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Optimize call center operations with conversation analytics

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform captures and analyzes 100% of agent and customer interactions to drive operational efficiency and uncover insights for business improvement.

The challenge of enhancing call center performance

The performance of your call center has an enormous impact on your relationships with customers and your bottom line. Whether your contact center is dedicated to answering questions, providing support, or improving marketing efforts, optimizing the performance of call center agents is essential to delivering a superior customer experience and meeting your business goals.

When it comes to driving better performance, your supervisors are bound to encounter obstacles throughout call center operations. From high agent turnover and lagging productivity to managing compliance and maximizing sales effectiveness, your supervisors are constantly working to improve efficiency and performance on multiple fronts.

CallMiner can help. Our Eureka conversation analytics platform captures and analyzes conversations between agents and customers across channels at scale. By automating call center analytics with artificial intelligence and machine learning, CallMiner delivers the actionable intelligence supervisors need to improve call center operations and achieve superior performance.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

How conversation analytics impacts call center operations

Conversation analytics uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP) to capture, transcribe, analyze, categorize, and score every interaction between agents and customers. By automatically transforming the unstructured information from customer interactions into structured data that can be analyzed and searched, conversation analytics helps achieve optimal contact center operations in a variety of ways.

Quality assurance. A conversation analytics platform can automate QA functions and provide data on 100% of conversations, rather than the 1-3% of conversations that are typically monitored by QA specialists.

First Call Resolution (FCR). Conversation analytics can help supervisors understand the root cause of repeat contacts and take corrective action to enhance FCR metrics and increase call center optimization.

Average Handle Time (AHT). By uncovering the topics and agents with the longest handle times, supervisors can optimize agent training, call scripts, routing, and processes to reduce handle time while still ensuring high customer satisfaction.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform

CallMiner has been a leading innovator in conversation analytics since 2002. Our Eureka conversation analytics platform offers comprehensive tools for understanding the voice of your customers, monitoring the performance of agents, and optimizing call center operations.

With Eureka, you can measure agent performance by automatically capturing and analyzing 100% of interactions. The insight gleaned from these conversations can help to identify issues and places for improvement while also providing real-time feedback and next-best-action guidance to improve outcomes.

Our technology analyzes interactions at the deepest level, identifying patterns, interpreting nuance, and scoring emotions to shed light on opportunities for improving the customer experience and optimizing call center operations.

The CallMiner Eureka platform includes solutions for:

• Analyzing agent and customer conversations at scale.

• Creating a culture of persistent improvement

• Automatically mapping the customer journey and identifying touchpoints for optimization.

• Visualizing data in shareable presentations with drill-down details that reveal insights based on customer behavior, agent performance, process challenges, and other root cause indicators.

• Alerting agents and supervisors to conversations with at-risk customers and providing next-best-action guidance to positively resolve a potentially negative customer experience.

• Capturing high-quality, speaker-separated audio for faster and more accurate insights.

• Automatically redacting sensitive data and personally identifiable information from audio and text-based conversations.

The benefits for call center operations

With our Eureka platform, you can operations by:

Gaining an accurate view of performance. By leveraging 100% of conversations, supervisors can better understand agent and call center performance to identify areas of success and places for improvement.

Offering feedback with insights driven by data. Eureka enables continual coaching in real time, enabling supervisors to deliver agent coaching with data-driven feedback and call center customer service tips based on objective KPIs.

Enhancing customer experience. Our technology offers in-the-moment suggestions for next-best actions that can improve outcomes and ensure customer satisfaction.

Improving profit margins. Eureka provides the insight you needed to meet business goals effectively and efficiently without increasing personnel costs.

Tracking comprehensive metrics. Use efficiency metrics and agent performance metrics to identify issues throughout contact center operations and proactively implement solutions that comply with call center best practices.

Monitoring remote agents. CallMiner simplifies the task of tracking and monitoring the effectiveness of work-from-home call center agents by automatically monitoring their conversations, efficiency, and sales effectiveness.

Why CallMiner?

CallMiner delivers the industry’s most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel customer interactions at scale. As a global leader in conversation analytics, our solutions are built on nearly two decades of technology expertise and billions of hours of mining customer conversations.

No other platform offers more customizable solutions or deeper customer understanding for improved business outcomes. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, our technology enables you to connect the dots between insights that can drive business improvement and the action required to achieve it. We empower organizations to pivot quickly, decide intelligently, and improve exponentially. That’s why CallMiner is trusted by the world’s leading organizations across many industries, including financial services, travel and hospitality, healthcare, insurance, retail, and others.

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To improve call center operations, supervisors need access to analytics that deliver insight into the details of 100% of conversations with customers. With automated analytics and scorecards that provide an instant evaluation of agent performance and track essential KPIs, contact center supervisors can identify areas for improvement and take proactive steps to improve training, scripts, call routing, and staffing levels to provide a better customer experience across all channels.

First Call Resolution (FCR) is one of the most critical metrics for improving call center operations. By increasing the number of customer issues that are resolved on the first call or interaction, contact centers can increase efficiency while driving greater customer satisfaction. Average Handle Time (AHT) is another essential metric that measures the amount of time agents spend with customers. By focusing on lowering AHT, contact centers can increase efficiency and provide a better experience for customers.

Conversation analytics uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to capture and analyze interactions with customers across phone, email, chat, web, SMS, social, and surveys. Conversation analytics transforms unstructured information in these exchanges into structured data that can be searched and analyzed. By revealing both the meaning of a customer’s words and the emotion in their expression, conversation analytics helps companies better understand the drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty.


CallMiner Analyze was able to drill down into the recordings and transcripts and show what an agent specifically said as opposed to what was on the script. This gave us the metrics we needed to meet with agents to discuss performance objectively.

Mark Crowley

Quality and Compliance Manager, DoublePositive


Coach was an absolute gamechanger for our supervisors and agents. It gave them an at-a-glance look at performance in each of the QA areas. It showed us how wide-spread a problem was so that we could address it quickly.

Luke Schulta

Contract Center Systems Administrator, Gant Travel