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Improve patient experiences with conversation intelligence

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform enables healthcare organizations to increase patient satisfaction, enhance efficiency, and improve healthcare outcomes.

The role of patient satisfaction in healthcare today

Ensuring patient satisfaction is essential for healthcare organizations today. A rise in healthcare consumerism and increased competition among traditional and startup organizations means that patients can easily seek alternative care when they’re not satisfied with their current provider. By more effectively satisfying patients’ expectations, healthcare organizations can attract and retain customers more easily, improving margins while remaining competitive.

To satisfy patients, healthcare organizations must have insight into how patients feel about every touchpoint on their healthcare journey – from visits to healthcare facilities to communication around scheduling, billing, prescription refills, and follow-up care. The healthcare call center can be a vital source of information, but only when organizations have technology to easily and automatically mine patient conversations for actionable intelligence.

That’s where CallMiner can help. The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform captures 100% of patient interactions on all channels, providing insights for enhancing patient experiences and driving patient satisfaction.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

Drivers of patient satisfaction

The patient experience journey today is more complex than ever, with multiple touchpoints where organizations can either exceed or fail to live up to patient expectations. Ensuring patient satisfaction requires organizations to understand how patients feel about every interaction, including the digital patient experiences that are an integral part of the healthcare journey.

While direct contact with healthcare providers is still a significant factor in patient satisfaction, organizations must also focus on all the other points in a patient’s journey, including:

• Time spent waiting in lobbies, exam rooms, and for follow-up calls from providers.

• The ability of front desk employees and hospital call center agents to answer questions.

• The ability of support staff to communicate with kindness and empathy.

• The cleanliness of facilities from the exam rooms and waiting areas to hallways and bathrooms.

• The ease of managing patient billing and insurance matters.

• The clarity and ease of communications around scheduling, refilling prescriptions, and plans of care.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

As the global leader in conversation intelligence technology, CallMiner provides the most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel customer and patient interactions at scale. The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform captures, transcribes, categorizes, analyzes, and scores 100% of interactions with patients across all channels. From calls and chat to email, SMS, social media, web, and medical portals, CallMiner analyzes every voice and text-based interaction at the deepest levels to reveal how satisfied patients are with the care they receive and with their communication with their healthcare providers.

CallMiner Eureka uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine the meaning of interactions as well as the emotion in a speaker’s voice to uncover the drivers of contact. By analyzing conversations at the deepest levels, CallMiner helps organizations connect the dots between insight and action to identify areas of opportunity for driving business improvement, enhancing patient experiences, and improving patient satisfaction.

With the CallMiner Eureka platform, you can:

• Analyze every conversation with root cause analysis to discover what matters most to patients on their healthcare journey.

• Build a culture of persistent improvement with tools for automatically scoring agent performance, providing data-driven feedback, and monitoring agent progress.

• Use real-time alerts and next-best-action guidance during phone calls to improve the outcomes of calls with patients at risk of churn, or to escalate calls to the appropriate healthcare professional when customers face medical risks.

• Explore conversation intelligence data with easy-to-use visualizations that reveal the big picture while allowing you to drill down into the details of a single agent or patient.

• Capture speaker-separated audio to improve the accuracy of speech analytics.

• Automatically remove sensitive numeric data and personally identifiable information from audio and text-based conversations to protect patient privacy and achieve HIPAA compliance.

Benefits for patient satisfaction

With the CallMiner Eureka platform, healthcare organizations can:

• Increase patient satisfaction. By uncovering the drivers of patient satisfaction or dissatisfaction, CallMiner enables organizations to better serve patients and to provide more convenient self-service options.

• Improve patient experiences. CallMiner’s technology helps proactively identify issues and problems in the patient experience, allowing organizations to take swift action to address them.

• Enhance quality of care. CallMiner Eureka can automatically monitor and identify conversations where patients may be at medical risk, escalating the calls to an appropriate healthcare provider.

• Drive operational efficiency. By analyzing 100% of conversations, CallMiner extracts insights that reveal how call centers can better route calls, optimize flow, minimize silence, and increase first contact resolution.

• Reduce compliance risk. CallMiner automatically redacts personally identifiable information to ensure HIPAA compliance, while automatic transcription and scoring help to identify potential compliance risks.

• Heighten agent performance. CallMiner helps identify agents who deliver the best patient experiences, enabling supervisors to improve training across the entire agent base.

• Accelerate revenue cycle management. Next-best-action guidance for agents during interactions can help to eliminate billing infusion and reduce payment friction to increase cash flow and minimize costs.

Why customers love CallMiner

CallMiner is the conversation intelligence platform of choice for many of the world’s leading organizations in healthcare, retail, finance, insurance, travel, hospitality, and other industries. With 2 decades of experience mining billions of hours of customer conversations, we have built the most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel customer interactions at scale.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform provides:

• A clear view of the insights that matter most. By accurately autoscoring customer interactions, correlating across multiple channels, and categorizing for effectiveness and emotion, CallMiner reveals deeper insights that shed light on new areas of business opportunity.

• Accelerated pace of improvement. With AI-driven search features, unmatched accuracy, and real-time and post-call analytics, CallMiner helps businesses swiftly take action that can drive business performance improvement.

• A focus on success. We offer a dedicated support team for each account, along with an active customer community that is a great source of knowledge and innovation.

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Frequently asked questions.

Patient satisfaction is a measure of whether a healthcare experience or a series of interactions met a patient’s expectations.

The patient experience comprises all the interactions that a patient has with a healthcare provider, from care and services received in healthcare settings to communication around scheduling, billing, prescriptions, and follow-up care. Measurements of patient experience are concerned with what happened, while measurements of patient satisfaction are concerned with how patients felt about what happened and whether it met their expectations.

Conversation intelligence is a technology that uses AI and machine learning to capture and analyze conversations and determine the meaning of a speaker’s words and the emotions behind them. In a healthcare contact center, conversation intelligence solutions can be used to reveal insight into the needs, desires, opinions, and feelings of patients. By providing both real-time and post-interaction feedback, a conversation intelligence platform can help contact center agents and supervisors to improve patient satisfaction and develop recommendations to improve the patient experience.


We can not only tell our customers what their patients are saying, we can tell them how they feel when they call us.

Peter Hamlin

Sr. Director, Product Development - Avadyne Health