Business Performance Metrics

How contact centers drive business performance metrics

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform captures and analyzes 100% of customer conversations to deliver deeper insight that can drive business performance.

Access the untapped intelligence in your conversations with customers

Your contact center is an untapped source of value. In every conversation with contact center agents, your customers provide a wealth of unsolicited feedback that can be transformed into actionable intelligence to improve business performance. From opinions about products and services to feelings about your brand, the insight gleaned from customer conversations can inform business performance metrics and drive business performance improvement – if you have the right technology.

Some contact center technologies excel at text analytics to capture and analyze written communications, while others use speech analytics to mine voice-based interactions for insight. Few contact center platforms, however, can break down data silos to capture conversations across all channels – including phone, email, text, chat, web and social media.

That is where our conversation analytics platform can help. By capturing and analyzing 100% of customer conversations across every channel, CallMiner enables you to extract invaluable insight into your customers’ needs, wants, and emotions to improve business performance metrics and CX.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

What conversation analytics can do

Conversation analytics transform the unstructured information trapped in audio and text-based conversations into structured data you can search, categorize, analyze, and score. Advanced acoustical analysis can measure stress levels, speed of speech, and other variables to measure a speaker’s agitation or the empathy in an agent’s voice. Since emotion has a bigger impact on brand loyalty than effectiveness or ease, this data provides a powerful metric for understanding customer behavior and improving interactions.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning enable conversation analytics to classify and score conversations, identifying the presence of words, phrases, and language that measure things like agent quality, customer satisfaction, compliance risk. Automated scorecards evaluate the performance of agents and contact centers as a whole.

To drive business performance management, conversation analytics can focus on reviewing patterns and insight at scale to better understand customers, meet their needs and expectations, and drive improved loyalty and satisfaction.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform

As the industry’s leading conversation analytics platform, CallMiner Eureka analyzes every voice and text-based interaction at the deepest levels, shedding light on new areas of opportunity by identifying patterns, interpreting nuance, and understanding the wants and emotions of customers. With insight gathered from our business performance analytics, you can more easily connect the dots between what your customers are telling you and what you can do to drive satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Eureka platform provides a set of solutions that enable you to:

Automatically analyze and score 100% of conversations across all channels. By capturing and analyzing every customer conversation – rather than just a sample – you can easily identify the most impactful business performance metrics that lead to business improvement.

Create a culture of persistent improvement. Eureka makes it easy to identify performance trends for agents, target behavior for guidance or reinforcement, and optimize agent performance at scale.

Visualize analytics data in shareable, easy-to-use reports and presentations that allow you to drill down into the performance of agents, experiences of customers, and indicators of business performance.

Automatically alert supervisors and agents when certain indicators suggest that a customer is at risk of churn. By providing next-best-action guidance, CallMiner helps to bring positive resolution to conversations that could otherwise end badly.

Capture better audio for more accurate speech analytics. Our technology enables high-fidelity, speaker-separated audio to be accurately transcribed in real-time for improved accuracy.

Redact sensitive data and personally identifiable information from audio and text-based conversations. Eureka makes it easy to protect privacy and ensure compliance through automatic redaction of sensitive information.

The benefits for business performance metrics

With conversation analytics, you can achieve improvements on a wide range of business performance metrics.

Increase First Contact Resolution (FCR) with more effective routing, improved call center scripting, shorter hold times, and additional training that allows agents to handle more complex issues.

Lower Average Handle Time (AHT) by reducing over-verification, identifying topics for customer self-service options, and measuring silence on long calls to improve processes, agent training, knowledge base information.

Increase call deflection by identifying common topics and questions related to calls better suited to self-service.

Optimize agent training with metrics that identify common issues and measure the amount of silence on calls.

Reduce agent churn by identifying gaps in knowledge and the causes of underperformance, allowing supervisors to tailor training, and coaching to each agent.

Enhance customer experiences and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores with clear insight into what customers want from their interactions with your brand.

Automate Quality Assurance (QA) by using artificial intelligence and machine learning to monitor, transcribe, categorize, tag, and score 100% of customer conversations, allowing QA staff to spend more time providing targeted feedback.

Why CallMiner?

CallMiner is the global leader in conversation analytics for measuring business performance and improving customer experiences. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, our platform was built with technical expertise developed over nearly two decades of innovating and mining billions of hours of customer conversations for insight.

CallMiner provides:

The most powerful platform for analyzing interactions at scale. Our technology provides the insights that matter most, faster than any other solution on the market.

A focus on customer success. We provide a dedicated support team for every account, and our Customer Success team works to help accelerate your path to ROI and business improvement.

Accelerated time-to-value. Automation, turnkey integration, and value-added benefits like Playbooks, Solution Packs, and Language Packs provide all the tools you need to drive performance with your CallMiner solution.

A trusted platform. Our technology is trusted by the world’s leading organizations in retail, insurance, financial services, travel and hospitality, healthcare, and other industries.

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Business performance metrics are data points that reveal how well a business is achieving its goals. Business performance metrics may measure business performance as a whole or the performance of individuals, departments, products, marketing campaigns, and other aspects of business operations.

Conversation analytics is an AI-powered technology that captures and analyzes the conversations between customers and contact center agents. These interactions – via phone, chat, email, web, SMS, surveys, and social media – are a trove of unsolicited feedback that can be mined for actionable intelligence about what customers want and how businesses can meet their expectations. Conversation analytics converts the unstructured data in these exchanges into structured data that can be searched and analyzed for insight.

Conversation analytics reveals information about customers in greater detail – what they want, what’s bothering them, and how they feel about a brand or its products and services. With this information, businesses can identify and target areas for improvement that will enhance a customer’s experiences and result in more conversions, greater customer satisfaction, and higher lifetime value.


CallMiner has helped our company capture areas of opportunity that need immediate attention. It has made a significant impact.

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Our call center’s continuous improvement process is anchored on CallMiner’s capabilities. Everything begins with speech analytics.

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