Multichannel Text & Speech Analytics

What Are Multi-Channel Text & Speech Analytics?

CallMiner Eureka speech analytics allows you to optimize customer engagement by analyzing every interaction your agents have with your customers, regardless of channel (phone, email, chat, social media, or surveys).

While phone conversations still represent the large majority of contact center interactions, multichannel interactions are rapidly increasing.

Multi Channel Analytics


How Do Multi-Channel Text & Speech Analytics Work?

As a pioneer in multi-channel analytics, CallMiner has been dealing with the heaviest and least structured form of communication for over 10 years. Our approach to speech recognition, recognized by both scientists and large technology companies as being the best, converts spoken words into text.

Analysis is then conducted on that text.

What’re the Benefits of Multi-Channel Text & Speech Analytics?

CallMiner’s multi-channel analytics approach quickly and easily incorporates both text and speech based forms of communication, while maintaining a consistent user experience and data analysis. This approach provides insights into what your customers want and helps optimize engagement at every step of the customer journey. You simply cannot afford to ignore the ever-evolving multichannel customer landscape.

Multi-Channel Text & Speech Analytics Benefits:

  • Follow a customer’s journey regardless of communication channel with CallMiner’s unique contact linking feature.
  • Easily navigate to previous or subsequent interactions from the same customer.
  • Determine root cause of repeat contacts and poor first contact resolution, even across multiple channels.
  • Capture information across a multitude of platforms.
  • Develop a single view of the customer journey, allowing for historical contextual analysis.

The CallMiner multichannel speech analytics platform is agnostic to the source system that captures data, supporting integration with all market leading call recorder, chat, and email systems as well as popular social networking sites.

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