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Healthcare organizations everywhere are increasingly focused on the quality of the patient experience. Faced with greater competition and more empowered patients, organizations must enable the kind of patient interactions that increase satisfaction, enhance loyalty, and lead to better outcomes.

To enhance the patient experience, many organizations have turned to sample-based surveys that measure how patients feel about their interactions with providers at every point of contact. However, this approach provides insight into only a small fraction of the interactions, and responses tend to be highly polarized and lacking nuance. To truly understand how patients feel about their healthcare experiences and what steps can be taken to enhance their satisfaction, healthcare organizations need better ways to evaluate their relationships with patients.

CallMiner can help. CallMiner’s Eureka conversation intelligence platform captures and analyzes interactions with patients across all channels to provide clear insight into their needs, behavior, and opinions, helping organizations to take steps to improve communication and the overall patient experience.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

How to ensure a better patient experience

Conversation intelligence allows healthcare organizations to analyze patient interactions across every channel. This level of detail provides a more thorough and accurate analysis of each patient’s needs and opinions, helping organizations to improve understanding and empathy which in turn leads to a better patient experience.

Conversation intelligence uses artificial intelligence to convert unstructured data in phone calls, emails, portals, and other channels into structured data that can be searched, analyzed, and mined for meaningful insight. Speech analytics provide an understanding of the meaning in conversations, while acoustic analytics help to identify the emotion behind the conversation, which can be a primary driver of a patient’s behavior and opinions.

With the data and insight provided by conversation intelligence, healthcare organizations can make significant improvement in the quality of interactions that patients have with contact center agents. From patient engagement to appointment scheduling and billing, the conversations with healthcare call center agents can have a significant impact on how patients feel about their provider.

CallMiner’s Eureka conversation intelligence platform

As the industry’s most powerful platform for conversation intelligence, CallMiner provides insights that can positively impact the patient experience while driving business improvement. Our Eureka platform enables you to analyze 100% of your patient conversations across calls, email, chat, SMS, web, social media, surveys, and other channels. By analyzing interactions at the deepest level, Eureka interprets nuance and identifies patterns and traits, shedding light on opportunities to improve the patient experience and drive improvement within and beyond the contact center.

With conversation intelligence from CallMiner, healthcare organizations can:

• Deliver outstanding patient experiences in healthcare by proactively identifying issues without relying on solicited, sample-based interviews.

• Enhance patient satisfaction by tracking and uncovering drivers of emotion to better understand needs and increase self-service opportunities.

• Improve quality of care by automatically monitoring conversations in the healthcare contact center and delivering real-time alerts that effectively route, triage, and escalate interactions when needed.

• Drive greater efficiency by extracting insight on how to better route calls, optimize flow, reduce silence, and increase first call resolution.

• Increase agent effectiveness by measuring performance, providing automated feedback, and revealing insights that can enhance process and policy improvement.

• Reduce compliance risk by automatically transcribing and scoring patient interactions to identify potential compliance issues.

Solutions for enhancing the patient experience

Our Eureka conversation intelligence platform offers a set of solutions that simplifies the task of capturing, understanding, and analyzing interactions that can enhance the patient experience journey.

• Analyze is the configurable dashboard for the Eureka platform. Using AI, Analyze transcribes, categorizes, and scores every interaction, turning conversations into business intelligence. Analyze transcribes speaker-separated text, categorizes it to simplify searching and sharing, and scores each conversation with automated metrics that monitor performance and emotion throughout the customer journey.

• Visualize simplifies the task of visually exploring conversation intelligence and data about the patient experience. With Visualize, you can create shareable presentations and drill down into details about patient behavior, agent performance, process challenges, and other root-cause indicators.

• Capture enables high-fidelity, speaker-separated audio to be accurately transcribed in real time.

• Redact protects the personally identifiable information of customers by automatically removing sensitive data, helping to ensure compliance with HIPAA and other regulatory frameworks.

• Coach automates agent performance improvement by identifying behavior for guidance or reinforcement.

• Alert provides automatic notifications for agents or supervisors during critical moments in contact center calls. By monitoring emotion and triggering immediate attention for at-risk customers, Alert helps to de-escalate emerging issues, improve conversation outcomes, and turn potentially negative interactions into positive customer experiences.

Why CallMiner?

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, CallMiner has become a global leader in conversation intelligence. The advanced tools and capabilities available on our platform are the result of 2 decades of innovation, developed from mining billions of hours of customer conversations.

CallMiner provides healthcare organizations with:

• The power of conversation intelligence. By revealing meaningful insight from patient interactions at scale, we deliver the intelligence required for making better business decisions and improving patient experiences.

• Faster time to value. Turnkey integrations, automation, and value-added benefits such as a solution catalogue, language packs, and Playbooks deliver everything you need to maximize the value of the CallMiner platform.

• A trusted solution. CallMiner is the choice of the world’s leading organizations across industries that include healthcare, financial services, retail, insurance, travel, and hospitality.

• A proven approach to customer success. Our Customer Success team helps accelerate your path to ROI and business improvement.

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Frequently asked questions.

A patient’s experience comprises all the interactions they have with a healthcare provider. These include appointments and services provided by medical professionals as well as calls, emails, chats, and other forms of communication before and after appointments. The patient experience includes conversations around care as well as scheduling, billing, transportation, prescriptions, and other topics related to their interaction with healthcare providers.

Conversation intelligence is a technology that captures and analyzes interactions with customers across all channels, including calls, email, social, web, chat, and SMS. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, conversation intelligence platforms convert unstructured data within conversations into structured data that can be searched and analyzed. Advanced conversation intelligence technologies determine the meaning of each conversation as well as the emotion in the interaction, revealing with greater accuracy how customers feel about a business, brand, service, or product.

In contrast to surveys that sample a small percentage of patients and provide data that is often skewed or biased, conversation intelligence delivers insight based on 100% of patient interactions across every channel. By mining these conversations for insight into a patient’s opinions and behavior, conversation intelligence enables healthcare organizations to better understand their patients’ wants and needs. This intelligence can help organizations make measurable improvement in efforts to enhance patient experiences, increase satisfaction, and improve outcomes.


This is the number one thing we wanted; something automated to understand the patient experience in a faster and more accurate way. Before CallMiner, we were doing patient surveys and manual quality assessments, and that just doesn’t offer the same level of actionable insights.

Sabine Harrison

Contact Center Director, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic