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Let customers drive your product management roadmap

The CallMiner Eureka platform captures and analyzes 100% of omnichannel interactions to deliver meaningful insight into the customer mindset.

The best way to leverage customer feedback

Customer feedback is critical to your product management roadmap. Customer comments, suggestions, and criticisms can help determine product management strategy, focus product investments, and inspire new ideas for products and features. By providing insight into customers’ wants, needs, preferences, and opinions, customer feedback helps product teams to drive innovation, improvement, and competitiveness.

Choosing the right product feedback tools is imperative. Traditional solutions tend to collect feedback from a limited number of customers through surveys, user testing, or focus groups. While these data sets offer some value, they typically focus on highly satisfied or dissatisfied individuals and omit data from the vast majority of customers. Calls to your contact center can provide a more comprehensive and nuanced set of data, but extracting insight from thousands of daily calls can be a challenge.

CallMiner can help. CallMiner Eureka platform uses conversation intelligence to fuel your product management roadmap with insights from 100% of customer interactions across channels – calls, chat, email, surveys, social, web, SMS, and more.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

Extracting competitive insight from customer conversations

Customer feedback can be an invaluable source of competitive intelligence for a product management roadmap. By mining customer conversations for competitor mentions and opinions about your competitive strengths and weaknesses, product teams can gain insight that can drive smarter decisions throughout the product lifecycle – from ideation and design to product improvements and release schedules.

For example, by collecting competitive data from customer conversations, you might learn about a competitor that has already released a feature on your product management roadmap which has not been well-received by customers. Alternately, you may uncover product risks or threats that are not yet even on your radar.

Conversation intelligence is the key to extracting and developing this competitive insight. A conversation intelligence platform leverages AI and machine learning to analyze audio and text-based conversations with customers. By converting the unstructured information in these interactions into structured data, conversation intelligence makes it possible to search, analyze, categorize, and score every conversation with customers across channels.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

As the global leader in conversation intelligence technology, the CallMiner Eureka platform is an invaluable tool for brand and product management. Eureka is the most comprehensive solution for analyzing omnichannel customer interactions at scale, delivering the intelligence your teams need to create superior product management roadmaps.

CallMiner Eureka analyzes interactions at the deepest level to determine the meaning of language, the intent of customers, and the sentiment and emotion that drives their opinions and buying decisions. By aggregating data from thousands or millions of customer interactions, CallMiner delivers unparalleled visibility into customer feedback about your products, your competitors’ offerings, and the consumer product experience.

The Eureka platform comprises a set of automated solutions that simplify the task of mining customer conversations for insight.

Analyze is the analytics engine of the CallMiner platform, making it possible to capture, analyze, and score 100% of calls and text-based interactions. By analyzing conversations with root-cause analysis and tagging transcriptions with sentiment and emotion, Analyze helps to deliver customer insights that can improve and refine the product management roadmap.

Visualize enables product teams to visually explore customer feedback data through shareable presentations that demand attention and encourage action. An interactive, easy-to-use interface allows users to drill down into the detail of a single customer or to see the big picture, revealing patterns and connecting the dots between insight and action.

RealTime drives better outcomes in contact center calls by providing agents with real-time guidance. RealTime can automatically notify agents and supervisors to the potential for a negative customer experience on a call and provide suggestions for next-best actions to alter the course of the interaction and improve the outcome.

Coach enables contact centers to automate agent performance improvement. By delivering a deeper understanding of agent and customer interactions, Coach help supervisors identify performance trends and target agent actions for guidance or reinforcement.

Redact automatically identifies and removes sensitive numeric data from audio and text-based interactions to protect the privacy of customers.

Building your product management roadmap with CallMiner

With the ability to mine 100% of omnichannel conversations, product teams can create product management roadmaps that are shaped by deeper insight into the needs, opinions, and demands of customers. The CallMiner Eureka platform enables product teams to:

Drive product innovation and improve market fit. The Eureka platform serves as an always-on customer focus group, providing product teams with ideas, inspiration, and suggestions that lead to new products and new features. CallMiner can also reveal the drivers behind customer suggestions to identify adjacent opportunities for innovation. And by revealing the new ways that customers are trying to use existing products, the Eureka platform can help to uncover new opportunities for expanding a product line.

Enhance customer experiences. CallMiner simplifies product experience management by providing clear visibility into the experience of customers at every product touchpoint. With this insight, product teams can respond quickly to customer feedback to improve product service and experiences and drive greater satisfaction and loyalty.

Improve product quality. CallMiner Eureka fuels the product management roadmap with near-real-time feedback about product quality and safety issues. Customer comments can reveal product shortcomings that should be immediately addressed in the roadmap. And by providing early warning of product defects and safety concerns, CallMiner can help product teams to remediate issues before they become business emergencies.

Increase competitiveness. By capturing and analyzing insights across social, ratings, and review sites, CallMiner helps teams revise product management roadmaps with invaluable competitive intelligence. Product teams can mine conversations for competitor mentions to uncover new threats and risks that should inform the roadmap and drive product investment.

Why CallMiner?

Providing the ability to connect the dots between insight and action, CallMiner Eureka delivers the intelligence that teams need to refine the product management roadmap and make better business decisions. No other platform offers more customizable solutions or a deeper understanding of customers’ preferences, opinions, thoughts, and feelings.

Trusted by the world’s leading organizations in retail, finance, healthcare, and other industries, CallMiner helps product teams to:

Accelerate improvement. AI-driven search features, unmatched accuracy, and real-time and post-call analytics help product teams take action to drive product improvement and innovation.

See what matters most. By accurately and automatically scoring conversations and correlating insight across multiple channels, CallMiner helps to uncover what matters most to customers.

Achieve faster ROI. To ensure success, we provide a dedicated support team for each account along with access to an active customer community that is an excellent source for innovation.

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A product management roadmap is a plan of action for how a product will be developed and rolled out over time. Roadmaps outline the strategy, priorities, plans, and progress of product development, aligning teams around short-term and long-term goals and tactics.

Because products are designed to meet customer needs, the feedback of customers is invaluable to the product roadmap. Customer feedback can help teams determine where to focus product investments, what features to rollout first, and what marketing messages will best resonate with customers.

Conversation intelligence enables product teams to capture and analyze 100% of conversations with customers across all channels: phone, email, chat, SMS, surveys, social, web, and more. By transforming the unstructured information in these interactions into structured data that can be searched and analyzed, conversation intelligence enables product teams to gain a deeper understanding of customers’ wants, needs, opinions, and behavior. This intelligence can help to shape a more effective product management roadmap.


Before CallMiner, we were touching less than 1% of our calls and there was so much valuable information left untouched. We now have data at our fingertips to better serve our internal and external customers.

Abby W.

Call Quality Manager