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CallMiner to highlight new Experience Management capabilities and solutions at LISTEN 2022


The Team at CallMiner

October 19, 2022

Customer experience management
Customer experience management

Customers are sharing feedback with your organization all day, every day. They might be telling you how they feel about your brand or your products and services. They could be giving you feedback on why they’ve decided to churn or what’s preventing them from spending more with you. Traditional customer experience (CX) initiatives have meant that most organizations are collecting this feedback through solicited methods, like surveys or focus groups. But today’s modern CX and Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs include more channels and listening posts than just surveys. They include social media posts, reviews, voice and text-based conversations that happen in your contact and customer service centers, chatbot or virtual agent interactions, sales interactions, and more.

At CallMiner, we know these conversations, particularly those that happen with your customers in the contact center, have the power to do more than just improve operational efficiency or agent quality and performance. When you understand customer trends and feedback at scale, these interactions have the power to drive improved customer experiences and outcomes – whether that’s during the actual interaction or in how your brand delivers value afterwards. For example, when companies understand where a product or service is falling short of customer expectations, action can be taken to fix it, ultimately driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

CallMiner is increasingly focused on delivering new solutions and capabilities related to experience management, in particular customer experience, product experience and brand experience – with many CallMiner customers already improving these aspects of their business today.

Take DIRECTV for example, which is using CallMiner to analyze customer interactions and understand the impact of strategic product decisions on customer retention, experience and more. With the right intelligence, DIRECTV can make better marketing and customer service decisions, as well as quickly understand the effects that those decisions have on customer experience and churn. When DIRECTV recently removed a free HBO Max subscription offering from AT&T’s unlimited wireless plans, within hours, they were able to confirm that removing the free subscription had no negative impact on churn.

Similarly, the team at SiriusXM is integrating CallMiner data with other data sources in a business insights tool to quickly answer business questions and drive continuous improvement across direct marketing, customer care and more. This includes emotional analysis to create better experiences for customers and increase the likelihood of successful upsell opportunities and renewals. Using the multi-layered data source approach, SiriusXM tests CallMiner emotion data against other data sources, such as NPS scores, and are quickly working towards a predictive model for NPS.

If you’re a CallMiner customer, partner or prospect, you’ll hear these stories and more at CallMiner’s annual LISTEN conference, being held October 31 – November 2 in Miami. You’ll also hear from our VP of Product Management, Bruce McMahon, on our product roadmap, including how our platform has and will continue to be expanded, both natively and through partners, to support experience management use cases, including new solutions geared toward customer, product and brand experience.

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