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3 Reasons Every Call Center Needs an Contact Center Operations Dashboard


The Team at CallMiner

May 05, 2016

CallMiner Eureka dashboard
CallMiner Eureka dashboard

There is no denying that customer service representatives are the lifeblood of the call center. Not only are they on the front lines interacting directly with customers, but they also have the ability to positively (or negatively) impact the customer experience.

So what’s the best way to drive agent performance improvements and ensure that customers are receiving exceptional service at all times?

Consistent, actionable feedback on agent performance.

Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons an agent performance dashboard is useful in providing feedback that agents can use to continually improve their performance:

Leverage Real-Time Data

Let’s face it: The faster agents get feedback, the faster they can take action to improve their performance and the customer experience. They key is to provide agents with real-time data so they can make the necessary adjustments to their performance while the customer interaction is still ongoing – as opposed to after the fact.

“Leveraging actionable [real-time] data has been shown to help achieve service level goals with 5 percent fewer staffed hours and reduce abandon rates by as much as 60 percent,” states an ICMI article.

With an agent performance dashboard in place, agents can be kept motivated, informed, and empowered to better serve customers. A typical dashboard includes key performance indicators, trend information, ranking data, etc., all customized to the individual agent, as representatives have unique demands based on their roles within the organization.

Provide Alerts & Notifications

In addition to KPIs and metrics, agents also need to be kept informed about any compliance issues that may arise during customer interactions. Identifying these sorts of red flags can mean the difference between adjusting certain language and potentially facing costly fines and lawsuits.

CallMiner’s EurekaLive software, for example, monitors in-progress calls for the presence or absence of specific language or acoustic characteristics (escalation attempts, churn language, profanity, compliance scripts, or high emotion). The Command Post also allows supervisors to drill into any call and take immediate action or intervention when required, resulting in reduced risk associated with compliance and liability exposure, in addition to increased customer retention and satisfaction.

Promote Agent Engagement

In an environment with notoriously high turnover, call centers need to find ways of driving agent satisfaction in order to drive optimal agent performance and retention.

In addition to the above benefits, an agent performance dashboard can also provide call center representatives with ranking data, motivating a competitive culture for high performance. Agents can be both empowered to improve their own performance and can measure their performance against that of their peers.

Final Thoughts

With advantages for agents, managers, and customers alike, agent performance dashboards are a wise investment for any call center. By providing agents with actionable performance data in real time, call centers can create richer customer interactions and ultimately improve their bottom line.

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