Call Center Optimization

Achieve call center optimization with conversation analytics

The CallMiner Eureka platform lets you capture and analyze 100% of agent and customer conversations to drive call center performance and business improvement.

The challenge of call center optimization

Because your call center is responsible for managing relationships with customers, your business success depends on the quality of your agents and the efficiency of your contact center operations. Optimizing performance across individuals and departments is essential to delivering exceptional customer experiences, reducing call center costs, and enabling business improvement.

Call center optimization requires superior analytics that can measure and track a wide range of call center KPIs. From metrics around First Call Resolution and Average Handle Time to data that reveals insight into the performance of individual agents and the effectiveness of various departments, the right analytics solution will identify key areas of improvement and proactive steps for how to get there.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform is a leading solution for companies seeking automated tools for call center optimization. By capturing and analyzing every interaction between agent and customers across all channels, CallMiner helps to drive employee productivity, increase marketing effectiveness, and increase operational efficiency while reducing costs.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

How conversation analytics works

Conversation analytics captures the content from customer interactions – such as calls, chats, email, social media streams, and other text-based communications – and converts it to a format that can be analyzed for insight and actionable intelligence. Conversation analytics not only determines the meaning of a conversation, but through advanced acoustical analysis, identifies the emotion in a speaker’s voice as well. This combination provides deeper insight into the drivers of a customer’s behavior, motivation, desires, and satisfaction.

Conversation analytics enables call center optimization by providing the tools to:

• Automatically monitor, record, and transcribe 100% of customer contacts across channels.

• Generate scorecards for each customer interaction that can measure the effectiveness of agents, groups, and specific activities.

• Report on baselines, performance trends, and a broad array of agent and call center metrics.

• Offer real-time coaching, redirection, and intervention in calls where customers are at risk.

• Conduct root cause analysis for each customer interaction.

• Ensure that call center best practices are being followed by every agent and department.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform

CallMiner provides superior tools for call center optimization in our Eureka conversation analytics platform. With technology that’s informed by nearly two decades of technical expertise and billions of hours of customer conversations mined, Eureka analyzes every voice and text-based interaction at the deepest levels, interpreting nuance, scoring emotion, and identifying patterns that shed light on areas for optimization.

Eureka analyzes 100% of audio and text-based customer conversations across all channels to provide a complete picture of agent performance and the customer’s journey. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, our technology uses word and phrase identification with emotion analysis and topic identification to automatically transcribe, redact, classify, analyze, and score every customer interaction.

Our Eureka platform supports real-time coaching that can drive agent performance and call center optimization. By tracking efficiency metrics such as Average Handle Time (AHT) as well as performance metrics such as conversion rates and NPS scores, you can identify issues across the contact center and with individual agents (including work-from-home call center agents) and proactively implement solutions.

The benefits of call center optimization

The CallMiner Eureka platform helps achieve call center optimization by helping to:

Lower operating costs. By analyzing the volume, content, and outcomes of interactions across all channels, you can lower costs by redirecting call flow more efficiently, employing optimal staffing, and resolving individual customer issues more efficiently.

Reduce silence on calls. CallMiner customer service analytics identifies both the amount of silence in calls and what causes it. With that information, you can improve training to reduce silence which in turn lowers costs and leads to better customer outcomes.

Improve productivity. The Eureka platform helps to increase productivity by enabling shorter call times, reducing training time, and enabling you to maintain higher agent-to-supervisor ratios.

Increase revenue. With CallMiner, you have the tools you need to develop best practices and ensure that agents consistently follow the scripts they are given. Analytics can also help to identify the most successful selling techniques and pinpoint customer objections. Next-best-action guidance can provide agents with the most effective offers and language to increase sales.

Deliver a better customer experience. By analyzing both the content of conversations and the emotion of customers, our platform reveals insights into the customer’s mindset that can help you take action to improve the experience of every touchpoint on the customers' journey.

Why CallMiner?

CallMiner Eureka is trusted by the world’s leading organizations across a broad range of industries. Our technology sheds light on areas of opportunity to deliver better customer experiences and higher contact center performance. Automated performance scoring, emotion metrics, and AI-driven topic discovery drive action and improvement within and beyond the contact center.

With rich behavioral insight into what customers say and how they say it, our platform delivers source-of-truth confidence into the meaning of every interaction. Real-time and post-interaction automated scoring, frontline coaching, and organization awareness help to bridge the gap between insight and action. Automated redaction of sensitive information within a PCI-certified hosted model ensures the security of conversation analytics data for every organization. And our enthusiastic customer community provides crowdsourced support, innovation, and call center customer service tips.

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Frequently asked questions.

Call center optimization is the process of making improvements to every aspect of operations and communications in a contact center to reduce costs, enhance performance, and improve the customer experience. Call center optimization often focuses on the performance of individual agents, seeking to increase their efficiency and their success at resolving customer issues.

First Call Resolution (FCR) is a critical metric that indicates the percentage of customers who have their issues resolved or questions answered in the initial conversation with the contact center. A lower FCR score typically means greater customer satisfaction and higher agent efficiency levels. Average Handle Time (AHT) is the average amount of time that an agent spends interacting with the customer. Lower AHT is the result of more efficient operations and can also drive customer satisfaction.

Conversation analytics is a technology for capturing and analyzing interactions between a brand and its customers across every channel – phone, email, chat, web, surveys, SMS, and social media interactions. Conversation analytics converts unstructured information in these interactions into structured data that can be analyzed and mined for actionable intelligence.


Our call center’s continuous improvement process is anchored on CallMiner’s capabilities. Everything begins with speech analytics.

Ed Lee

Business Analyst, Slimware Utilities