Core platform & application for
speech analytics

Speech Analytics
for the Customer Engagement Center

Eureka is the leading solution to improve contact center and enterprise performance through speech analytics. It immediately reveals insights from automated analysis of communications between you and your customers across multiple channels – including calls, chat, email, texts, social media, surveys and more.

Delivered as a cloud-based or on premise contact center monitoring solution, Eureka customer engagement analytics is transforming call center performance management with the following key capabilities:

Industry-leading speech reco engine
Robust and scalable analytics tools
Automated categorization & scoring
Dashboards & visualizations
Customer journey analysis
Comprehensive integrations
Flexible and easy-to-use APIs

Full speech reco & transcription
Rich search & discovery tools
Integrations with leading cloud call centers
Convenient monthly subscription

Delivered as a cloud-based or on premise contact center monitoring solution, Eureka customer engagement analytics is transforming call center performance management with the following key capabilities:

  • Converts customer interactions (calls, chats, emails, surveys, social) into a format for analysis.
  • Captures metadata from any source (call recorders, chat systems) and across multiple contact center sites and locations.
  • Automatically evaluates every contact for sentiment/acoustics, categorization, and performance scoring.
  • Allows for free form search to find and playback contacts containing certain words and phrases or sharing other characteristics in a familiar web search user experience.
  • Allows for evaluation and comparison of performance and key metrics using data visualization.
  • Determines Root cause through auto topic analysis and automatically identifying outliers.
  • Allows viewing and measuring key performance indicators across the entire omni-channel customer journey through intuitive visualization.
  • Provides powerful Application Programming Interface (API) with Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable easy extract of interaction analytics data and greater speed in developing customer workflows.
  • Enables manual tagging, commenting and score adjustments to supply quality monitoring and agent coaching workflows.

Data Redaction

Keeping Customers’ Data Private

Data redaction is the removal of sensitive customer information, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers or PINs, from call transcripts and audio files. PCI level redaction ensures that any sensitive customer information that is in stored records cannot be automatically searched or accessed by unauthorized people, per the PCI DSS information security standard. CallMiner Eureka speech analytics offers the ability to fully redact PCI data, both in real-time and in post-call processing.

How Redaction Works

When a compliance sensitive word or phrase is identified, Eureka marks the time occurrence of that and replaces it in both the text transcript of the interaction and the audio file. So, for example, when a credit card number is spoken the numbers are replaced with phrase “Redacted” in the transcript and with a tone in the audio.

With Eureka PCI Redaction you be sure that you remain compliant with PCI and other customer data regulations for data security and confidentiality.

PCI Redaction minimizes legal exposure and compliance risk by automatically redacting sensitive customer information.

Open Interfaces

Your Data Working For You

One common challenge in rolling out engagement analytics is sharing the business insights – and underlying data – you’ve discovered. The variety of different technologies and business processes used by each department often hinder sharing, making the coordinated efforts needed to fully realize ROI much harder to carry out. CallMiner’s Eureka API is the answer.

With the Eureka API you can grant access to and share your data with internal and external business applications as well as 3rd party apps and services.


Universal Data Access

Use your conversation data outside of Eureka. The Eureka API helps you stock up your data warehouses with PCI-compliant text transcripts and audio. Or spice up your reporting tools by including the deep business insights revealed through engagement analytics.

Power Up Your Business Apps

Include engagement analytics inside your existing business apps and services by linking directly to the source data via the Eureka API. Widgets, dashboards, alerts and charts can all be enhanced by the context provided through engagement analytics.

Analytics Unleashed

Create entirely new ways of interacting with your engagement analytics data and analysis, including feeding mobile apps, informing smart devices or supporting mash-ups of different technologies and services – all fueled by the Eureka API.

Common API Uses


Output data:

  • Category hits
  • Score results
  • Call events
  • Tags/Comments
  • Metadata attributes
  • Acoustic measures

Output data:

  • Words
  • Speaker
  • Date/Time stamps
  • Redactions

Output data:

  • Redacted audio file

Save time and money and ensure that you are getting the most out of your engagement analytics insights with Eureka APIs.

ROI Acceleration

Introducing Eureka Playbooks

CallMiner has developed a series of Eureka Success Playbooks to provide step-by-step instructions for utilizing Eureka content (both out-of-the-box and custom) to achieve quantifiable ROI. The Playbooks align to specific business drivers, including:

  • call center efficiency
  • customer experience
  • performance management
  • sales effectiveness
  • risk and compliance

Run the Right Plays for your Team Goals and Talent

Much like how a sports team relies on a playbook to determine the appropriate approach or “plays” to execute to attain their win, the Eureka playbook contains various “plays” that your organization’s analysts can execute with the content found within the system to achieve ROI. Each play also has pre-requisites – what tools, metadata, or resources are required to execute the play, along with a desired end state or ROI payback. The plays themselves are oriented towards and optimized for each of the different levels of analyst: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Playbooks are included with your Eureka subscription — choose one, download it and accelerate your path to ROI.