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How to improve performance of call center representatives

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform uncovers insights needed to improve agent performance and increase customer satisfaction.

What makes call center representatives effective?

Call center representatives are the frontline of your brand, interacting with your customers daily. With the potential to understand and fulfill customers’ wants and needs, call center agents are in a position to make or break the customer experience. Yet, turnover in call centers can be high, making it difficult to count on your call center representatives as the face and voice of your organization.

Aside from hiring employees with the right skills and demeanor, the key to developing effective call center representatives is to build a culture of continual improvement. By empowering employees with clear direction, consistent coaching, and real-time feedback, supervisors can improve retention while increasing employee success – which in turn leads to better customer interactions.

CallMiner can help. With a conversation intelligence platform that monitors, captures, and analyzes 100% of conversations, CallMiner delivers constant process improvement to drive better customer interactions and delivers data-driven feedback to keep the best performers.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

How conversation intelligence impacts call center representatives

With traditional call center technology, supervisors can monitor less than 2% of customer interactions with call center representatives, missing 98% of the intelligence embedded in conversations. Since the process of extracting meaning from those 2% of conversations is extremely time-consuming, insights typically aren’t shared with supervisors or agents for 30 to 45 days.

Conversation intelligence changes this formula by capturing and analyzing 100% of customer conversations and making insight available in real-time. A conversation intelligence platform uses AI and machine learning to transcribe, categorize, and score every customer conversation. Superior platforms also use acoustic analysis to measure emotion in conversations, helping to more accurately identify the drivers behind customer behavior, opinions, needs, and desires.

Armed with this information, supervisors can deliver data-driven, objective feedback to encourage improvement for call center representatives. And with real-time intelligence, supervisors can provide real-time agent coaching to enhance performance and improve the outcomes of customer conversations.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

The CallMiner Eureka platform provides industry-leading conversation intelligence to drive business improvement from the contact center to the C-suite. By analyzing 100% of customer conversations, Eureka offers the insight supervisors need to analyze agent performance and identify opportunities to better meet the needs and expectations of call center representatives.

The Eureka platform includes integrated cloud call center software solutions that help connect the dots between positive experiences and bottom-line results.

• Analyze is the main dashboard for the Eureka platform, automatically transcribing, categorizing, and scoring conversations to track performance and emotion over the customer journey.

• Alert provides always-ready guidance for agents in the most crucial moments, automatically alerting agents and supervisors when indicators suggest a customer is at risk.

• Coach monitors, understands, and optimizes the performance of call center representatives at scale. By providing a deep understanding into agent and customer interactions, Coach help supervisors identify performance trends, target behavior for guidance or reinforcement, and create a persistent culture of improvement.

• Visualize enables organizations to explore conversation intelligence data visually, through shareable presentations with drill-down details that reveal insights based on customer behavior, agent performance, process challenges, and other root cause indicators.

• Redact automatically removes sensitive numerical data and personally identifiable information from customer conversations.

Benefits for call center representative performance

With CallMiner, organizations can:

• Analyze solicited and unsolicited feedback to identify areas to improve experiences for call center representatives.

• Build a culture of improvement by empowering call center employees with clear direction and a path for improvement.

• Increase retention by leveraging emotion scoring, trend analysis, and other features to better understand what employees want from their employer, taking action to improve satisfaction and minimizing turnover.

• Create a workplace culture where employees feel involved, engaged, and empowered.

• Collect, analyze, and understand employee feedback through voice, video, IT tickets, HR surveys, and other points of contact.

• Use employee insights to customize programs and initiatives that support productivity and improve job satisfaction.

• Improve productivity and management of agents in work-from-home call centers.

• Provide leaders and managers with the insight they need to improve call center metrics by creating better employee experiences and increasing retention.

Why CallMiner?

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform provides the insight leaders need to make better business decisions. By uncovering meaningful intelligence from customer-employee interactions at scale, the Eureka platform allows companies to measure sentiment, key drivers, and common concerns across the workforce to improve employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

No other platform offers more customizable solutions and deeper understanding of conversations. CallMiner also provides:

• The fastest speed to improvement, thanks to AI-driven search features, real-time and post-call analytics, and unmatched accuracy.

• The clearest view of what matters most – CallMiner analyzes the details of interactions with accurate autoscoring and correlation across channels.

• A more human approach, with a dedicated support team for each account, an active customer community, and crowdsourced innovation.

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Frequently asked questions.

A call center representative is an agent who communicates with customers and prospects by receiving calls in an inbound call center or placing calls in an outbound call center. Call center representatives typically help customers answer questions, resolve problems, complete purchases, or find information.

Conversation intelligence uses AI and machine learning to capture and analyze conversations with customers that take place over the phone and in email, chat, web, social, surveys, and SMS texts. Conversation intelligence platforms convert unstructured information in these conversations into structured data that can be analyzed for insight and intelligence. By interpreting the meaning of text and the emotion in expression, conversation intelligence helps organizations to better understand what customers truly feel and want so they can take steps to improve satisfaction and loyalty.

While call centers tend to have high rates of turnover, call center managers can increase retention by creating more learning opportunities, offering rewards and recognition, and providing continual coaching.


CallMiner Analyze was able to drill down into the recordings and transcripts and show what an agent specifically said as opposed to what was on the script. This gave us the metrics we needed to meet with agents to discuss performance objectively.

Mark Crowley

Quality and Compliance Manager, DoublePositive