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Automated Real-Time Call Quality Monitoring

Automated Quality Monitoring
in Real-Time for the Call Center

Callminer EurekaLive is a real-time call center quality assurance solution that monitors in progress calls for the presence or absence of specific language or acoustic characteristics.  Designed to provide real-time actionable information to supervisors, quality analysts, and agents, EurekaLive is customizable to address a wide spectrum of business needs.

Key Features

Supervisor Command Post

The command post enables supervisors and quality analysts to review every in progress call for their team. Key call events, such as escalation attempts, compliance violations, and sale opportunities are highlighted while the conversations that require the most attention are automatically prioritized. Supervisors can drill into any ongoing call and review individual alerts and the words or acoustic characteristics that triggered them.

EurekaLive Call Center Supervisor Command Post

Agent Assistant

EurekaLive tracks script elements as they are completed using contextual speech patterns and alerts agents of key events and changing acoustic sentiment. Ensure your agents are saying the right things at the right time with next-best-action guidance, event alerting, and automated context-driven workflow reminders delivered directly to agents.

EurekaLive Agent Assistant Dashboard

High Fidelity Audio Capture

Speaker separated audio provides incredible accuracy to minimize false positives, while cost-effectively scaling to large numbers of concurrent agents.

EurekaLive High Fidelity Audio Capture

Snippet Transcripts & Audio Capture

Full text transcription of the audio snippets that trigger alerts and instant playback allow for quick and easy problem identification and triage.

Snippet of EurekaLive Audio Transcript
  • Reduced risk associated with compliance and liability exposure.
  • Increased customer retention and satisfaction.
  • Improved upsell/cross sell performance.
  • Immediate and direct agent coaching and improvement.