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AI-driven CX in tech: Navigating industry challenges & opportunities


The Team at CallMiner

March 20, 2024

Happy customer customer experience
Happy customer customer experience

2024 marks a significant year for the tech industry, as it navigates through economic turbulence and a shift from aggressive growth to sustainable development. A pivotal aspect of this shift is the enhanced focus on customer experience (CX), now a cornerstone of business success.

The AI and CX Connection for Modern Tech Companies
The AI and CX Connection for Modern Tech Companies
The tech sector remain optimistic about recovering from a few years of economic turbulence, which resulted in constricting budgets and resources. This whitepaper looks at how AI will drive positive CX outcomes and business improvements in 2024 and beyond.
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We cover some of the top trends shaping CX in tech and the role of AI in harnessing these opportunities in our latest whitepaper. Here’s a sneak peek at the trends covered in the report.

Trend 1: Economic recovery and customer retention

Following the economic slump of 2022-2023, the tech sector is witnessing a cautious rebound. The downturn saw a decline in tech IPOs and M&A activity, coupled with significant job cuts. As a result, many teams have pivoted towards valuing customer retention and expansion, in addition to (and sometimes even more than) acquiring new customers. Understanding and acting on customer feedback (both solicited and unsolicited) is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Trend 2: Data-driven customer experience

Despite being adept at collecting customer interaction data, the tech sector struggles to effectively utilize this information. According to the 2023 CallMiner CX Landscape Report, 72% of organizations admit to not fully leveraging CX data to their best advantage. The challenge lies in bridging the gap between data collection and its application toward enhancing business and customer outcomes. There's a pressing need for better cross-functional collaboration and utilization of CX insights for decision-making in 2024.

Trend 3: Extending AI maturity beyond adoption

The tech sector leads other sectors surveyed in the CX Landscape Report when it comes to using automated processes to analyze CX data (72% say their processes are mostly automated). Yet, the focus is shifting from mere adoption to effective implementation of AI and automation. While AI has proven beneficial under financial constraints to help teams do more with less, there's room for improvement in understanding and utilizing AI technology. Opting for the right AI solution — one that is specifically designed for analyzing CX data — is critical.

Trend 4: Addressing complex customer scenarios

The post-pandemic era and economic uncertainties have led to complex customer scenarios, including increased customer vulnerability and impatience. AI can aid in identifying and supporting vulnerable customers — helping teams effectively understand customer emotions, as well as providing real-time guidance to support frontline customer support agents.

Trend 5: Employee experience (EX) and CX

There's a strong link between employee experience (EX) and CX — 99% of tech organizations surveyed agree that CX data is important EX. Engaging frontline workers and integrating their feedback into CX strategies is essential. Implementing AI-driven real-time guidance and data-driven coaching can enhance the efficiency and morale of customer-facing teams.

Addressing these trends and improving customer-centricity

In 2024, AI-driven solutions like conversation intelligence can become a critical partner in enhancing CX in the tech sector. As companies navigate through these trends and more, the effective use of AI will be a differentiator in achieving sustainable growth and customer satisfaction.

Whether teams use conversation intelligence to automate quality assurance, streamline workflows, or provide actionable coaching insights — this technology enables better understanding and response to customers, driving both customer and business value. Many teams will find that AI offers a pathway to better cater to customer needs, while optimizing internal operations. The journey towards AI maturity will be key in achieving a truly customer-centric organization.

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