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The best sales software relies on conversation intelligence

Increase revenue and sales effectiveness by uncovering insights from 100% of sales conversations with CallMiner Eureka.

The best sales software gleans insight from customer conversations

To improve sales effectiveness, many sales teams are turning to software that delivers greater insight into the mindsets of customers. A prospect’s conversation reveals a great deal about their needs, mindset, and sentiment. The best sales software automatically analyzes these interactions to produce intelligence that can close more deals, shorten sales cycles, and increase win rates for enterprise and business development sales teams.

The most advanced sales intelligence software today relies on conversation intelligence, a technology that can capture and analyze conversations between sales reps and prospects. While traditional sales call center technologies enable supervisors to review just a fraction of calls, conversation intelligence delivers analytics based on 100% of interactions via phone, email, chat, SMS, social media, and web. With this data, sales organizations can forecast more accurately, train reps more effectively, and increase conversions more efficiently.

When looking for the best sales software today, more organizations are choosing the CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

How conversation intelligence improves sales software

Even the most routine conversations with customers and prospects can be a gold mine of insights for sales teams. A prospect’s choice of words, tone of voice, and responses to questions can reveal valuable information about their motivations, behavior, and preferences.

Conversation intelligence enables sales teams to mine the data in these interactions at scale, using AI to produce real-time or post-interaction Insights that can shorten sales cycles and create more wins. By determining the meaning of prospects’ words and the emotions behind them, conversation intelligence reveals information that can provide sales teams with a competitive advantage while helping them to continually refine sales pitches with best practices.

By automatically capturing and analyzing every interaction, conversation intelligence enables sales reps to avoid tedious manual data entry processes and spend more time selling. Sales managers can pinpoint successful approaches, using these examples to inform sales strategies. Supervisors can evaluate their entire team and individual reps, and executives can confidently assess the health of the pipeline with deal tracking and analysis.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

CallMiner Eureka is the most comprehensive conversation intelligence platform for sales teams seeking to analyze omnichannel customer interactions at scale. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, CallMiner’s conversation intelligence technology allows organizations to glean meaningful insight from interactions with customers and prospects, delivering the intelligence required to make better sales and business decisions.

CallMiner’s sales and business development software makes it possible to analyze 100% of conversations with prospects and customers and to identify behaviors that drive conversions, improve training across teams, and meet sales numbers. By capturing, transcribing, categorizing, analyzing, and scoring every conversation on every channel, CallMiner delivers the key insights sales teams need to analyze deal outcomes, sales effectiveness, and pipeline health more effectively.

Features of CallMiner’s sales software include:

• Call flow. By tracking and scoring the performance of every sales rep, CallMiner enables teams to zero in on best practices to drive more revenue faster.

• Competitor mentions. CallMiner flags mentions of competitors in conversations, enabling teams to get ahead of interactions that derail sales pitches and to identify the most effective ways to handle objections.

• Coaching and training. By scoring every conversation, CallMiner provides sales managers with the intelligence required to provide encouragement and feedback on any call. CallMiner analyzes the effectiveness of pitches in real time and enables supervisors to identify and replicate best practices across the sales team.

• Deal tracking and analysis. CallMiner filters deals by sales rep, close date, and other criteria, tracking interactions across the customer journey and delivering key intelligence that helps to close deals more frequently.

• Integrations. CallMiner seamlessly integrates with existing sales technology like Salesforce to provide a single view of the customer, wherever they are in the sales cycle.

Why CallMiner Eureka is the best sales software

As a sales conversation intelligence platform, CallMiner Eureka offers dramatic advantages for sales reps, managers, and executives. With CallMiner, sales teams can:

• Reveal areas of opportunity. Gain insight into what’s working and what’s not across the entire sales team, leading to improved performance.

• Identify optimal selling behavior. Automatically discover the sales rep behaviors that generate the most opportunities and deals, using them to improve training, scripts, and pitches.

• Eliminate manual processes. Equip the sales team with access to invaluable data and reports while eliminating tedious manual entry tasks.

• Improve results. Close more sales by driving better, more qualified leads and delivering personalized content and experiences for prospects and customers.

• Optimize training. Take advantage of real-time and post-interaction insights into how sales teams are performing and where training can be improved.

• Coach reps in real time. Get real-time alerts that help supervisors support sales reps during calls to improve outcomes.

The CallMiner difference

CallMiner is trusted by the world’s leading organizations in financial services, insurance, retail, travel, hospitality, healthcare, and other industries. Founded in 2002, the CallMiner conversation intelligence platform is built on two decades of innovation and billions of hours of mining customer conversations for meaningful insight.

As the global leader in conversation intelligence for sales teams and contact centers, CallMiner provides enterprises with sales and business development solutions that deliver:

• More velocity. Turnkey integrations, packaged content, and a catalog of solutions helps companies achieve faster time to value.

• Improved agility. CallMiner’s open API and AI technology improve agility with predictive modeling and flexible integration.

• Greater results. The CallMiner platform ensures ROI by providing exceptional support services and innovation from an enthusiastic community of users.

• Added flexibility. CallMiner is agnostic when it comes to source systems for capturing data.

• Omnichannel analytics. The Eureka platform automatically analyzes voice and text-based conversations across all channels of communication.

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Sales software is technology that helps sales teams to streamline sales processes, track deal progress and conversations more effectively with prospects, and provide sales reps, managers, and executives with the data they need to close more deals and drive greater revenue.

For many organizations today, the best sales software is built on conversation intelligence that can automatically capture and analyze every conversation with prospects and customers. The best sales software must also automate manual processes to enable sales teams to spend more time selling and less time on tedious data entry tasks.

Conversation intelligence is a technology that can analyze voice and text-based interactions with customers, prospects, and other audiences. Using artificial intelligence, a conversation intelligence platform can pinpoint the meaning of a speaker’s words and the emotion behind them, converting unstructured information in conversations into structured data that can be analyzed for meaningful insight.


Not only were our sales calls faster, but we were actually getting more money from each call as well.

Carl Stuerke

Director of Operations, Slimware Utilities


Speech analysis helped us establish a lack of value delivery during sales calls and gaps in language fluency. We armed our agents with shorter, more value-driven scripts. Additionally, we provided longer training cycles before agents got on the phone. The results have been great.

Ed Lee

Business Analyst, Slimware Utilities