17 New Ways to Improve Schedule Adherence in the Contact Centre

Call Centre HelperOur panel of experts recommend their favourite methods for improving schedule adherence in the contact centre.

1. Discuss the Importance of Schedule Adherence From Day One

Advisors need to understand the importance of schedule adherence from day one.

Provide the team with power of one training during the onboarding process.

Provide the team with power of one training during the onboarding process. This will reduce the risk of bad habits developing.

To help keep your teams on track of their schedule adherence, use technology that can help with things like monitoring breaks and active time in the office.

Show team members how to change their status on group collaboration apps and let them know who they need to contact about breaks.

When training for productivity, you may even encounter areas where you can automate repetitive tasks and eliminate time wasters.

2. Provide Some Flexibility

Employees without any give in their schedules are less likely to stick with them.

While a good schedule is essential, workforce management tools that allow advisors to adjust their shifts where necessary might improve adherence. You could even offer tools that allow advisors to swap shifts without excessive paperwork.

Offer tools that allow advisors to swap shifts without excessive paperwork.

Remember that the best advisors occasionally get stuck in traffic or are unable to visit the office. With that in mind, ensure you have adherence exceptions in place for different scenarios.

Also, it’s helpful to have the option for employees to log into the workplace from home and work remotely when in-office interactions aren’t an option.

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