Real-Time Call Monitoring & Redaction

Automated Monitoring & Redaction
for the Call Center in Real-Time

Real-time speech analytics for call centers refers to the software and systems which enable supervisors to monitor and manage agent behavior as calls occur. It combines real-time speech recognition with automated language and acoustic scanning to provide notifications for the presence or absence of specific language or acoustic events, as well as full PCI redaction.

The Eureka Real-Time solution combines AI-driven automated transcription, alerting and redaction to provide your supervisors, quality analysts, and agents with real-time, actionable business insights. Since it is based upon our modular Eureka customer engagement analytics platform, Eureka Real-Time offers multiple options for deploying the solution depending on your needs and can even be upgraded to add new capabilities.

  • Do you need redaction-only? ― No problem.
  • How about just alerting/notifications? ― Again, we’ve got you covered.
  • What about post-call analytics? ― Eureka RT integrates directly with our post-call solution, Eureka Analytics, to provide even greater insights into your customer interactions.

Key Features

Real-Time Transcription

Our speech mining platform applies advanced NLP and machine learning techniques to process source audio streams in real-time, applying our highly accurate large vocabulary speech recognition (LVCSR) technology to generate human readable, full text transcripts that can be searched, saved and even shared. These transcripts are indexed to the source audio for contextual, ad hoc playback and review, and can be extracted for agent training and coaching.

Real-Time Alerting

Our real-time monitoring system scans the live stream of audio transcriptions generated by the Eureka real-time speech mining engine to identify key events — keywords, phrases or acoustic measures which you have defined as important — and leverages AI-driven algorithms to fire off notifications that alert your agents to the next-best-action and inform your supervisors about when and how they need to intervene on the call to ensure the best customer experience.

Real-Time Redaction

Our real-time redaction system identifies PCI data, such as social security and credit card numbers, as audio streams are being transcribed and automatically redacts them from both the text transcripts and audio files, ensuring that you can maintain regulatory compliance and mitigate legal risk.

Real-Time API

Eureka Real-Time enables real-time alerting of critical language and acoustic events that are occurring in live calls, such as compliance violations, customer dissatisfaction or upsell opportunities. And the REST-based API ensures that these notifications are delivered via the interfaces that your staff are familiar with — such as internal business apps.

  • Increase agent performance with real-time guidance.
  • Identify and act on upsell opportunities
  • Improve customer experience via proactive escalation.
  • Ensure compliance and mitigate risk.

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