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The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform empowers you to truly listen to your customers by analyzing 100% of conversations across all channels.

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Improving the customer experience is essential to competitiveness today. With so many choices that are so easily available, customers won’t think twice about abandoning a brand with which they’ve had a single bad experience.

The key to enhancing the customer experience is understanding what customers want, what they think of your brand, and how they feel about their interactions with your business. With that information, you can determine how well you are meeting their expectations, where you’re not, and how you can improve.

Customer conversation analytics from CallMiner delivers a comprehensive view of each customer’s experience. By analyzing 100% of conversations across all channels, CallMiner captures the voice of the customer and leverages speech analytics to turn unstructured data into clear insight you can use to create exceptional experiences at every point on the customer journey.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

What is customer conversation analytics?

Conversation analytics provides an advanced solution to an age-old problem: how can you get inside the mind and understand the emotions of your customers?

Organizations once used surveys and reviews of recorded calls at contact centers to try to measure the sentiment of customers and understand their mindset. But these methods are severely limited – they cover only a small sample of the customer base and tend to feature customers who are extremely unhappy or incredibly satisfied.

In contrast, customer conversation analytics covers 100% of customer interactions across all channels – calls, chat, emails, surveys, social media, and SMS. Using AI-powered speech recognition technology, these solutions convert unstructured data into formats that can be analyzed, searched, and benchmark. Conversations can be analyzed to evaluate the meaning of the customer’s words, the context of the conversation, and the emotion in the customer’s voice, which is a significant factor in determining the quality of their experience.

With a superior customer conversation analytics platform, you can truly listen to what your customers are telling you and take action to improve the customer journey.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform

CallMiner is a global leader among customer analytics software vendors. Our Eureka conversation analytics platform enables you to better understand your customers by analyzing interactions at the deepest level. With CallMiner, you can identify intention, interpret nuance, and score emotion to gain greater insight into what your customers want and how they feel about your brand.

Our Eureka platform is powered by AI and machine learning analytics that enable speech recognition, custom categorization, secure redaction, predictive scoring, emotion analysis, and other advanced technologies. With Eureka, you can:

• Monitor, record, and transcribe 100% of customer contacts across channels.

• Automatically score each interaction to evaluate individual agents or specific activities.

• Identify baselines, performance trends, best practices, and improvement opportunities.

• Identify trends or issues across customer interactions.

• Personalize the customer experience by understanding customer needs in real-time.

• Go beyond solicited feedback to glean insight from unsolicited comments that reveal your customers’ true opinions and feelings.

• Create a CX strategy based on input from all your customers rather than a sample.

• Identify opportunities in real-time and post-conversation to improve experiences and outcomes for customers.

Solutions for listening to your customers

Our Eureka customer conversation analytics platform offers a set of technologies that provide all the tools you need to capture, analyze, and visualize customer conversations – and use them to improve the customer experience.

Analyze is the cornerstone of the Eureka platform, providing the technology to automatically score 100% of calls, chats, email, and other text-based interactions. Analyze transcribes speaker-separated text, categorizes it to enable easier searching and sharing, and scores each interaction with automated metrics that track performance and emotion across the customer journey.

Coach automates agent performance improvement by identifying opportunities for supervisors to offer guidance or reinforcement.

Alert automatically issues notifications based on certain indicators in customer interactions. When conversations turn negative, and customers are at risk, Alert provides next-best-action guidance that can help to resolve the situation and retain the customer.

Capture facilitates the collection of high-fidelity audio that enables the most accurate analysis of conversations.

Visualize makes it easy to visually explore customer conversation analytics through shareable presentations with interactive, easy-to-use interfaces that allow users to drill down into the details.

Redact automatically identifies and removes sensitive data and personally identifiable information from audio and text-based conversations.

Why CallMiner?

As a global leader among conversation and speech analytics vendors, CallMiner delivers a platform with the tools and capabilities to drive enterprise-wide value. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, our platform is the result of nearly two decades of innovation and has mined billions of hours of customer conversations to date.

CallMiner offers:

The fastest time to value. Turnkey integrations, automation, and value-added benefits such as solution packs, language packs, and Playbooks provide everything you need to get more from the CallMiner platform.

A comprehensive approach to customer success. Our Customer Success team works to understand your organizational goals, accelerating your path to ROI and business improvement.

The power of conversation analytics. By revealing meaningful insight from customer interactions at scale, we deliver the intelligence required to make better business decisions.

A trusted organization. CallMiner is the choice of the world’s leading organizations across industries that include retail, insurance, financial services, healthcare, travel, and hospitality.

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Customer conversation analytics is a technology that enables companies to capture and analyze interactions with customers across a broad range of channels, including calls, email, chat, social, web, and SMS. Conversation analytics uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to convert unstructured information in customer conversations into structured data that can be analyzed and searched. Superior conversation analytics technology not only determines the meaning in each conversation, but also uses emotion and sentiment analysis to understand how customers feel about a brand, a product, or a service. With this insight and actionable intelligence, companies can focus on improvements that enhance the customer experience and drive greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Speech analytics solutions provide insight into the meaning of audio conversations, while conversation analytics covers both audio and text-based conversations with customers.

CX stands for customer experience. Companies in many industry verticals are searching for ways to improve the customer experience to enhance customer satisfaction and drive customer loyalty.


Conversation analytics kicks open the doors of what’s possible for us. We were able to quickly and consistently add value and demonstrate insight across departments.

Colin Whelan

Head of workforce optimisation, Hoist Finance