Business flexibility with preferred speech recognition 

CallMiner’s Open Voice Transcription Standard (OVTS) enables organizations to utilize a wide range of speech to text (STT) vendors for CallMiner’s conversation analytics platform. With OVTS, you can easily expand geographically, address industry-specific needs and utilize your preferred vendor or solution to achieve your transcription needs. 

OVTS members

Openness and expertise to meet your business needs

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Gain best-in-class conversation insights and accuracy 

OVTS focuses on standardizing STT input from your speech recognition vendor of choice into CallMiner’s conversation analytics platform. This makes it possible for organizations to create the most powerful tool for gaining insights and driving business performance improvement.  

Leverage CallMiner’s open API

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Rich audio content

  • Import audio from an interaction in single speaker or speaker separated. Optionally include details for segments requiring redaction 
  • Import metadata identifying a particular contact, such as agent name or account number 

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Enhanced capabilities

  • Mono and stereo recording support. Stereo enables analytics parsed by caller and agent speakers 
  • CallMiner redacts sensitive numeric data for all supported languages
  • The OVTS Language identifier enables analytics support for each transcribed language 

omnichannel customer service

Create omnichannel insights

  • CallMiner supports text analytics via the API framework
  • Vendors can use this API in parallel with audio transcription to enable multichannel analytics  
  • Identify the speaker in a text transcript 
  • Analyze raw text including emojis and Unicode 

Key Features

Preferred Speech Recognition Engine

Transcription of choice allows you freedom to choose your STT vendor from OVTS members and OVTS-enabled vendor STT solutions.

Best-in-class Conversation Analytics

Analyze customer interactions at scale with the CallMiner platform combined with your STT of choice to drive your business success.

Flexible Solution Adapts with Your Growth

Gain accurate insights, even as your business grows and your needs change, while leveraging your preferred STT vendor or solution.