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Customer feedback enhances software product development

Leverage customer feedback by capturing and analyzing 100% of omnichannel interactions with CallMiner Eureka.

How superior feedback transforms software product development

Customer feedback can help to dramatically improve quality and usability in software product development. Through comments, suggestions, and criticisms, customers reveal their wants and needs, providing your development teams with insight into how best to improve customer satisfaction. Customer ideas can inspire innovation in new product development and new features in existing software. Interactions with customers are also an excellent source of competitive intelligence, helping product teams understand how they stack up against the competition and what they can do to gain advantage.

While feedback is critical to software product development, it can be a challenge to collect. Traditional methods include usability testing, focus groups, and support-related interactions with contact center agents. However, these methods are inherently limited to a small percentage of customers, leaving out valuable feedback from the vast majority of your customers.

CallMiner can help. Our conversation intelligence platform, CallMiner Eureka, makes it easy to capture and analyze 100% of software customer interactions across all channels.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

Gathering customer insight through conversation intelligence

Conversation intelligence enables you to analyze customer interactions at scale to uncover insights that can drive product development and innovation. Using AI and machine learning, a conversation intelligence platform captures unstructured information in customer conversations across all channels – calls, email, chat, social media, ratings and review websites, surveys, and more. By determining the content of a conversation, the intent of the customer, and the sentiment and emotion driving their behavior, conversation intelligence enables actionable Voice-of-the-Customer insights that can be shared across the software product development team.

Customer feedback can help product teams identify and fix bugs faster, before they become business emergencies. Customers may offer a wealth of ideas for how to improve an application’s functionality, or for features to enhance the user experience. Intelligence extracted from ratings and review sites can reveal the aspects of a competitor’s product that customers love most – or the deficiencies in a competing product that may create opportunities for competitive advantage.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

With the industry’s most comprehensive platform for analyzing customer interactions at scale, CallMiner is the global leader in conversation intelligence for driving business improvement. Our technology enables businesses and software product development teams to connect the dots between insight and action, delivering the intelligence needed to make better decisions.

CallMiner Eureka optimizes product planning and development by providing software development teams with the ability to achieve critical objectives. With CallMiner, product development management teams can:

• Capture and analyze 100% of omnichannel customer conversations with CallMiner Analyze. As mission control for the Eureka platform, Analyze automatically transcribes, categorizes, and scores every interaction for performance and emotion across the customer journey.

• Visually explore conversation intelligence data with CallMiner Visualize. Create graphical, shareable presentations with drill-down details that reveal insights based on customer feedback. Explore big picture stories that can guide software product development teams.

• Improve the outcome of customer conversations with CallMiner RealTime. Based on certain keywords, phrases, and emotional indicators, RealTime notifies agents and supervisors when a customer is at risk of churn or a call is at risk of ending badly. Real-time guidance and next-best action suggestions help agents resolve customer issues and improve customer experiences.

• Create cultures of improvement and persistent optimization with CallMiner Coach. This solution provides automated scoring, data-based feedback, and progress monitoring to help drive agent performance at scale.

• Protect customer privacy with CallMiner Redact, a technology that automatically identifies and removes sensitive numeric data from audio and text-based conversations.

Benefits for software product development

From new product development strategy to addressing bugs in applications already on the market, the CallMiner Eureka platform can infuse every stage of software product development with insights customer feedback. With CallMiner, software development teams can:

• Quickly address quality concerns in response to customer comments.

• Gain early warning of significant issues before they become emergencies.

• Share key insights from customer feedback with product managers, designers, and QA teams.

• Analyze customer sentiment expressed on ratings and review sites to understand gaps in the customer experience.

• Drive innovation in the product planning and development process by analyzing solicited and unsolicited customer feedback across all channels.

• Understand the foundational drivers of customer suggestions to uncover adjacent opportunities for innovation.

• Discover new ways customers are trying to use existing products to identify potential new features or areas for product line expansion.

• Mine contact center conversations for competitor mentions to identify product risks or competitive threats.

Why CallMiner?

CallMiner is trusted by the world’s leading organizations in finance, retail, insurance, healthcare, travel, hospitality, and other industries. Our technology expertise is built on two decades of innovation and billions of hours spent mining customer conversations for insights.

The CallMiner Eureka platform analyzes interactions at the deepest levels, using automated scoring, emotion metrics, and AI-driven topic discovery to deliver the intelligence businesses need to make better decisions. With extensive automation and turnkey integrations, CallMiner Eureka provides product development management teams with the insights that matter most, faster than any other solution on the market.

To ensure successful deployments and faster ROI, we also offer these value-added benefits.

• Our Solution Catalogue offers pre-built analytics content to reduce the time, effort, and cost of automatically mining critical insights for specific business use cases.

• Our language packs provide support for transcription, redaction, and speech analysis in multiple languages.

• A mono-to-stereo audio call recording converter makes it possible to parse analytics by customer and agent speakers.

• Our Playbooks provide step-by-step guides for achieving ROI faster. • Our Accelerator program offers intensive, personalized training for analysts, enabling them to master Eureka tools and solutions faster.

• Our CallMiner Customer Connect user community is an invaluable source of innovation and crowdsourced support.

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Software product development is the process of designing and creating a software program, beginning with an idea for a product and ending with its release into the market. Stages in software product development include ideation and planning, establishing requirements and analyzing feasibility, designing the product, development and coding, integration testing, and release and deployment.

Customer feedback can be an invaluable resource for software development. Feedback from customers can help to identify bugs and issues sooner, suggest new features to improve usability, and provide development teams with competitive intelligence.

Conversation intelligence uses AI and machine learning to capture and analyze interactions with customers across all channels. A superior conversation intelligence platform can determine the meaning and intent of a customer’s words as well as the sentiment and emotion that drives behavior. While usability testing, surveys, and focus groups provide insight based on a highly limited number of customer comments, conversation intelligence technology provides insights based on 100% of customer interactions across calls, chat, email, social media, websites, SMS, surveys, and more.


CallMiner is a brilliant partner who has supported us from day one and continues to do so. Its interaction analytics technology has become a must have for our organisation.

David Churchill

Chief Information Officer, Cabot