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Improve call center KPIs with conversation analytics

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform enables greater context center efficiency by analyzing 100% of interactions to support real-time coaching and drive business improvement.

Call center KPIs help drive continuous improvement

Your contact center is the heart of your relationships with customers. Optimizing the performance of agents is key to delivering exceptional customer experiences – and to driving efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Measuring and monitoring call center KPIs – and taking action to improve them – is essential to achieving your performance goals. However, extracting meaningful measurements from thousands or millions of hours of contact center calls is an enormous task. Conversation analytics provides a highly efficient and automated solution that can capture and analyze 100% of conversations rather than sampling to provide the fullest possible measure of call center performance metrics and agent performance.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform provides all the tools you need to analyze conversations, track call center KPIs, and support real-time coaching that drives productivity and improvement to agent performance.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

How conversation analytics can optimize performance

Conversation analytics takes the unstructured information trapped in phone calls, texts, emails, and social media streams and turns it into structured data that can be searched and analyzed. By analyzing 100% of conversations between customers and agents, analytics delivers greater insight into customer and agent behavior and sentiment while tracking a wide range of KPIs. It enables managers to validate information, identify patterns, find root causes for performance problems, and develop action plans for improvement.

Conversation analytics also enables automated in-call decision support and next-best-action guidance, optimizing each agent interaction and improving call center KPIs. Customer service analytics can help to improve First Call Resolution (FCR) by identifying the reasons for repeat calls. Analytics can also help to improve Average Handle Time (AHT) by uncovering the topics and agents with the longest handle times and identifying specific issues that cause longer AHT. With this data, you can enhance agent training, optimize call routing, and monitor agent performance to drive improvements to handle time.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform

CallMiner Eureka provides the industry’s leading conversation analytics platform, enabling contact centers to improve call center KPIs and call center operations by analyzing every customer interaction. Eureka analyzes 100% of audio and text-based conversations across all channels, including phone, chat, email, web, social, surveys, and SMS. By transcribing, analyzing, categorizing, and scoring every interaction, our technology extracts meaningful insights from unstructured data to improve call center performance and KPIs.

With our Eureka platform, you can:

• Transform the voice of your customers and agents into structured data, gleaning insight into the quality of contact center interactions and how you can improve performance.

• Increase agent performance with real-time coaching and next-best-action guidance.

• Improve customer experiences with in-the-moment suggestions that improve outcomes.

• Enhance efficiency to meet business goals and improve profit margins.

• Identify customers at risk with real-time agent and supervisor alerts.

• Track efficiency and agent performance against call center metrics and industry standards in Average Handle Time, percent silence, conversion rates, NPS surveys, QA scores, and more.

• Use root cause analysis and automated call center scorecards to understand why agents are successful or not and to motivate certain behavior across departments.

• Reduce time to value with pre-built solution packs and step-by-step Playbooks that accelerate ROI.

• Safeguard customer privacy with automated PCI-redaction to ensure compliance.

• Analyze the emotion in each speaker’s voice to gain greater visibility into agent quality and customer satisfaction.

• Map the customer journey by tracking interactions across channels and determining how customers feel about each touchpoint.

Components of the Eureka platform

The CallMiner Eureka platform offers a set of conversation analytics solutions that make it easier to track and improve call center KPIs.

Analyze automatically scores 100% of interactions between agents and customers and identifies the most impactful insights for improving call center KPIs.

Coach automates improvement to agent performance by monitoring interactions, identifying performance trends, and targeting behavior for guidance or reinforcement.

Alert notifies agents or supervisors in crucial moments when customers are at risk and provides guidance for positively resolving difficult conversations.

Capture powers quicker and more accurate speech analytics by enabling high-fidelity, speaker-separated audio to be accurately transcribed in real-time.

Visualize enables you to create and share presentations with an easy-to-use, interactive interface that makes it simple to drill down into the detail of a single agent or customer and to visually connect the dots between insight and action.

Redact accurately identifies and removes sensitive numeric data and personally identifiable information from audio and text-based conversations.

Why CallMiner?

CallMiner delivers the industry’s most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel customer interactions at scale. Trusted by the world’s leading organizations, our technology enables organizations to pivot quickly, decide intelligently, and improve exponentially.

Our Eureka platform delivers essential insight faster than any other solution on the market, thanks to value-added benefits such as:

Solution packs. Gain instant insight and rapid time-to-value with pre-built use cases with proven topic-based content.

Language packs. CallMiner supports multiple languages for transcription, redaction, and speech analysis.

Speaker separation. Enable analytics parsed by customer and agent speakers with a mono-to-stereo audio call recording converter.

Accelerator. Bring analysts up to speed faster with an intensive, personalized training program.

Playbooks. Our step-by-step guides for implementing and using CallMiner technology help to achieve faster ROI.

CallMiner Customer Connect. An enthusiastic user community contributes to crowdsourced support, innovation, and call center customer service tips.

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Call center Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, are metrics that evaluate the performance and efficiency of contact centers. Organizations may track call center KPIs for individual agents, groups, and the contact center as a whole. By continuously tracking KPIs, call center supervisors can better monitor performance and take proactive steps to improve it.

While the most important KPIs vary from one call center to the next, certain metrics are common to most contact center operations. First Call Resolution (FCR) is a KPI that determines the percentage of customer issues that can be resolved on first contact, which is one of the most important drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Average Handle Time (AHT) measures the amount of time that agents engage with customers – a lower AHT score indicates greater contact center efficiency. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) tracks how satisfied customers are with their interaction with a brand and its contact center, providing a strong indicator of customer loyalty.

Conversation analytics is a technology for capturing and analyzing interactions with customers across multiple channels, including phone, chat, social, email, web, SMS, and surveys. Conversation analytics uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to convert the unstructured data in conversations into structured information for analysis. Through conversation analytics, organizations can determine the meaning of a speaker’s words and the emotion in their voice, revealing insight into the mindset of customers and enabling companies to improve experiences throughout the buying journey.


We implemented CallMiner to achieve faster time to insights with our analytics. We can pull comprehensive, ad-hoc reports for stakeholders on important CX-centric KPIs on the fly.

Robin Gomez

Director of customer care innovation, Radial