Customer Analytics Software Vendors

How to evaluate customer analytics software vendors

Select the best analytics platform for your contact center by knowing what you need and asking the right questions.

Why customer analytics software vendors are critical to CX

Delivering a superior customer experience is paramount to business performance today. More than two-thirds of companies report they compete primarily on the basis of customer experiences, and contact centers are playing a vital part in helping to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The right customer analytics software vendors can help. By providing solutions that offer deeper insight into the wants, needs, behavior, and emotions of your customers, analytics vendors can help to solve persistent challenges and deliver superior experiences throughout the buying journey.

When seeking solutions from customer analytics software vendors that can optimize customer experiences on every channel, more companies today choose the conversation analytics technology provided by The CallMiner Eureka platform.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

Five questions for customer analytics software vendors

When evaluating various customer analytics software vendors, these five questions can help to determine how their offerings stack up against your needs.

  1. Can the solution integrate with my existing call recording technology? The best customer analytics software vendors will offer technology that integrates easily with existing systems to provide a tightly integrated user interface.

  2. Does the solution offer analytics in real-time? Delivering real-time insight and guidance can improve agent performance and the outcomes of calls.

  3. Will I have a single view of the customer? Accessing customer data across all channels – including phone, chat, email, and social media – is the only way to ensure an omnichannel customer experience.

  4. How will the solution improve training? Tools for optimizing coaching with post-call analytics and real-time data are essential for persistent improvement.

  5. How quickly can I access actionable insight? Leading customer analytics software vendors will offer solutions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to quickly deliver insight from the thousands of calls monitored each day.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform

CallMiner offers superior customer analytics software in the Eureka platform. With a solution that satisfies all the essential criteria for contact center technology, CallMiner delivers the tools businesses need to improve the customer experience throughout the buying journey.

Our Eureka platform makes it possible to capture and analyze 100% of customer conversations on all channels, providing customers with a true omnichannel experience. Our technology analyzes voice and text-based interactions at the deepest level, automatically scoring performance, recognizing emotion, interpreting nuance, and identifying patterns that offer a deeper understanding of customers’ needs, desires, and behavior.

With The CallMiner Eureka customer conversation analytics platform, you can:

• Use insights from every conversation to improve the customer experience.

• Reveal patterns and insight at scale to understand customers, meet their needs and expectations, and drive improved loyalty and satisfaction.

• Create a strategy based on input from 100% of interactions, rather than just a fraction.

• Identify opportunities in real-time and post-conversation to improve the experience for customers.

• Move the needle on critical metrics such as First Call Resolution (FCR), Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), and more.

• Use customer feedback to determine what is working, what’s not, and where to focus resources on improvement.

• Increase marketing effectiveness with insights from customers into what campaigns, communications, and advertisements are most effective.

• Reduce agent churn by providing more effective feedback and giving agents the tools they need to succeed.

Elements of the Eureka platform

As a leader among customer analytics software vendors, CallMiner provides a platform that offers comprehensive solutions for delivering actionable intelligence from customer conversations. With the Eureka platform, you can:

• Analyze every conversation with root cause analysis to discover what matters most to customers on their omnichannel journey.

• Create a culture of persistent improvement with tools for automatically scoring agent performance, providing data-driven feedback, and easily monitoring progress.

• Get real-time alerts and next-best-action guidance during phone calls that can help improve the outcomes of calls and resolve conversations with at-risk customers.

• Visually explore conversation analytics data with easy-to-use visualizations that let you see the big picture while drilling down into the details of a single agent or customer.

• Capture speaker-separated audio to improve the accuracy of conversation analysis.

• Automatically remove sensitive data and personally identifiable information from audio and text-based conversations to protect customer privacy and ensure compliance.

Why CallMiner?

CallMiner is a global leader in conversational analytics, a technology that combines speech analytics and text analytics to capture and analyze customer interactions across every channel. By reviewing insight gleaned from customer conversations at scale, we provide the actionable intelligence businesses need to make better decisions and drive business improvement.

In the two decades since our founding, we have mined billions of hours of customer conversations for insight. Today, our Eureka platform is the choice of leading organizations in many industries, including healthcare, insurance, financial services, retail, travel and hospitality, and others.

Our technology delivers:

• Rich behavioral insight based on analysis of what customers say and how they say it.

• Actionable intelligence based on real-time and post-interaction scoring, frontline coaching, and organizational awareness that bridges the gap between insight and action.

• Security across every channel, thanks to automated redaction of sensitive information within a PCI-certified hosted model.

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In contact centers, customer analytics software provides analysis of interactions between agents and customers to automate feedback, track metrics, and deliver insight into the customer experience. Superior customer analytics software uses emotion and sentiment analysis to not only determine what a customer is saying but how they are saying it. This data can be helpful in determining how best to improve customer experiences and increase conversions.

Conversation analytics captures and analyzes interactions between customers and contact center agents to reveal deeper insight into the mindsets of customers and the performance of agents. By analyzing interactions across all channels – phone, chat, web, email, SMS, surveys, and social media – conversation analytics enables contact centers to access insight based on 100% of customer conversations.

Customer analytics software vendors offer several types of products. Speech analytics vendors specialize in technology that captures and analyzes audio recordings, while text-based analytics focuses on analyzing email, chat, social media interactions, and other written forms of communication. Conversation analytics vendors provide technology that combines text and speech analytics solutions, enabling contact centers to unify customer data on a single platform and provide superior omnichannel experiences.


We looked at customers who had churned out, using CallMiner to examine the customer journey timeline to identify where issues occurred. As a result, we have a 16% reduction in churn by having agents do a better job on the phone.

Carl Stuerke

Director of Operations, Slimware Utilities