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Enhance health care call center performance with CallMiner

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform delivers insight that enhances patient satisfaction and improves contact center performance.

The benefits of a health care call center

In an increasingly competitive industry, a health care call center can help organizations effectively engage patients, improving patient experiences and enhancing patient satisfaction. The patient’s healthcare journey today is quite complex, requiring greater coordination of care and clearer communication to achieve optimal outcomes. By centralizing communication with patients on everything from scheduling and billing to prescription refills and follow-up care, a contact center in a healthcare organization can improve patient service while increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of a health care call center is its ability to drive patient satisfaction. Contact centers are where most patient conversations take place and where patients feel most free to express their honest opinion. With the right technology for capturing this information and converting it to insight, health care call centers provide organizations with invaluable data that can drive improvement in business performance as well as the patient experience journey. That’s where the CallMiner Eureka platform can provide enormous value.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

How conversation intelligence improves health care call center performance

Health care call centers are increasingly turning to conversation intelligence in their efforts to improve the patient experience in healthcare interactions and enhance revenue cycle management. A conversation intelligence platform like CallMiner Eureka uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze every conversation between a patient and a health care call center. Conversation intelligence technology captures and analyzes voice interactions as well as text-based conversations via email, chat, SMS, web, social media, and medical portals. By transforming the unstructured information in these interactions into structured data that can be aggregated and analyzed, conversation intelligence technology can extract meaningful insights about the needs, desires, and expectations of an entire patient base.

With the insight gleaned from conversation intelligence, healthcare organizations can gain a deeper understanding of ways to improve patient experiences and drive greater satisfaction. And they can optimize performance of their health care call centers to better serve patients while reducing costs and improving performance.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

As a global leader in conversation intelligence, the CallMiner Eureka platform is trusted by the world’s leading organizations across industries that include healthcare, retail, financial services, insurance, travel, and hospitality.

CallMiner Eureka is the most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel patient interactions at scale, allowing healthcare organizations to uncover the meaning behind patient interactions and interpret sentiment to gain a deeper understanding of what patients need and expect.

The Eureka conversation intelligence platform includes solutions for:

• Capturing, transcribing, analyzing, and scoring conversations with automated metrics that track performance and emotion throughout the patient journey.

• Monitoring, understanding, and optimizing agent performance at scale with coaching that enables a persistent culture of improvement.

• Alerting supervisors and agents to patients at risk churn or in immediate medical need, providing real-time guidance that drives better outcomes.

• Capturing high-quality audio for faster and more accurate transcription and analytics.

• Visualizing reports with graphical presentations that reveal the big picture while enabling supervisors to drill down into agent and patient details.

• Automatically redacting sensitive numeric data and personally identifiable information from audio and text-based conversations to protect patient privacy and ensure compliance with regulations like HIPAA.

Benefits for health care call center performance

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform enables healthcare organizations to significantly improve performance in call centers and to adhere to health care call center best practices. With CallMiner, organizations can:

• Improve operational efficiency. By automatically monitoring and analyzing 100% of patient interactions, healthcare providers and payers can better understand wait times, billing friction, communication issues, and other problems that affect patient experiences and satisfaction.

• Strengthen agent performance. CallMiner provides real-time, next-best-action guidance to agents that can help to improve the outcome of patient interactions.

• Prioritize patient experiences. Conversation intelligence with CallMiner can reveal patient trends, recurring issues, and unexpected challenges, allowing organizations to swiftly take action to create better experiences.

• Accelerate revenue cycles. By uncovering obstacles in the payment process, CallMiner can help to shorten revenue cycles, improve cash flow, and eliminate billing confusion.

• Reduce compliance risk. CallMiner helps to improve compliance with HIPAA and other regulatory frameworks by automatically monitoring for compliance, supporting agents with next-best guidance to meet compliance requirements, and alerting supervisors of potential infractions.

Why CallMiner?

Since 2002, CallMiner has pioneered the conversation intelligence industry with a platform that analyzes interactions at the deepest levels to drive business performance improvement. With billions of hours of conversations mined, we deliver solutions that enable organizations to pivot quickly, decide intelligently, and improve exponentially.

Our technology reveals meaningful insight from customer and patient interactions at scale, interpreting nuance and identifying patterns to uncover areas of opportunity. Along with turnkey integrations and automation, the Eureka platform offers value-added benefits that include:

• A Solution Catalogue that helps to minimize the time, effort, and cost of uncovering insights, thanks to pre-built analytics content for specific business use cases.

• Language packs that offer support for multiple languages when transcribing, redacting, and analyzing speech.

• Speaker-separated audio, made possible by a mono-to-stereo audio call recording converter that allows analytics to be parsed by customer and agent speakers.

• Accelerator, an intensive and personalized training program for analysts.

• CallMiner Playbooks, step-by-step guides for achieving higher return on investment.

• CallMiner Customer Connect, an enthusiastic community of users who collectively contribute to crowdsourced support and innovation.

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Frequently asked questions.

A health care call center is a department or organization where agents communicate with patients about everything from scheduling and billing to filling prescriptions and managing plans of care. These conversations may take place via phone, email, chat, SMS, web, and other channels.

A conversation intelligence solution uses advanced technology to capture, analyze, and glean insight from conversations between an organization and its customers, patients, employees, and other audiences. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, conversation intelligence platforms transform the unstructured information in conversations into structured data that can be aggregated, searched, and analyzed for actionable intelligence. A conversation intelligence engine can determine both the meaning and intent of a speaker’s words in a conversation as well as the emotion driving them.

By deploying a conversation intelligence solution in a health care call center, organizations can capture and analyze conversations with patients across all channels to better understand their experience and their level of satisfaction with the care they receive. In most organizations, a health care call center is the place where patients will feel most free to express their opinions, share their concerns, and communicate how they feel about their care. By capturing and analyzing 100% of these conversations, a conversation intelligence platform enables organizations to take action that can better meet patients’ needs, enhance their experiences with healthcare, and drive greater patient satisfaction.


CallMiner lets us enable our agents with real-time guidance to draw attention to what’s actually happening. This helps us encourage and drive active listening skills, while also guiding the agent to take appropriate action.

Sabine Harrison

Contact Center Director, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic