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Optimize engagement with a speech analytics solution

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform captures speech and text-based conversations to improve interactions, reduce costs, and deliver deeper insight into the customer experience.

Converting customer conversations to business intelligence

For contact centers of any size, a superior speech analytics solution can be a game changer. By extracting valuable intelligence from the many conversations agents have with customers, speech analytics takes all the unsolicited information from customer calls and turns it into structured data that can be searched, analyzed, and mined for insight.

Speech analytics solutions transcribe audio recordings and measure vocal acoustics to determine the meaning of customers’ speech and the emotion driving their needs and actions. AI-powered technology provides agents with next-best-action guidance to improve the outcome of conversations. Marketing, sales, and customer service teams can understand how to improve interactions with customers and provide a consistent brand experience across channels. And organizations can understand where they are succeeding and where they are falling short in their efforts to create exceptional customer experiences.

CallMiner offers best-of-breed speech analytics technology as part of its Eureka conversation analytics platform. With CallMiner, you can capture and analyze 100% of customer conversations to drive CX improvement.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

The benefits of speech analytics

With the right speech analytics solution, you can:

Enhance the customer experience. With greater insight into the mindset of your customers, you can improve the quality of interaction at every touchpoint to deliver more compelling experiences.

Reduce operating costs. Speech analytics solutions optimize how contacts are handled, helping to direct flow more efficiently, maintain optimal staffing, and resolve individual engagements more efficiently.

Improve productivity. Speech analytics provide next-best-action guidance to resolve calls more quickly, translating to increased productivity for agents. Automation, AI, and machine learning do the heavy lifting in speech analytics solutions, reducing the staff effort required for analytics.

Increase revenue. By helping organizations better understand their customers, speech analytics makes it possible to target offers, train agents, and identify missed opportunities more effectively.

Boost customer loyalty and lifetime value. By identifying and eliminating the sources of customer churn, speech analytics solutions help organizations develop programs, processes, and agent training to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform

As a global leader among conversation and speech analytics vendors, CallMiner offers the industry’s most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel customer interactions at scale. Combining text-based and speech analytics solutions, CallMiner provides the deepest analysis of every call, email, text, survey, web, and social media interaction, interpreting nuance and identifying patterns that reveal new opportunities and areas for improvement.

Powered by AI and machine learning technologies, our Eureka conversation analytics platform automatically transcribes, redacts, classifies, analyzes, and scores every customer interaction. By capturing and analyzing the voice of your customer from multiple channels, you can mine a rich source of unsolicited communications for greater awareness, optimization, and innovation.

The CallMiner omnichannel and speech analytics solutions provide the tools to:

• Analyze 100% of customer interactions to identify areas for CX improvement.

• Identify trends by understanding conversations at scale.

• Personalize experiences and drive loyalty by identifying customer needs in real time.

• Build strategy based on all your customer interactions rather than just a fraction.

• Understand the most impactful drivers of CX by comparing data across channels.

• Pinpoint opportunities during and after customer conversations to enhance experiences and improve outcomes.

• Use intelligence gleaned from analytics to improve sales effectiveness, Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (see SAT), first contact resolution, and other important call center KPIs.

A speech analytics solution with comprehensive tools

As a leading technology for speech and text-based analytics, CallMiner’s Eureka conversation analytics platform offers a comprehensive set of tools for listening to your customers more carefully.

Analyze relies on machine learning algorithms to accurately convert your customer’s voice into actionable insight with unique categorization that resolves intent and sentiment from ambiguous language.

Coach automatically scores 100% of agent interactions to monitor, understand, and optimize agent performance at scale. With deeper insight into agent-customer interactions, supervisors can identify performance trends, target behavior for guidance or reinforcement, and create a culture of improvement.

Alert notifies supervisors and agents when customers are at risk of abandoning the relationship. Alert provides next-best-action guidance that can turn around a negative customer experience.

Capture gathers speaker-separated audio that enables the most accurate conversation analytics.

Visualize helps organizations tell more potent stories about customer interactions. With Visualize, you can explore conversation analytics data through graphics, create compelling presentations, and share visualizations organization-wide.

Redact automatically removes sensitive numerical data and personally identifiable information from audio and text-based conversations. With Redact, you can assure the privacy of individuals while minimizing risk to the company.

Why choose CallMiner?

CallMiner is a global leader among customer analytics software vendors, providing the intelligence companies need to make better business decisions. No other platform offers more customizable solutions and deeper customer understanding for improved business outcomes.

Our technology expertise spans nearly 2 decades and billions of hours of mining customer conversations. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, the CallMiner platform empowers organizations to pivot quickly, decide intelligently, and improve exponentially.

With CallMiner technology, organizations can:

Accelerate velocity to improvement. AI-driven search features, unmatched accuracy, and real-time and post-call analytics help drive action for business improvement.

Understand what matters most to their customers. CallMiner analyzes the details of every customer interaction using accurate auto scoring, correlation across multiple channels, and categorization for ease, effectiveness, and emotion.

Rely on the support required for success. CallMiner offers a dedicated support team for each account, an active customer community, and crowdsourced innovation to ensure success for our customers.

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Speech analytics is a technology that allows contact centers to mine the audio from customer conversations for actionable intelligence. Speech analytics uses AI-powered processes and machine learning to transform unstructured conversations into structured data that can be easily analyzed, searched, explored, and mined for insight.

While speech analytics is focused solely on analyzing audio conversations, customer conversation analytics analyzes audio and text-based conversations across all channels, including web, social, chat, email, and SMS.

By capturing and analyzing 100% of conversations across channels, conversation analytics provides a fuller view of the customer experience over methodologies that use only a sample of customers. Conversational analytics can reveal customer opinions and emotions about brands, products and services, campaigns, and specific interactions throughout the customer journey. Armed with this information, companies can focus on identifying shortcomings and improving interactions at specific touchpoints to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.


CallMiner has the most advanced, enterprise-ready speech analytics functionality. CallMiner has combined traditional speech analytics with machine learning to improve ease of use and accuracy while still providing control and transparency.