Sentiment Analysis

How are your customers feeling?

What Is Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment Analysis combines both the acoustic characteristics of a speaker’s voice and the context of the conversation into a single score. This call score can be used to measure relative sentiment or emotion across various cross sections of calls, agent groups, and time frames.

During Sentiment Analysis CallMiner measures:

  • The amount of physical stress in the voice
  • The changes in the stress
  • The rate of speech

CallMiner Eureka seamlessly meshes these acoustic measures with the overall context of the conversation to determine true meaning behind the spoken words – for example, when “amazon” means the rainforest and when it means the retailer.

What Are the Benefits of Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment Analysis provides critical insight into rapidly growing customer service issues. Combined with TopicMiner – a feature that allows for the true discovery of frequent terms, phrases, and concepts – you have the ability to swiftly identify and take action on the root cause of issues, mitigating problems before they reach critical mass.

Other benefits of Sentiment Analysis include:

  • Helping to uncover and improve your brand’s reputation
  • Gaining insight into customer attitudes on services, products, campaigns, or other topics
  • Providing a unified view of the full customer journey

…and more.

What Are CallMiner Semantic Building Blocks?

With the release of CallMiner Eureka 9.4, you can now use powerful Semantic Building Blocks as part of your Sentiment Analysis.

This new capability allows interaction analysts to reuse previously defined patterns as building blocks in subsequent analysis, significantly decreasing time to analyze sentiment and take corrective action.

CallMiner’s Semantic Building Blocks Include:

  • Ownership
  • Escalation
  • Empathy
  • Hold Language
  • Positive Sentiment
  • Mini-Miranda

…and more.

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