Omnichannel Customer Support

Increase retention with omnichannel customer support

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform helps deliver superior support experiences to win and retain more customers.

Why omnichannel customer support matters

One of the most significant reasons for customer churn is poor customer support. Research shows that as many as 4 out of 5 customers will leave a company because of poor customer service. In this environment, the ability to provide omnichannel customer support is essential to retaining customers.

Customers today want to access support using any channel they choose – and to move between channels easily when they feel like it. Customers may first look for support via web self-service and then move to social media before placing a phone call to a contact center. Companies must be able to track these interactions over multiple channels and to unify the data from multiple conversations on a single platform to provide a seamless experience. Yet, most customer service and CRM solutions simply are not built for this kind of agility.

CallMiner offers a solution – a conversation analytics platform that captures and analyzes 100% of customer conversations across channels, providing clear insight into each customer’s journey and enabling superior omnichannel customer service.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

How conversation analytics enables omnichannel customer support

Most organizations looking to provide omnichannel customer support have neither the time nor the budget to switch their customer service or CRM solution. For these companies, conversation analytics provides a way to unify customer data across a technology landscape without needing to physically integrate channels.

Conversation analytics solutions capture, transcribe, and analyze audio and text-based interactions between companies and customers. Conversation analytics can be used with a variety of communication methods, including phone, email, chat, social media, surveys, SMS, and web-based interactions. By converting the unstructured information in these conversations to structured data that can be analyzed, classified, and searched, conversation analytics provide deeper insight into the omnichannel customer journey.

Emotion analysis is especially helpful for omnichannel support. By scoring the emotion expressed in audio and text-based messages, conversation analytics solutions help determine the key drivers of customer satisfaction and identify customers who are at risk of churn.

Enhancing customer support with CallMiner

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform provides the tools to analyze 100% of customer conversations and convert that insight into transformational business change. No other analytics platform provides the tools and capabilities to drive enterprise-wide value at this level.

With the CallMiner omnichannel contact center solutions, you can:

Analyze customer interactions at scale. Our Eureka platform analyzes interactions at the deepest levels, interpreting nuance, scoring emotion, and identifying patterns and traits that deliver deeper insight into the customer’s mindset.

Expand omnichannel analysis. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Eureka correlates text-based and audio interactions across all channels, even when they are not integrated.

Connect the dots between insight and action. Eureka’s conversation analytics reveals the steps and actions customer service teams can take to resolve customer issues, improve customer satisfaction, and win customer loyalty.

View the customer journey clearly. Automated tools for customer touchpoint mapping enable you to see each touchpoint clearly and to understand how customers feel about each interaction. With this data, you can optimize touchpoints to increase the effectiveness of omnichannel customer support as well as the entire customer journey.

Tools to analyze every conversation

With the CallMiner omnichannel contact center software, you have access to all the tools you need to capture and analyze customer conversations across every channel. Our Eureka platform includes:

Analyze. As mission control for the Eureka platform, Analyze uses machine learning algorithms to automatically transcribe, classify, analyze, and score customer interactions. Analyze also tags transcriptions with sentiment and emotion to reveal deeper insight into the drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Coach. This product makes it easier for supervisors to monitor, understand, and optimize agent performance at scale. With automated scoring, data-based feedback, and progress monitoring, supervisors can identify performance trends and target behavior for guidance or reinforcement.

Alert. Eureka Alert provides real-time guidance to agents when analytics reveal heightened negative emotion in a conversation that may indicate a customer is at risk of churn. Alert issues next-best-action guidance that can help to resolve a negative customer experience and reduce risk of fines or legal action.

Visualize. This product enables you to explore conversation analytics data visually and create presentations that demand attention and encourage action. Visualize features an interactive, easy-to-use interface that allows you to drill down into the detail of a single agent or customer while visually connecting the dots between insight and action.

Redact. To protect the personal information contained in audio and text-based conversations, Redact automatically eliminates sensitive numerical data and personally identifiable information.

Why CallMiner?

With technical expertise that spans nearly two decades, CallMiner is the global leader in conversation analytics technology to drive performance improvement. We harness artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive solutions for analyzing omnichannel customer interactions at scale. With our Eureka platform, organizations can interpret sentiment and identify patterns to glean a deeper understanding from every conversation.

Our platform is:

Trusted. We offer source-of-truth confidence by providing rich behavioral insight based on what customers say and how they express it.

Secure. Automated sensitive data reduction within a PCI-certified hosted model ensures omnichannel security.

Actionable. Our platform bridges the gap between insight and action with real-time and post-interaction automated scoring, frontline coaching, and organization awareness.

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Omnichannel customer support enables customers to seek service options via any channel they choose, including phone, email, chat, web, SMS, and social media. To provide omnichannel customer support, companies need solutions that can integrate data from all customer interactions across channels, providing customer service agents with context, clarity, and next-best-action guidance.

Legacy customer service and CRM solutions lack the ability to integrate data from multiple channels in real time. As a result, customers are often forced to repeat information from one agent to the next. Customers may also experience a great deal of inconsistency in messaging between channels. And they may not be able to quickly find answers from their preferred channel of communication.

Conversation analytics enables companies to capture, analyze, classify, and score omnichannel interactions with customers. Conversation analytics transform the unstructured information in calls, emails, chats, and social media into structured data that can be analyzed for insight into customer behavior, emotion, and desires. By providing clearer understanding of a customer’s mindset, conversation analytics enables companies to provide experiences that lead to greater satisfaction and increased loyalty.


CallMiner enables our internal teams to collect omnichannel data for analysis and gain new insights.

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