meaning of words, the intent of the speaker, and the emotion that’s driving their behavior. By transforming the unstructured information in conversations into structured data that can be searched, analyzed, and scored, conversation intelligence provides insight into a vast treasure trove of customer feedback that would otherwise be locked away.

When aggregated, these insights about individual customers form the ultimate, on-demand focus group, providing a continuous product feedback loop that allows your teams to test and introduce new products, improve on existing offerings, and mitigate risks and costs. By delivering insight faster, conversation intelligence allows product teams to act sooner on customer feedback and to track evolving customer sentiment.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

Offering the most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel customer interactions at scale, CallMiner is a global leader in conversation intelligence technology. Eureka reveals meaningful insight from customer interactions at scale to enable companies to make better business decisions.

CallMiner Eureka captures and analyzes customer conversations on every channel: phone, email, chat, SMS, surveys, social, web, and more. CallMiner automatically incorporates the unsolicited customer feedback expressed on ratings and reviews sites, drastically reducing the time and cost required to create a new product development strategy.

The CallMiner Eureka platform includes tools that allow product teams to pivot quickly, decide intelligently, and improve product strategy exponentially. With CallMiner Eureka, your product development teams can:

• Discover what matters most to customers by understanding conversations with root-cause analysis.

• Explore data visually and create shareable presentations that tell the story of conversation intelligence data in impactful details and big picture themes.

• Use omnichannel analytics to track text and voice interactions across multiple channels in the customer and product journey.

• Leverage AI-driven search suggestions to enhance insight and action across omnichannel interactions.

• Discover potential issues using word clouds, topic clusters, and frequency maps.

• Gain visibility into the customer journey across channels, mapped against customer satisfaction scores and other customizable metrics.

CallMiner benefits for a new product development strategy

With CallMiner Eureka, product developer teams can:

• Create new product development strategies with insights from customer conversations to drive product innovation, improve market fit, and respond rapidly to customer feedback.

• Provide product managers, product leaders, and designers with insights from customer conversations that establish priorities for future product and service offerings.

• Gain inspiration for new features, products, and service offerings by analyzing solicited and unsolicited customer feedback.

• Share customer insights across the entire organization to align teams.

• Identify opportunities for expanding a product line by examining new ways that customers are attempting to use current products.

• Extract insights from product returns or service cancellation to refine new product development strategies, identify product issues, and prioritize product investment.

• Uncover the foundational drivers behind customer suggestions to explore adjacent opportunities for innovation.

Why CallMiner?

Built on two decades of innovation and the expertise gained from mining billions of hours of customer conversations, the CallMiner Eureka platform analyzes interactions at the deepest levels to identify new areas of opportunity. By interpreting nuance, identifying patterns, and pinpointing emotional drivers, Eureka enables companies to drive business improvement, growth, and transformational change more effectively than ever before.

Eureka is trusted by the world’s leading companies in diverse industries to achieve critical objectives.

Identify patterns that can inform a new product development strategy and compel action and improvement within product development and beyond.

Integrate channels with AI and ML-powered analytics, even when channels are not integrated within the company’s technology stack.

Improve performance by connecting the dots between human understanding and the tangible action needed to turn insight into business improvement.

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A new product development strategy guides the efforts of teams as they identify market needs, conceptualize ideas, create and test product designs, and take new products to production and to market. An effective strategy will help organize time, cost, and effort to avoid exposing the business to risks, overspending, poorly designed products, or offerings that don’t meet customer needs.

From automobiles and appliances to smart phones and software product development, customer feedback is essential to creating an effective strategy. By analyzing customer feedback at scale, product teams can better understand what products and features will best fill the customer’s need and create an exceptional customer experience.

Conversation intelligence is a technology that leverages AI and machine learning to capture, analyze, and mine customer interactions for insight into the customer mindset. Conversation intelligence can optimize new product development strategies by providing a clearer idea of what customers like and don’t like, what features will be attractive, how they feel about competitors’ offerings, and what kinds of products will help boost sales and increase brand value.


CallMiner's insights created visibility across the customer journey to direct and indirect touchpoints that impact the CX. Real, cross-functional insights help us increase sales, grow and retain customers, and bring new products to life.

Robin Gomez

Director of customer care innovation, Radial