Improving Patient Satisfaction

Strategies for improving patient satisfaction

Deliver on patient care expectations and compliance requirements with the CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform.

Improving patient satisfaction is the key to competitiveness in healthcare

As healthcare organizations seek to attract and retain patients, improving patient satisfaction has become critical to remaining viable and competitive. Most patients report having had a bad experience with their hospital, doctor, or pharmacy. With increased competition in the healthcare industry, it’s easier than ever for patients to find another provider when they’re unsatisfied with their current healthcare experience.

The key to improving patient satisfaction in healthcare settings is to meet or exceed patient expectations. In addition to their expectations regarding actual exams and medical treatment, patients have expectations for how easy it should be to schedule appointments, refill prescriptions, pay their bills, manage insurance claims, and more.

Understanding, tracking, and improving patient satisfaction requires solutions that allow organizations to capture patient feedback about their needs, expectations, and emotions. That’s where the CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform offers tremendous value.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

The key to driving greater patient satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is determined by how well a healthcare experience meets the patient’s expectations. To enhance patient satisfaction, organizations must focus on understanding and improving patient experiences at every touchpoint on the healthcare journey. This may include feedback from patients on:

• Scheduling appointments and managing referrals.

• The length of wait times in practice lobbies, exam rooms.

• The length of time required to get appointments or return phone calls.

• The compassion, kindness, and empathy expressed by providers and support staff.

• The ease of paying bills and handling insurance matters.

Healthcare contact centers are often the best place to collect this feedback, as interactions with contact center agents represent the bulk of communications between patients and the healthcare organization.

Satisfaction is highly personal – two patients receiving the exact same experience of care can have drastically different levels of satisfaction based on their expectations. That’s why it’s important for healthcare organizations to capture the opinions, emotions, and feedback from 100% of patients, rather than a small sample.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

As the global leader in conversation intelligence, the CallMiner Eureka platform enables healthcare organizations to capture 100% of conversations with patients via phone, chat, email, web, SMS, social media, and medical portals. By analyzing these conversations at the deepest levels, CallMiner delivers the intelligence that healthcare organizations need for making better business decisions and improving patient satisfaction.

CallMiner uses AI and machine learning to automatically mine conversations for insight, turning the unstructured information in these interactions into structured data that can be searched and analyzed. In addition to determining the meaning of a conversation, CallMiner can reveal the emotion that caused a patient to make contact and that is driving their behavior and feedback.

By gleaning meaningful insight from patient interactions at scale, CallMiner’s patient experience software enables healthcare organizations to achieve objectives for:

• Increasing patient satisfaction. CallMiner reveals insights into how patients feel about each point on their healthcare journey, making it easier for organizations to take swift action to meet their expectations.

• Enhancing patient experiences. With CallMiner, organizations can build more connected experiences by proactively identifying and resolving issues and problems.

• Improving quality of care. CallMiner can automatically escalate calls to the appropriate healthcare provider when certain indicators suggest a patient needs immediate medical attention.

• Driving operational efficiency. By analyzing 100% of contacts with patients, CallMiner can help contact center managers to route calls more efficiently, optimize call flow, reduce silence, increase first call resolution, and minimize costs.

• Reducing compliance risk. By automatically transcribing conversations and redacting sensitive information, CallMiner helps to ensure compliance with HIPAA while monitoring and addressing potential compliance infractions.

• Managing revenue cycles. CallMiner helps to understand and eliminate friction in the billing experience to help drive better cash flow.

• Strengthening agent performance.__ CallMiner provides automated feedback that can help agents and supervisors improve performance and gain insight into ways to enhance patient service.

Tools for improving patient satisfaction

CallMiner offers a comprehensive set of solutions for capturing and analyzing patient interactions at scale.

• Analyze automatically scores 100% of interactions between patients and agents in a medical or health insurance call center, revealing deeper insight into the patient experience.

• Alert notifies agents or supervisors in real time when patients are at risk of churn or when the conversation should be immediately escalated to an appropriate healthcare practitioner.

• Coach automates performance improvement for agents by monitoring interactions, identifying performance trends, and targeting behavior for guidance or reinforcement.

• Capture enables faster and more accurate speech analytics with high-fidelity, speaker-separated audio.

• Visualize makes it simple to create and share presentations with an easy-to-use, interactive interface that allows users to drill down into the detail of a single agent or patient and to visually connect the dots between insight and action.

• Redact accurately identifies and removes sensitive numeric data and personally identifiable information from audio and text-based conversations to ensure patient privacy and improve HIPAA compliance.

The CallMiner difference

CallMiner Eureka is the global leader in conversation intelligence to drive business performance. Trusted by the world’s leading organizations across healthcare, finance, insurance, travel, hospitality, and retail industries, CallMiner enables companies to identify areas of opportunity to drive business improvement, growth, and transformational change more quickly and effectively.

With innovation built on billions of hours of mining customer conversations, the CallMiner platform is:

• Trusted. In every interaction, CallMiner delivers source-of-truth confidence through rich behavioral insight based about what was expressed and how it was said.

• Actionable. The CallMiner platform bridges the gap between insight and action by automatically scoring conversations in real time and post-interaction, through frontline coaching, and via organization awareness of trends and patterns in conversations with patients.

• Secure. CallMiner ensures omnichannel security for every healthcare organization through automated redaction of sensitive information within a PCI-certified hosted model.

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Frequently asked questions.

Patient satisfaction measures how satisfied patients are with the care they receive from healthcare providers. A patient’s satisfaction is usually based on whether their expectations were met. For this reason, two patients who receive the exact same level of care may have very different levels of satisfaction.

The patient experience is defined as the total of interactions between a patient and a healthcare provider. This can include both care received in healthcare settings as well as the conversations that takes place before and after medical appointments, from communications about scheduling and billing to refilling prescriptions and follow-up care. While satisfaction is concerned with how the patient feels about the care they received, measurements of the patient experience are concerned with what actually happened – that is, what types of interactions the patient had or should have had with a healthcare provider.

Why is conversation intelligence important to improving patient satisfaction? Conversation intelligence is a technology that captures and analyzes interactions between an organization and its patients, customers, employees, and other audiences. In a healthcare contact center, for example, a conversation intelligence solution captures voice and text-based communication in phone calls, email, chat, texts, social media, web, and other channels, turning the unstructured information in these interactions into structured data that can be searched and analyzed. This data can then be mined for insights and intelligence into patients’ expectations and their feelings about the care they receive. With this information, organizations can take concrete steps to enhance the patient experience, improving patient satisfaction.


This is the number one thing we wanted; something automated to understand the patient experience in a faster and more accurate way. Before CallMiner, we were doing patient surveys and manual quality assessments, and that just doesn’t offer the same level of actionable insights.

Sabine Harrison

Contact Center Director, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic