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How Listening to Customers Impacts Your Bottom Line


The Team at CallMiner

November 08, 2018

Can you hear me now? infographic
Can you hear me now? infographic

We recently published The CallMiner Index: Consumer Switching By Sector, The Reasons and The Impact of Call Centers and are hosting a webinar on November 13th to discuss the numerous findings. In addition we will discuss how listening to your customers and using speech analytics can impact customer loyalty and your company’s bottom line. And this bottom line is adding up! Our research found that this switching epidemic is costing US businesses at least $136 billion a year!

In the survey consumers conveyed which industries they leave, why they leave and what experience would keep them as a loyal customer. The survey uncovered that consumers want to stay loyal, but are ‘forced’ to switch because of bad or ineffective supplier practices. An area of avoidable bad practices is the call center. See below some stats from the report below in our infographic and join us Tuesday, November 13th to discuss more.

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