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Gain customer insight with a journey map tool

Automate customer journey mapping with the CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform to understand your customers and unlock business value.

Improving CX starts with understanding the customer journey

Customer journey maps offer a unique perspective on what it’s like to be your customer. By visualizing every step of the path from first contact with your company to engaging online, making a purchase, and interacting with customer service, customer journey maps provide insight that can help you improve every interaction and create exceptional customer experiences.

A customer journey map tool is essential to this process. Journey mapping software simplifies the process of identifying all the touchpoints on the journey of multiple buyer personas. It helps visualize and glean insight from complex data sets. And it automates the complicated task of analyzing customer conversations across multiple channels to see how customers feel about your brand at every stop on their customer journey.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform provides a comprehensive set of journey map tools that deliver superior intelligence and advanced customer journey visualizations to help you build better customer experiences.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

What to look for in a journey map tool

Customer experience journey mapping is an extraordinarily difficult task. When you multiply your customers by the many paths they take as they interact with your brand, you end up with a vast number of customer journeys. To truly understand their experiences, you need massive amounts of data. From analyzing contact center calls and conversations via email, chat, and SMS to comments on social media and reviews on websites, there is a vast amount of data you can mine to determine how customers feel about your brand, your products, and their interactions with you throughout the customer journey.

The right journey map tool will automate the myriad of tasks involved in gathering data across these channels, aggregating it, analyzing it, and visualizing it. Superior customer journey mapping tools will analyze calls by measuring voice inflection, escalation, acoustics, silence, and emotion to gain a deeper understanding of customer feelings. The right tool will also analyze text for details that reveal customer opinions, wants, and behavior. By scoring these interactions and representing them visually, a journey map tool provides remarkable insight into a customer’s mindset.

Mapping customer journeys with CallMiner

CallMiner delivers technology that harnesses the power of conversation analytics. With CallMiner customer journey analytics, you can analyze 100% of customer conversations at the deepest levels, using automated performance scoring, emotion metrics, and AI-driven topic discovery to transform data about interactions into insight about customers.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform includes journey map tools that dramatically simplify the task of visualizing the customer journey. Analyze is the mission control center of the platform, providing tools for automatically analyzing and scoring calls, chats, emails, texts, surveys, and SMS conversations. Analyze transcribes speaker-separated text from speech, categorizes it for searching and sharing, and scores each interaction to track performance and emotion over the customer journey.

CallMiner Visualize turns customer interaction data stories into visually compelling and shareable presentations that show both the big picture and the detailed steps of each customer journey. Visualize provides tools for customizing data to view the customer journey from different angles. Drill-down details reveal insights based on customer behavior and emotion.

The Eureka platform also includes tools for issuing alerts for real-time guidance, capturing speaker-separated audio, redacting sensitive information from conversations, and enhancing coaching opportunities to create a culture of improvement.

The power of emotion in the customer journey

Because emotion is such a determining factor in the customer journey, CallMiner offers tools for detecting and analyzing emotion in 100% of customer interactions. The CallMiner Eureka Emotion Solution Suite identifies and measures emotional beacons within speech and text to uncover insights about how customer emotion is driving customer experiences, customer satisfaction, and sales.

The Emotion Solution Suite augments the journey map tools on the Eureka platform with real-time analytics and in-the-moment guidance for contact center supervisors and agents. The CallMiner Visualize product offers graphical reports generated by the Emotion Solution Suite that makes it easy to share emotional metrics in and beyond the contact center.

Real-time agent alerting and next-best-action guidance help optimize agent performance in moments of high customer emotion. During calls, CallMiner helps agents with next-best-action advice to improve the customer experience. And post-call analysis can help understand where friction points exist in the customer journey, providing actionable guidance for making improvements.

Why choose CallMiner?

As the global leader in conversation analytics, CallMiner delivers the industry’s most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel customer interactions at scale. With billions of hours of conversations mined for business intelligence, our technology provides the fastest time-to-value through turnkey integrations and automation.

Value-added benefits of the CallMiner platform include:

Solution Packs. Gain instant insight and rapid time to value with pre-built use cases that offer proven topic-based content.

Accelerator. Bring analysts up to speed faster with an intensive, personalized training program.

Speaker Separation. Enable analytics parsed by customer and agent speakers with a mono-to-stereo audio call recording converter.

Playbooks. Our step-by-step guides for implementing and using the CallMiner platform help to achieve faster ROI.

Language Packs. Enjoy support for multiple languages for transcription, redaction, and speech analysis.

CallMiner Customer Connect. Our enthusiastic user community provides crowd-sourced support and innovation.

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Customer journey mapping is the process of defining the path that a customer – usually a specific buying persona – may take as they move from first learning about a company’s product or service to purchasing it and eventually seeking support or customer service. Along the way, customers may engage with the company’s content, offers, social channels, webpages, emails, and other campaigns, with each interaction representing one point on the customer journey. A customer journey map visualizes the journey while gathering and analyzing data about how customers feel about each step on the journey. With this data, companies can improve the quality of interactions throughout the journey to enhance the customer experience and accelerate the journey toward conversion.

A customer journey map tool is a software product with tools for defining all the touchpoints on a customer journey, collecting, and analyzing customer data, and visualizing the customer journey in ways that lead to greater insight and actionable intelligence.

Conversation analytics is a technology that helps companies better understand their customers by analyzing audio and text-based conversations. Conversation analytics takes the unstructured information in calls, emails, chat, SMS, surveys, and interactions on the web and converts it to structured data that can be analyzed, explored, searched, and shared. With conversation analytics, companies can better understand their customers’ wants, opinions, emotions, and other drivers of satisfaction and loyalty.


CallMiner's insights created visibility across the customer journey to direct and indirect touchpoints that impact the CX. Real, cross-functional insights help us increase sales, grow and retain customers, and bring new products to life.

Robin Gomez

Director of customer care innovation, Radial


CallMiner helps us see our data in the context of the entire customer journey – from pre-purchase, to fulfillment, to post-purchase (and ideally long-term loyalty).

Robin Gomez

Director of customer care innovation, Radial