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The call center manager’s secret weapon

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform provides all the tools call center managers need to optimize performance, keep agents engaged, and deliver better experiences for customers.

The complex agenda of call center managers

Call center managers have a lot on their plate. Managers are expected to help drive business performance by delivering better customer experiences. Because happy employees make for happy customers, managers must also excel at recruiting, training, and retaining top talent. Optimizing agent and call center performance is imperative in an age of rising expectations and shrinking budgets. And managing metrics and call center best practices are essential in an industry that thrives on continual improvement.

Managers will welcome any technology that can serve their needs, automate processes, and simplify their lives. But too often, contact center technology is complicated and too fragmented, providing point solutions that cannot eliminate data silos or keep up with the explosion of channels on which customers expect to interact with the brand.

The CallMiner conversation analytics platform captures and analyzes 100% of customer interactions. Our technology provides data-driven feedback for agent improvement, AI-powered automation for optimizing business processes and unprecedented insight for delivering exceptional omnichannel customer experiences.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

The biggest challenges for call center managers

When considering contact center technology, the right solution should provide answers to the biggest challenges facing call center managers.

Recruiting and retaining agents. Effective training, a culture of improvement, and a focus on agent success can help to attract and keep top talent.

Managing the work-from-home call center agent. Managers need tools to easily connect with remote agents, monitor their interactions with customers, and provide feedback for improvement.

Technological advances. Customers use a growing number of channels, and they expect brands to follow them as they hop from one channel to the next. Breaking down the data silos between channels, departments, and platforms is the only way call center managers can deliver an omnichannel experience.

Driving efficiency. Most call center managers face pressures to do more with less, requiring contact center solutions with automated processes that can do the heavy lifting.

Understanding what customers want. To successfully help drive business performance, contact center managers need tools that can deliver deeper insight into customers’ wants, needs, opinions, and emotions.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform

As a global leader in conversation analytics, CallMiner offers the industry’s leading platform for extracting actionable intelligence from customer interactions. Our Eureka conversation analytics platform uses machine learning and AI-powered technology to capture customer interactions across every channel – phone, web, chat, email, SMS, surveys, and social media. By converting the unstructured information in these conversations into structured data for discovery and analysis, Eureka delivers a wealth of insight into what customers want and how they feel about every interaction with your brand.

Eureka analyzes interactions at the deepest level, determining meaning, interpreting nuance, identifying patterns, and recognizing the emotion in a speaker’s voice. With this data, call center managers can solve every challenge they face. Insight into the customer’s mindset makes it possible to improve touchpoints throughout the buying journey and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Automated real-time and post-call feedback delivers clear direction for the training and coaching agents, creating an environment where agents thrive. By capturing and integrating data from every channel, CallMiner makes it possible to deliver a true omnichannel experience, allowing a customer’s data and conversation history to follow them from one channel to the next. And call center performance metrics based on 100% of customer interactions can identify the root cause of issues, facilitating faster improvement.

Elements of the Eureka platform

The CallMiner Eureka platform provides all the tools call center managers need to address their biggest challenges. With CallMiner, its managers can:

• Capture and analyze every customer conversation with automated scoring, emotion metrics, and AI-topic discovery.

• Rely on root cause analysis to better understand conversations and discover what matters most to customers.

• Monitor agent performance with a comprehensive view of customer interactions. Supervisors can identify trends, target behavior for guidance or reinforcement, and optimize agent performance at scale.

• Benefit from real-time guidance powered by AI and machine learning capabilities. Eureka automatically suggests the next best actions while a call is in progress to alter the course of interactions and improve outcomes.

• Leverage speaker-separated audio to ensure the most accurate analysis.

• Encrypt and redact customer conversations to ensure security and compliance with data privacy regulations.

• Explore data visually with interactive interfaces that make it easy to drill down into the detail of a single agent or customer.

Why CallMiner?

The CallMiner technology lets you connect the dots between insight and the action needed to drive business performance. By providing the industry’s most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel customer interactions at scale, we help identify areas of opportunity for business improvement, growth, and transformational change.

As an industry leader, we have nearly two decades of expertise developed from mining billions of hours of customer conversations for insight and intelligence. Our technology is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver the automation and agility businesses need to pivot quickly, make better decisions, and drive transformation.

With The CallMiner Eureka platform, you can:

• Accelerate improvement with real-time and post-call analysis that reveals what is not working and how to fix it.

• Understand what matters most to customers by accurately analyzing interactions, correlating data across multiple channels, and scoring the emotion in a speaker’s communication.

• Achieve faster ROI with help from a dedicated support team, an active customer community, and crowdsourced innovation.

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The primary challenge for call center managers is driving greater performance against specific call center KPIs. To accomplish this, call center managers must focus on three areas: attracting and retaining talented agents, delivering exceptional customer experiences, and increasing the efficiency of call center operations.

Conversation analytics is a technology for capturing and analyzing audio and text-based conversations between customers and contact center agents. By converting the unstructured information in these exchanges into structured data, conversation analytics makes it possible to search, analyze, categorize, and score each conversation for a deeper understanding of customers’ needs. Call center managers can use this information to deliver better customer outcomes, improve agent training, and drive contact center efficiency and performance.

The best call center customer service tips are to focus on several essential metrics. Improving First Contact Resolution (FCR) and reducing Average Handle Time (AHT) can help to increase customer satisfaction while driving contact center efficiency. Providing customer service across every channel is essential for meeting customers on their channels of choice – or following them as they hop between channels. Offering self-service options can improve call center efficiency while enabling customers to use their preferred method of contact. Eliminating data silos between various channels, platforms, and departments can ensure that customers do not need to repeat information each time they are transferred to a new agent.


Coach was an absolute gamechanger for our supervisors and agents. It gave them an at-a-glance look at performance in each of the QA areas. It showed us how wide-spread a problem was so that we could address it quickly.

Luke Schulta

Contract Center Systems Administrator, Gant Travel