Business Performance Management

Optimize business performance management with conversation analytics

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers – and the intelligence to drive business improvement and growth – with The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform.

Business performance management begins by listening to your customers

The customer experience (CX) has become the primary driver of business performance today. As a result, the ability to understand your customer’s desires, needs, behavior, and emotion is critical to business performance management (BPM).

With business performance management, organizations set business goals, make plans to achieve them, measure their progress, and use analytical insights to constantly refine their efforts. Yet, most organizations routinely ignore the most valuable data for driving business improvement – the conversations that happen between customers and contact center agents.

These interactions can reveal enormous amounts of unsolicited information that provide key insights into a customer’s mindset. Most call center technology, however, only enables companies to mine a small fraction of these conversations for actionable intelligence.

CallMiner can help. Our Eureka conversation analytics platform captures and analyzes 100% of customer interactions on every channel to deliver greater insight into the customer experience and enable superior business performance management.

Driving Business Improvement with Conversation Analytics

What conversation analytics can do for your business

Conversation analytics from CallMiner captures, transcribes, analyzes, and scores conversations with customers across all channels – phone, chat, email, web, surveys, SMS, and social media interactions. By transforming the unstructured data in these conversations to structured data that can be easily mined for insight, our technology delivers actionable intelligence that can drive better business decisions and enhance business performance management. For example:

• Sales teams can better understand which sales techniques work best with customers – and which do not. This data can help drive performance by improving upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

• Marketing teams can gain information from conversations about how customers feel about every campaign and every touchpoint. This insight can help marketing leaders refine efforts, clarify messaging, and make better decisions about future campaigns.

• Customer opinions about products offer invaluable insight for product teams as they refine products and develop new ones to fill a gap in product coverage.

• Finance teams can use conversation analytics to understand how to make paying bills easier.

Business performance management with CallMiner

CallMiner is the industry leader in conversation analytics. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, our Eureka platform delivers the deepest customer understanding for improved decision-making and stronger business performance management.

Eureka automatically scores 100% of audio and text-based interactions, identifying the most impactful insights and business performance metrics for business improvement. Our technology not only determines the meaning of conversations but automatically interprets a customer’s emotion to deliver clear insight into how they feel about your brand – a critical driver of satisfaction and behavior.

By converting the content of every conversation into data that can be searched and analyzed, our platform delivers unprecedented insight into what customers want. By categorizing and tagging language that exhibits certain emotions, you can understand what drives customer choices and how you can deliver a better experience to win their loyalty. And with the ability to measure business performance more accurately, you can take concrete steps to improve productivity and efficiency in the contact center.

The benefits for business performance management

With technology that automatically analyzes every interaction with customers and produces actionable insight for business performance management, you can achieve a wide range of business goals.

• Generate greater revenue and increase sales with business performance analytics that promote adherence to quality processes, identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling, and deliver experiences that increase conversions.

• Drive process improvement with insights that allow you to see what is working well and what is not.

• Jumpstart business growth with insights that enables you to make better decisions.

• Create a customer-centric organization by improving experiences, strengthening customer relationships, and driving greater loyalty.

• Eliminate data silos by leveraging insights gathered in the contact center across the enterprise.

• Identify key areas of improvement that can inform business performance management.

• Maintain effective and efficient operations while lowering costs with automated business process improvements.

• Track and report on indicators of business performance with easy-to-use visualizations and interactive reports.

Why CallMiner?

CallMiner technology is the product of nearly two decades of leading innovation in the field of conversation analytics. Along the way, we have mined billions of hours of customer conversation for intelligence and developed a platform that provides insights that matter most, faster than any other solution on the market.

CallMiner Eureka platform provides:

Actionable intelligence. Bridge the gap between insight and action with automated scoring of conversations, frontline coaching, and organization awareness.

A trusted solution. CallMiner is the choice of leading organizations throughout the world, including companies in retail, financial services, insurance, healthcare, travel and hospitality, and others.

Automated security. Our customers can count on the automatic redaction of sensitive material within a PCI-certified hosting model that ensures omnichannel security.

A deeper customer understanding. Our analytics are based both on what customers say and how they say it to deliver source-of-truth confidence.

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Business performance management uses data analytics to track the performance of individuals, departments, and the business against metrics that are tied to specific goals. By monitoring performance and analyzing a vast array of data points, organizations can identify trends, uncover opportunities, and target underperforming areas of the business for improvement.

Conversation analytics captures and analyzes interactions with customers across a variety of channels. Conversation analytics converts the unstructured data in calls, emails, chat, social media, and other channels into structured data that organizations can mine to produce actionable intelligence about the customer experience and the performance of the business.

By revealing how customers feel about the business and their interactions with it, conversation analytics enables organizations to identify areas for improvement that can enhance customer experiences and increase business performance.


Conversation analytics kicks open the doors of what’s possible for us. We were able to quickly and consistently add value and demonstrate insight across departments.

Colin Whelan

Head of workforce optimisation, Hoist Finance


We plan to cascade information gleaned from CallMiner throughout the organization, providing each account manager with insights that they can then share with their clients to solidify our partnership. To become our customer’s last best experience, we must make the investment in our tools and people. We see CallMiner as one of those gamechanger tools that is already propelling us forward towards our goal.

Kurt Mosher

COO and Executive Vice President, Gant Travel