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Understanding your customers is the first step in enhancing the customer journey

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is among the highest priorities for companies today, making customer journey analytics an indispensable tool. By helping businesses understand their customers’ wants, needs, and behavior across channels from first contact to first sale and beyond, customer journey analytics helps build better customer relationships.

Choosing the right analytics solution is imperative. Because your customers are everywhere, your analytics solution must unify information from multiple channels on a single platform. A superior tool must enable you to truly listen to your customers and understand their attitudes about your brand, products, and services. And the right customer journey analytics technology will learn over time, employing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help you make better decisions.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform checks every box for companies seeking to improve the customer journey. Leveraging AI and machine learning, CallMiner automatically uncovers actionable intelligence and elevates the customer experience to ensure higher satisfaction.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

Best practices for customer journey analytics

Begin with a map. A well-developed customer journey map can help you identify the touchpoints your customers have with your brand. After visualizing the path a customer takes from first exposure through final purchase and beyond, you can focus your analytics on improving effectiveness across all customer journey touchpoints.

Listen to your customers. Your customers offer an enormous amount of feedback – much of it unsolicited – through interactions via phone, social media, email, surveys, chat, and SMS messages. Sentiment analysis of these communications offers qualitative data that can help you better hear what your customers are saying and understand their wants.

Personalize the customer experience. A solution that enables you to automate parts of your customer interactions can help you create one-of-a-kind experiences that cater to the needs of individuals and maximize customer lifetime value.

An intelligent solution that learns over time. The right customer journey analytics solution will use advanced technologies like AI and machine learning to become more focused, accurate, and valuable over time and to predict each customer’s next step.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform

As a leading provider and pioneer in the conversation analytics industry, CallMiner provides a powerful customer journey analytics solution within our Eureka platform that automatically analyzes contacts across all communication channels, including calls, emails, chats, surveys, social, and SMS.

Conversation analytics plays a critical role in understanding the customer journey. With CallMiner, you gain insight into every customer interaction, individually and at scale, enabling you to refine your strategies and tactics to deliver an exceptional customer experience at every touchpoint on the journey.

As a customer journey analytics solution, CallMiner provides:

100% coverage. With CallMiner, you do not need to settle for analyzing just a fraction of your customer interactions. Rather, you can analyze every single interaction to determine whether a customer is satisfied with the journey and where it can be improved.

Deeper insight. Conversation analytics provides an incredibly rich source of unsolicited feedback, allowing you to increase sales effectiveness, improve first call resolution, and heighten customer loyalty.

Qualitative detail. CallMiner’s conversation analytics technology reviews what was said and how it was said to ascertain intent, emotion, satisfaction and more.

A suite of customer journey analytics solutions

The Eureka platform is comprised of a set of speech analytics solutions that deliver operational intelligence at scale and help you identify key drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty. CallMiner solutions for analyzing the customer journey include:

Analyze. This product transcribes speech across channels, categorizes it with expansive identification measures, and scores it for performance, sentiment, topic discovery, and multichannel customer journey mapping. By enabling you to sift through and analyze massive volumes of data in customer interactions, Analyze helps to improve the customer experience, mitigate risk, and increase contact center performance.

Visualize. Visualize brings graphical data exploration, discovery, and presentation to customer journey analytics. With this customer journey visualization tool, you can drag-and-drop any data element – including voice, text, and metadata – to create compelling customer analytics stories that drive action.

Coach. This product provides role-based dashboards with automated performance scoring that enable supervisors to identify coaching moments and allow agents to view their performance with drill-down detail.

Alert. With real-time alerts about customer interaction, agents can de-escalate emerging issues, identify at-risk customers, and take in-the-moment action during the call to build more positive customer experiences.

Capture. Capture integrates with a wide range of IP and SIPREC telephony environments to capture contact center audio in real time.

Redact. This product protects sensitive data within conversations by automatically redacting account data, credit card information, Social Security numbers, and other private data.

Why customers prefer CallMiner

CallMiner has been a pioneer in conversation analytics since 2002. With billions of hours of conversations mined, we offer exceptional value by delivering highly effective, usable, and scalable conversation analytics solutions.

Our platform provides:

Velocity. Work with turnkey integrations, packaged content, and self-serve customization to achieve faster time to value.

Agility. Our open API and artificial intelligence technology enable us to deliver agile solutions, predictive modeling, and flexible integration.

Results. We ensure ROI for our customers through automation, Playbooks, exceptional support services, and innovation from a collaborative community.

Flexibility. Our platform is agnostic to the source system that captures data, supporting integration with all market-leading call recorder, chat, and email systems as well as popular social networking sites.

Breadth. Our platform automatically analyzes the voice of your customers across all communication channels.

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A customer journey is the sum of all the experiences, interactions, and touchpoints that a prospect or customer has with a brand. A customer’s journey begins with the first awareness of a brand, product, or service and continues through the eventual decision to make a purchase or not. Customer journeys may also include the relationship with customers after purchase as companies seek to build loyalty and win repeat business. Customer journeys happen across many channels and touchpoints, making it essential to adopt an omnichannel approach to interacting with customers.

In a contact center, customer journey analytics measure numerous factors by connecting the dots between each step of their journey. Conversation analytics can transcribe and analyze conversations to better understand the meaning of interactions and the emotions of callers. By combining a variety of data points into a numerical score, customer journey analytics can help companies mine their customer interactions for intelligence that helps to improve call center performance and the customer experience.

To make a customer’s journey easier to navigate and to remove friction from the buying and/or support process, companies must better understand the needs and wants as well as the attitudes and opinions of their customers at every step of the journey. Conversation analytics can help by analyzing the content and emotion of interactions across all channels, including contact center conversations, email, social media, chat, surveys, and SMS messages. Using this data, companies can gain clearer insight into how customers feel about each step of the journey and take action to improve the customer experience at every touchpoint.


CallMiner's insights created visibility across the customer journey to direct and indirect touchpoints that impact the CX. Real, cross-functional insights help us increase sales, grow and retain customers, and bring new products to life.

Robin Gomez

Director of customer care innovation, Radial


CallMiner helps us see our data in the context of the entire customer journey – from pre-purchase, to fulfillment, to post-purchase (and ideally long-term loyalty).

Robin Gomez

Director of customer care innovation, Radial