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Automate call center scorecards with conversation analytics

Drive agent performance and operational efficiency by capturing and analyzing 100% of customer conversations across channels with the CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform.

Automated scorecards improve contact center performance

Scorecards for agents have long been part of the quality assurance efforts in contact centers. By monitoring and attaching scores to agents’ activities, supervisors can compare the performance of individual agents as well as performance trends across the contact center.

However, because scoring calls has traditionally been a manual activity, supervisors are typically able to listen to use only a fraction of calls when evaluating an agent – leading to a less than accurate picture of the agent’s performance.

Automated call center scorecards using conversation analytics from CallMiner offer a far more robust, accurate, and complete picture of call center performance metrics. By capturing, transcribing, and analyzing 100% of interactions across all channels, the CallMiner Eureka platform vastly increases insight into agent performance and offers a wealth of actionable information for call center improvement – while dramatically reducing the effort required of call center supervisors.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

How conversation analytics improves call center scorecards

Conversation analytics uses natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence to accurately determine the content of conversations and the emotion in customers’ voices. By converting the unstructured information in interactions with customers into structured data that can be searched and analyzed, conversation analytics makes scoring agent performance a completely automated and objective process.

Conversation analytics provides quality call center KPIs that can identify exactly where agents are succeeding and where they need help. Coaching sessions and training can be driven by data that charts progress and results based on 100% of conversations. Supervisors can compare key call center metrics and industry standards across all call center operations or drill down to view the performance of individual agents and training opportunities across products, processes, or business lines. Automated call center scorecards with conversation analytics also provide call center managers with comprehensive dashboards that deliver an intuitive, easy-to-configure interface that is 100% customizable to specific needs and interests.

Automating call center scorecards with CallMiner

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform enables you to capture and analyze 100% of conversations between agents in customers across all channels – phone, chat, email, social, web, surveys, and SMS. With comprehensive, real-time call center analytics, your agents can benefit both from automated call center scorecards as well as the next-best-action guidance provided during each call.

Our Eureka platform analyzes interactions at the deepest levels, identifying patterns, interpreting nuance, and scoring emotion to deliver the clearest view of customers’ needs and agent performance. Technology powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning correlates text-based and audio interactions, even when those channels are not integrated with your technology stack.

Eureka delivers a set of solutions that make it possible to analyze 100% customer interactions at scale to drive agent and business improvement. Our platform includes solutions for:

• Capturing, transcribing, analyzing, and scoring conversations with automated metrics that track performance and emotion across the customer journey.

• Monitoring, understanding, and optimizing agent performance at scale with coaching that enables a persistent culture of improvement.

• Alerting supervisors and agents to customers at risk and providing real-time guidance that drives better outcomes.

• Capturing high-quality audio for faster and more accurate speech analytics.

• Visualizing reports and call center scorecards with graphical presentations that reveal both the big picture and enable supervisors to drill down into details.

• Automatically redacting sensitive numeric data and personally identifiable information from audio and text-based conversations.

The benefits of automated scorecards with CallMiner

Automated call center scorecards on the CallMiner Eureka platform enable you to:

• Get an accurate view of employee performance based on 100% of conversations rather than sampling.

• Provide data-driven, objective feedback to agents with analytics that reveals insight into the specifics of their performance.

• Provide continuous post-call and real-time coaching to maximize performance.

• Identify key areas for improvement and develop proactive steps for how to get there.

• Identify star employees to better understand and duplicate their habits and methods.

• Track essential KPIs for agents, groups, products, scripts, and the call center as a whole.

Why CallMiner?

CallMiner has pioneered the conversation analytics industry since 2002. Today, we deliver the industry’s most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel customer interactions at scale. The world’s leading organizations in retail, financial services, insurance, healthcare, travel, and other industries trust CallMiner to reveal deeper insight that can drive business improvement, growth, and transformational change.

With CallMiner, you can:

Achieve faster time to improvement. AI-driven search features, unmatched accuracy, and real-time and post-call analytics enable you to connect the dots between insights and action.

Understand what matters most to your customers. Analyze customer conversations with accurate auto-scoring, correlation across multiple channels, and categorization for ease, effectiveness, and emotion.

Count on our support. We offer a dedicated support team for each account, and our active customer community is a constant source of support and crowdsourced innovation.

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Frequently asked questions.

A call center scorecard is a tool for monitoring and measuring the performance of individual agents in a contact center. Call center scorecards typically measure a variety of KPIs that identify where agents are successful and where they can improve. By continuously monitoring call center scorecards, supervisors can better understand how to improve training, where to focus coaching efforts, and when to make other adjustments that can enhance agent performance and improve the customer experience.

Scorecards are based on a review of an agent’s interactions with a customer in a phone call or in a text-based exchange. Manually conducting these reviews is extremely time-consuming. As a result, scorecards have traditionally been based on a fraction of the interactions an agent has each week, leading to random and inaccurate scoring. Automated scorecards use analytics and artificial intelligence to automatically score every agent interaction, providing a fuller and more objective evaluation of agent performance.

Conversation analytics is a technology for automatically capturing and analyzing 100% of agent interactions with customers on every audio and text-based channel. By converting the unstructured information in these exchanges into structured data that can be analyzed and searched, conversation analytics provides the data required for automating call center scorecards as well as deeper insight into the mindset and experience of customers.


Coach was an absolute gamechanger for our supervisors and agents. It gave them an at-a-glance look at performance in each of the QA areas. It showed us how wide-spread a problem was so that we could address it quickly.

Luke Schulta

Contract Center Systems Administrator, Gant Travel