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Deliver exceptional customer experiences by better understanding your customers’ needs and expectations with the CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform.

The customer experience drives business performance

More than two-thirds of companies today compete primarily on the basis of customer experience. To stay competitive, many organizations are turning to AI-powered business performance analytics for their contact center to better understand what their customers want, so they can deliver on expectations.

The right business performance analytics solution should provide you with clear insight into the opinions, behavior, and emotion of the customer. The traditional practice of reviewing a fraction of interactions with customers is no longer acceptable – capturing and analyzing 100% of customer conversations is now the standard for business performance improvement.

Conversation analytics technology from CallMiner provides all the capabilities you need to improve the customer experience and drive business performance with customer insight. As a leading solution for contact centers, Eureka enables you to better understand your customers to make better decisions, and improve performance and operations enterprise-wide.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

Listening to your customers with superior business performance analytics

Conversation analytics enables you to access a gold mine of insight that’s otherwise trapped within calls, emails, chat, and social media conversations. These interactions are full of unsolicited information that can be converted to structured data and analyzed to better hear what your customers are telling you.

Conversation analytics helps you understand how customers feel about different aspects of your brand and makes it easier to uncover what matters most to them. By categorizing, analyzing, and scoring every interaction, conversation analytics can reveal a customer’s intention, emotion, satisfaction, preferences, and opinions. With this data, you can take action to optimize every touchpoint on the buying journey and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

As a business-performance analytics solution, conversation analytics can also help measure business performance and contact center agent efficiency. A superior conversation analytics technology can move the needle on business performance metrics such as Customer Satisfaction, Net Promoter Score, Customer Churn, First Call Resolution, and Average Handle Time.

Business performance analytics from CallMiner

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform makes it possible to capture and analyze 100% of customer conversation across channels. By extracting meaningful insights from unstructured data, Eureka enables you to take action that improves customer experiences and optimizes business performance management.

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, our Eureka platform analyzes interactions at the deepest level, scoring every conversation to identify words, phrases, language, and emotion that reveal deeper insight into your customer’s mindset. With real-time business performance analytics from CallMiner, you can connect the dots between insight into opportunities and the action needed to fulfill them.

With the CallMiner conversation-based business performance analytics technology, you can:

Generate greater revenue by identifying upselling and cross-selling techniques that work best with customers.

Increase marketing effectiveness by understanding how customers feel about and respond to different campaigns, communications, and advertisements.

Increase customer loyalty and lifetime value by improving the customer’s experience based on a deeper understanding of how customers feel about your brand.

Identify and eliminate the sources of churn by developing programs, processes, and training to address areas of dissatisfaction.

Enhance product development, manufacturing, and logistics with direct feedback from customers on their level of satisfaction with your products.

Reduce fraud by alerting agents and supervisors if specific language or acoustic qualities suggest a fraudulent claim or interaction.

Improve cash flow by making it easier to pay bills based on customer feedback and through continual agent coaching to improve collections capabilities.

Eliminate compliance risk by monitoring all conversations to ensure that agents adhere to essential processes and that scripts comply with regulations and compliance directives.

Track and report on metrics and indicators of business performance, sharing knowledge and insight from customer conversations with every business department.

Components of the CallMiner Eureka platform

Our Eureka platform offers a set of solutions for analyzing conversations and delivering business performance analytics.

Analyze is the mission control center for the CallMiner conversation analytics. Analyze transcribes, categorize, analyzes, and scores every conversation with automated metrics that track performance and emotion throughout the customer journey.

Coach helps improve business performance and enhance the customer experience by making it easier to monitor, understand, and optimize agent performance at scale. Coach helps supervisors identify performance trends, target agent actions for guidance or reinforcement, and create a persistent culture of improvement.

Alert offers agents and supervisors next-best-action guidance when certain real-time indicators suggest a customer is at risk of churn. Alert can help agents to turn around a potentially negative customer experience while reducing the risk of legal actions and fines.

Visualize provides an interactive, easy-to-use interface that enables you to visually explore your data. By drilling down into the detail of business performance analytics and agent performance, you can visually connect the dots between insight and action.

Capture makes it possible to capture high-fidelity, speaker-separated audio for more accurate transcription.

Redact automatically identifies and removes sensitive numeric data and personally identifiable information from audio and text-based conversations to protect customer privacy and comply with regulations.

What makes CallMiner #1?

CallMiner is the world’s leader in conversation analytics, offering the most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel customer interactions at scale. Our technology is trusted by the world’s leading organizations to deliver the intelligence they need to make better business decisions. Our customers know that no other platform delivers the tools and capabilities they need to drive value enterprise-wide.

CallMiner offers turnkey integrations, automation, and value-added benefits that help deliver insight faster than any other solution on the market.

• Solution packs feature pre-built use cases with proven topic-based content for instant insight.

• Our Accelerator program provides intensive and personalized training for analysts.

• CallMiner Playbooks feature step-by-step guides for achieving ROI.

• CallMiner Customer Connect, our enthusiastic community of users, offers crowdsourced support and innovation.

• Language packs future support for transcribing, redacting, and analyzing conversations in multiple languages.

• A mono-to-stereo audio call recording converter enables analytics to be parsed by customer and agent speakers.

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Business performance analytics is a technology to measure and analyze a wide range of data points that indicate how well a company is performing on a variety of measures. By analyzing trends, uncovering opportunities, and identifying areas for improvement, business performance analytics can help companies make smarter, data-driven decisions that improve the performance of employees, departments, and the business as a whole.

Conversation analytics is a technology for analyzing interactions with customers across a variety of channels, including phone, email, chat, web, SMS, and social media interactions. By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, conversation analytics converts unstructured information in conversations into structured data that can be searched and analyzed for insight. Conversation analytics can also use advanced acoustical analysis to determine the emotion in a speaker’s voice, which can help companies better understand how customers feel about their interactions with the brand.

Conversation analytics improve business performance by providing insight into how customers feel about every touchpoint on their buying journey. With this data, businesses can make improvements that enhance the customer experience and improve business performance.


We kicked off the program with our customer care division, and expanded globally to supply chain, product, marketing and other departments.

Robin Gomez

Director of customer care innovation, Radial