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Accelerating the value of customer interactions: Introducing the new CallMiner


Paul M. Bernard

May 11, 2021

CallMiner logo blog image
CallMiner logo blog image

CallMiner was founded on the belief that understanding your customers is the key to improving your business. In 2002, Jeff Gallino started a company that began the journey of converting unstructured customer conversations into powerful tools to improve your business. 

Our initial thrust was on helping contact centers become more efficient and effective in handling customer questions and concerns and providing a better customer experience. Over time, we realized those same conversations, and ultimately digital conversations as well, contained the keys to unlock value throughout the enterprise.

Buried in those interactions are insights on how to improve sales, better target marketing messages and pricing, create higher value products, deliver class-leading customer service and drive employee engagement and stellar financial results.

The past two years have set the stage for our next evolution.

In 2019, CallMiner’s success in growing and retaining its customers across a wide range of industries, combined with industry leading SaaS metrics, attracted the interest of top-notch investment partners. After a comprehensive process, we chose Goldman Sachs in December 2019 as our partner to help expand our vision of using customer insights to drive business performance improvement. 

That expansion included a new market presence, new products, new segments, and international and channel partner growth. 

As we all know, the worldwide pandemic in 2020 had a significant impact on every aspect of our lives, professionally and personally. We worked hard to ensure our customers were supported, as so many converted to a work-from-home operation, including CallMiner. At the same time, we worked to build up the infrastructure to support our expansion plans and kept our “powder” dry until we could execute our strategy shift.

After a challenging start to the year, in Q3 2020, we turned the corner on our new customer acquisition efforts and in Q4, had the biggest quarter in the company’s history. In Q1 2021, that momentum continued with our strongest customer retention and win rates ever, bringing our total customer count to well over 400 strong worldwide with a significant number of >$1M ACV customers in multiple verticals.

Our customers are the proof points of our new strategy, as they not only derive value from making their contact centers more efficient, but they are improving their businesses cross functionally in pursuit of their corporate goals. 

All of these accomplishments were achieved thanks to our strong team and partner ecosystem. Today, we have more than 50 partners around the world, and only expect that number to grow. At CallMiner, we’re aiming for a 30% headcount increase in 2021 – and while the pandemic has made some things harder, it has opened up new opportunities for us to attract talent regardless of location.

I’m extremely proud of the CallMiner team for evolving, expanding and thriving during a time of such adversity. When challenges presented themselves, we sought out innovative ways to address them as a team, to ensure our customers could adapt to a rapidly changing business environment, keep our employees safe and continue to drive our business forward. We strategically spent the past year listening and adapting, and now, it’s time to accelerate our expansion and realize our vision as we near a post pandemic reality.

The ‘New’ CallMiner Brand

Today, CallMiner is launching a new brand identity that reflects who we have become and, most importantly, who we aspire to be. The new brand is a natural evolution of the company as we continue to grow — it defines not just what we do and how we do it, but why it matters. We are the leader in conversation analytics, and are focused on delivering business performance improvement to our customers through actionable insights and intelligence.

Here’s a preview of what you can expect from the new CallMiner:

  • How we work with customers and partners: Customer and partners can expect the same excellence that we’ve delivered since our founding, but we’ll be doing even more to ensure that our teams are tightly aligned with our customers and partners to more effectively help them achieve their goals and objectives, and accelerate their paths to ROI and business improvement. This includes strategically aligning with business leaders from the contact center to the C-suite. We’ve introduced a new user community, CallMiner Customer Connect, to help support this.  
  • A messaging shift: Human understanding is the heart of what we do – and we believe the path to transformational business improvement and competitive differentiation comes from connecting the dots between this understanding and the right actions that will have the biggest impact. We know that CallMiner’s powerful conversation analytics platform is the only tool on the market capable of helping organizations dive deeper, move faster, act smarter and build cultures of improvement. This has always been our goal, and now we’re bringing it to reality.
  • A new look and feel: With a new brand identity comes a fresh look. From our website, to our resource collateral, and every touchpoint in between, we’re proud of our new look that aligns with our message in the market today.
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I believe this new brand identity is a key part of setting ourselves up for continued momentum. To get to where we want to go, we’ll focus on:

  • Enhancing our GTM strategy: We already have market leading products across all key verticals in support of our call center efficiency and customer experience market segments. In the year ahead, we will bring increased focus to our solutions that drive business performance improvement in all key functional areas including sales, marketing, product management, human resources and finance. We will further expand our R&D efforts integrating our groundbreaking work in artificial intelligence and machine learning into our product roadmap.
  • International expansion: We are going to accelerate our expansion around the globe including continental Europe, Asia and Latin America, and building our strong base in the UK, France and Japan.
  • Merger and acquisition strategy: We have a powerful product roadmap, but an increased focus on M&A will help us expand our value chain, better serve our customers, and potentially open new market opportunities.

It’s an incredibly exciting time at CallMiner. From our growth amid a challenging past year, to our recent sustained momentum and a new brand identity, I couldn’t be prouder of the progress and evolution of the company. Together, with our customers and partners, we can make meaningful progress in turning the insights gained from customer conversations at scale into business-wide improvement and growth.

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