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Improve competitiveness through product feedback management

Capture and analyze 100% of customer interactions with CallMiner Eureka.

Leveraging customer feedback to drive product intelligence

While product development teams rely on intelligence from a variety of sources, customer opinion is far and away the most valuable form of product feedback. Customer comments can reveal how well a product meets the expectations of a target audience – or where and how it comes up short.

There are lots of customer feedback management software solutions on the market. Yet, most of these technologies gather feedback through surveys – a method that is limited by low response rates and skewed by the types of customers who are likely to respond. For this reason, a growing number of businesses are turning to product feedback management systems that leverage conversation intelligence to gather more comprehensive and accurate product intelligence.

As the global leader in conversation intelligence technology, the CallMiner Eureka platform enables you to glean insight from interactions on every channel – phone, social, web, email, chat, and more. With CallMiner, you can enhance product feedback management to drive innovation, increase competitiveness, and improve product quality and safety.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

How conversation intelligence enhances competitive insight

The ability to mine continuous competitive intelligence straight from customers can produce invaluable insight to inform the entire product development process.

That’s the premise of conversation intelligence, a technology that leverages AI and machine learning to analyze audio and text-based interactions for meaning, intent, and sentiment. Using natural language processing, conversation intelligence transforms the unstructured information in a customer interaction into structured data that can be searched, scored, and categorized to produce actionable insights. A superior platform can understand and track key words and phrases, tag language that exhibits certain emotions, and measure stress levels, speed, silence, and other variables to reveal the emotion behind a speaker’s words.

With this powerful product feedback management technology, product teams can capture insights across social, ratings, and review sites to uncover competitive strengths and weaknesses that can drive product investment. And by mining competitor mentions, teams can identify product risks or threats that may not yet be on the radar.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

CallMiner Eureka makes it possible to analyze 100% of interactions across every channel where your customers engage with your brand and share details of their product experience. As a superior product feedback management solution, Eureka enables your product teams to identify patterns, interpret sentiment, and pinpoint emotion to gain a deeper understanding of every conversation.

Our comprehensive platform includes all the capabilities that product teams need to mine customer conversations for product intelligence. With CallMiner serving as a feedback management software solution, your teams can:

Discover what matters most to customers with CallMiner Analyze. As mission control for the Eureka platform, Analyze makes it possible to transcribe, categorize, and score every customer interaction to understand their thoughts and feelings about new and existing products, product features, and product experiences.

Visually explore the stories that customer feedback reveals with CallMiner Visualize. Users can create shareable presentations that help connect the dots between insight and action, or drill down into the details of feedback from a single customer.

Drive better outcomes for customer calls with CallMiner RealTime. This technology automatically notifies agents or supervisors when a call is at risk of ending badly and provides real-time guidance to improve the outcome of customer interactions.

Enhance the performance of contact center agents with CallMiner Coach. Supervisors can automate agent performance improvement at scale by identifying performance trends and targeting behavior for guidance or reinforcement.

Protect the privacy of customers with CallMiner Redact. By automatically removing sensitive data from audio and text-based conversations, Redact makes it possible to extract value from analytics without exposing private customer information.

Advantages for product feedback management

As a superior solution for product feedback management, CallMiner Eureka delivers significant benefits for product development.

Improve product quality. Gain near-real-time feedback about product shortcomings to drive improvements to product quality.

Resolve safety issues quickly. Utilize contact center interactions as an “early warning system” about potential safety issues, remediating problems before they reach a crisis or recall level.

Understand the product experience. Access insights from customer sentiment expressed on ratings and reviews sites to understand gaps in the product experience.

Drive product innovation. Gain insights from customer conversations to inspire innovation and enhance market fit.

Refine the product roadmap. Drive priorities for investment and future offerings with a clearer understanding of what customers want and need.

Expand product lines. Understand how customers are attempting to use products in new ways to identify opportunities to expand product lines.

•__ Uncover competitive insight__. Monitor competitor mentions to understand competitive strengths and weaknesses as well as product risks and competitive threats.

Why choose CallMiner?

CallMiner Eureka is designed with expertise built on two decades of innovation and billions of hours of customer conversations mined for insight. Offering extensive automation and turnkey integrations, the Eureka platform delivers insights that matter most, faster than any other solution on the market. Today, CallMiner is trusted by the world’s leading organizations in industries such as financial services, healthcare, retail, insurance, hospitality, travel, and more.

Identify patterns in the noise

Our platform analyzes interactions at the deepest levels, interpreting nuance and emotion in conversations to identify patterns that reveal new opportunities.

Integrate analysis across channels

Supported by AI and ML-powered analytics, our platform correlates audio and text-based conversations, even when channels are not already integrated.

Achieve measurable improvement

With CallMiner, your product teams can connect the dots between human understanding and the tangible action required to turn it into product improvement.

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Frequently asked questions.

Product feedback management is the task of gathering feedback from customers their experiences with products and opinions about features, using that data to improve products and the product experience.

Most product feedback management solutions solicit comments through surveys conducted via web, email, and other channels. While these methods offer some value, resulting data sets are often incomplete as customer response rates for surveys are notoriously low. Additionally, respondents tend to be most satisfied or dissatisfied customers, distorting survey results.

Conversation intelligence technology is a powerful tool for improving product feedback management. By capturing and analyzing 100% of audio and text-based customer interactions across all channels, conversation intelligence provides a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of the wants, needs, preferences, and opinions of a target audience.


CallMiner enables our internal teams to collect omnichannel data for analysis and gain new insights.

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