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CallMiner State of the Business: Reflecting on an impactful H2 2021


Paul M. Bernard

December 16, 2021

CallMiner logo blog image
CallMiner logo blog image

Reflection is a critical part of business. It allows us to celebrate the victories, learn from key trends or challenges, and plan appropriately for the future. As the industry continues to evolve, I’ve been reflecting on what we’ve accomplished as a company – CallMiner continues to make strong progress on our mission to bring the power of AI-fueled conversation analytics to organizations and drive transformational business performance improvement.

Earlier this year, we unveiled the new CallMiner brand, which supported the natural evolution of the company – both in look and feel, as well as messaging. In just a few months’ time, we’ve received an outpouring of positive feedback from employees, customers, prospects and industry influencers alike. We also witnessed record-setting web traffic to CallMiner’s website, proving that the company’s direction and value proposition is resonating with the industry.

With our new brand, we put a stake in the ground about our vision and growth goals. Today, I want to share some of the momentum experienced since then and where we’re headed.

Continued product innovation, filling market voids

CallMiner has always been committed to continuous innovation, which has allowed us to better serve our customers and meet their evolving needs over time. Three key milestones have contributed in our ability to continue to do this.

The first is closing our acquisition of OrecX, an audio and screen capture provider. With the addition OrecX software, we’re able to leverage high-quality conversation audio to improve both our real-time and post-call conversation analytics and fortify our existing platform and product portfolio. The acquisition enhances our capabilities in our core contact center and CX markets, as well as supports our expansion into other markets like multi-touch enterprise sales and healthcare.

We truly believe the acquisition, which includes both technology and people, is a strategic move that will advance our market presence and growth, and improve our ability to help customers drive transformational business change. It also marks the first step in CallMiner aggressively pursuing additional inorganic growth opportunities fueled by high levels of investor interest.

The second is the delivery of one of our biggest product updates to date, the CallMiner Conversation Analytics Platform: Fall Release.

The Fall Release enhances our core contact center effectiveness, while expanding our penetration into broader customer experience across the entire lifecycle. The release allows our customers to analyze and uncover insights from more types of customer interactions than ever before, which in turn, helps drive enterprise-wide business improvement. The enhancements made to the platform are intended to help customers navigate new and emerging industry pressures, ultimately driving greater ROI from their conversation analytics programs. This release is the result of listening to our customers’ needs, and continuing to evaluate and improve on our offerings to ensure we’re delivering the best technology in the market today.

Third, we’ve brought new solutions and campaigns to market that target two key use cases: enterprise sales and healthcare segments. We announced our entry into the B2B sales market with the launch of Sales Conversation Analytics (SCA), a new solution within our platform that unlocks intelligence for sales organizations, delivering the insights needed to close more deals faster. In tandem, we’ve also started executing on a go-to-market strategy that speaks to our expertise in healthcare. Our client, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, joined us at a recent industry event to share how they're using conversation analytics to optimize patient experience. The benefits they’ve experienced with CallMiner are significant and a great example of how other healthcare organizations can drive business improvement from patient conversations during a time that’s been particularly difficult for that industry.

We will continue to focus on these key functional areas, while addressing additional use cases such as marketing, product management, human resources and finance, with the goal of firmly establishing CallMiner as an enabler of enterprise-wide business improvement.

Record growth, customer satisfaction and industry recognition

2021 has already been a year of record customer retention and win rates, as we continue to hit our numbers on bringing on new logos and growing existing customers.

We’ve welcomed a number of new logos, including Fanatics, Lumen Technologies, and LegalZoom. This brings our total customer count to more than 450 organizations worldwide, with a significant number of those deals greater than $1M ACV spanning multiple verticals.

In addition to growing our customer base, we expanded our partner ecosystem to include Microsoft, Salesforce, SMG and other well-known brands, which deliver tangible value to our customers. For example, our combination with Microsoft Azure Speech to Text means CallMiner can ingest Microsoft audio-to-text transcriptions of contact center interactions in real-time and post-call to improve analytics.

These expanded integrations and partners only further affirm our commitment to openness and flexibility. And regardless of whether we have an official partnership with another vendor, our Open Voice Transcription Standard (OVTS), a standard programming framework announced earlier this year, makes it possible for customers leverage their existing or preferred speech recognition vendor with CallMiner.

CallMiner also received several industry accolades throughout 2021 that reflect this commitment to customer success and technology innovation. We were named a winner of the Stevie Award’s 2021 International Business Awards in the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Solution category for our AI-driven search feature, Illuminate, and were featured in the KMWorld AI 50, an annual list of vendors that help customers excel by imbuing products and services with intelligence and automation. Additionally, we were included among the leaders in G2’s Spring, Summer and Fall reports, which are awarded based on direct customer reviews.

Continued company growth

It’s an exciting time at CallMiner. Our company is continuing to evolve and grow, hitting 350 employees.

I am confident we have the right team at all levels to continue to innovate and expand CallMiner’s market share as the leader in conversation analytics and business performance improvement.

Not only are we adding extremely talented people to our team, but we continue to retain top talent that has fueled our growth to date. Our headcount has increased 25% since the beginning of the year and our employee retention rate remains above the industry average.

Technology companies, in particular, are facing a range of market challenges, from extreme competition for talent to some talent leaving the industry altogether. CallMiner has been able to stay below industry turnover rates by listening to what our employees want and need in a workplace. We’ve offered new benefits based directly on employee feedback, like an improved 401k matching program, and have placed an increased focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives by introducing the CallMiner DE&I Council. DE&I has always been a critical part of the CallMiner culture, but we wanted to formalize the commitment in a tangible way. The Council brings together a wide range of perspectives from across the company to improve, advance and foster an environment where everyone feels accepted, valued, and understood.

All of these efforts and more have culminated in CallMiner being recognized as a Top Place to Work, a distinction we remain committed to achieving year after year.

Our momentum to date has laid the foundation for a milestone 2021 and a monumental 2022. I remain confident that CallMiner is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the market opportunity and gain significant growth. We have the right technology, talent and track record to aggressively innovate and make our mark in the conversation analytics and business performance improvement space, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for what’s to come.

You’ll want to stay tuned.

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