Indicators of Business Performance

Drive business performance with insight from customer conversations

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform captures and analyzes 100% of customer conversations to shed light on opportunities to improve business performance.

Track indicators of business performance with conversation analytics

Your contact center can deliver a wealth of information and business performance metrics. By analyzing customer conversations, you can gain insight into what your customers want, how they feel about your brand, and what drives their behavior, satisfaction, and loyalty.

However, tracking indicators of business performance with contact center data is only effective if you’re capturing 100% of customer conversations. Most organizations fall far short of this goal. Traditional technology enables supervisors and QA staff to manually review just a fraction of the calls made to a contact center each day, providing a limited view into your customer’s mindset and emotions. As a result, the metrics you are using to monitor indicators of business performance may be skewed or inaccurate, hindering your ability to drive business performance.

CallMiner can help. Our Eureka conversation analytics platform delivers the technology to capture and analyze 100% of customer conversations across all channels, enabling you to measure business performance and successfully automate business performance improvement.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

The impact of conversation analytics on key indicators of business performance

Conversations via phone, text, chat, email, web, and social media are full of unstructured data and unsolicited feedback that can offer insight into the mindset of a customer. Conversation analytics converts that information into structured data you can search, analyze, categorize, and score to develop actionable intelligence and measure business performance.

With conversation analytics, you can move the needle on key indicators of business performance such as:

Customer Satisfaction. By better understanding what customers want from your brand, you can craft better experiences at every touchpoint to improve satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Churn. With real-time alerts about customers at risk of churn and next-best-action guidance, your agents can turn around potentially negative conversations at crucial moments.

Net Promoter Score (NPS). By improving every touchpoint on the buying journey, you can increase the likelihood your customers will recommend your brand to others.

Revenue. By understanding what sales techniques are most effective with customers, you can improve upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform

As a global leader in conversation analytics technology, CallMiner provides solutions that drive better business decisions and help to measure important indicators of business performance. Our technology analyzes customer interactions at the deepest level, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to interpret nuance, identify patterns, and score emotion in every conversation.

By connecting the dots between understanding what your customers want and the actions you must take to deliver it, The CallMiner Eureka platform helps drive business performance management and better customer experiences.

Our technology provides the tools to:

• Transcribe, redact, classify, analyze, and score every audio and text-based customer interaction.

• Use keywords, phrase clustering, acoustic measures, and other analytics to identify current and emerging trends.

• Track indicators of business performance with automated customer journey mapping, identifying how customers feel about each step on their buying journey and what can be done to improve it.

• Improve agent performance with automated scoring, data-based feedback, and progress monitoring.

• Use automated next-best-action guidance to improve the outcomes of every conversation with customers.

• Receive alerts that trigger interventions when customers are at risk of churn.

• Collect high-fidelity, dual-channel audio for the most accurate conversation analysis.

• Secure customer conversations with encryption technology.

• See the big picture or drill down into details with visualizations and reports that make it easy to see and share the story your conversation analytics data is revealing.

Benefits of measuring indicators of business performance with CallMiner

When you rely on CallMiner to measure and track key indicators of business performance, you can:

• Drive business process improvement. CallMiner delivers insights from customers that enable you to see what is working and what is not, so you can take action to improve operational efficiency and business performance management.

• Accelerate business growth. CallMiner provides deeper customer understanding and actionable intelligence that leads to better decision-making for faster growth.

• Eliminate data silos. CallMiner breaks down the traditional data silos around customer information to deliver a complete picture of the customer experience and buying journey.

• Increase revenue and drive ROI. Maintain effective operations and lower costs with automated business performance improvement.

• Manage change. Understand the enterprise-wide impact of changes to drive business improvement.

• Deliver better omnichannel experiences. Understand customer conversations at scale to identify trends, personalize CX, and drive loyalty.

Why choose CallMiner?

CallMiner is the industry’s most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel customer interactions at scale. Over the past two decades, we have mined billions of hours of customer conversations for insight, developing technical expertise that enables our platform to deliver insight faster than any other solution on the market.

Our Eureka platform delivers conversation and business performance analytics with automated performance scoring, emotion metrics, and AI-driven topic discovery that compels action and improvement within the context center and throughout the business.

With CallMiner, customers can count on:

• Unmatched accuracy, AI-driven search features, and real-time and post-call analytics that ensure the fastest time to improvement.

• Detailed analysis of all customer interactions with accurate autoscoring, correlation of customer data across multiple channels, and categorization for ease, effectiveness, and emotion.

• Invaluable support from a dedicated CallMiner team as well as an active customer community that is a constant source of crowdsourced innovation.

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Indicators of business performance are metrics that reveal how well a business is meeting specific goals and achieving performance objectives. By tracking indicators of business performance, organizations can identify performance issues and areas of improvement that, when addressed, can result in the stronger performance of individuals, departments, products, and campaigns.

While there are many technologies available for measuring key performance indicators (KPIs), conversation analytics has emerged as an invaluable tool for understanding customers. Conversation analytics can reveal how customers feel about a business and their interactions with it, enabling the organization to take action to deliver experiences that will drive greater satisfaction, loyalty, and conversions.

Conversation analytics captures and analyzes interactions with customers across all channels – phone, chat, web, email, SMS, surveys, and social media interactions. Conversation analytics converts interactions to structured data that can be analyzed for meaning, emotion, and insight into how customers feel about their experiences with a brand.


We implemented CallMiner to achieve faster time to insights with our analytics. We can pull comprehensive, ad-hoc reports for stakeholders on important CX-centric KPIs on the fly.

Robin Gomez

Director of customer care innovation, Radial