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Phillips & Cohen Expands CallMiner Eureka Speech Analytics Partnership to Drive Agent Quality and Enhance the Customer Experience

May 31, 2017

Eureka Enterprise Speech Analytics and EurekaLive real-time analytics provide post-call voice of the customer insights and on-call next best action guidance to improve quality of service and level of compassion.

WALTHAM, MA – June, 1, 2017 – CallMiner, the leading platform provider of award-winning speech and customer engagement analytics announces that Phillips & Cohen has opted to expand its use of CallMiner Eureka to support quality of service and the customer experience it provides across all existing global offices.

Phillips & Cohen, a pioneer in Deceased Account Management services, serves the consumer banking and credit industry in addition to specialized industries including financial services, healthcare, utility, education and telecom.  The company selected CallMiner Eureka speech analytics because it would allow them to increase quality monitoring from 1-2% to 100% of agent/client interactions. This in turn would enable agents to improve the level or compassion and compliance — two critically important metrics for the company.

Building robust scorecards in the speech analytics platform based on a high percentage of calls, combined with a greater level of operational oversight driven by physical call review and analytics outputs, also provides Phillips & Cohen with a true view of the voice of the customer.

“Voice of the customer feedback is a real game-changer for us as the nature of our work makes it a challenge to obtain through traditional feedback and survey methods,” says Nick Cherry, Chief Operating Officer at Phillips & Cohen Associates.

“From a post call perspective, the scorecards provide meaningful trend analysis and voice of the customer measures we simply didn’t have before. Cross-matching telephony data with account activity is also something we couldn’t do without speech analytics. It’s the little things – like being able to search for calls with specific traits that would be incredibly time-consuming without Eureka,” Cherry says.

In addition, Phillips & Cohen uses EurekaLive, a real-time solution that provides next best action guidance to agents while they are on a call. Company President & Chief Compliance Officer, Howard Enders commented, “Guidance in real-time provides agents with the reassurance that they have completed all the required actions and that the customer is satisfied. This has really encouraged them to raise their game and allows us to demonstrate active compliance to clients across the globe.”

“We have been working with Phillips & Cohen in the United States for a number of years. 2017 has seen us complete the implementation with Phillips & Cohen in Canada, Australia and the UK and we are really excited to expand the partnership further, with Spain next on our joint agenda,” says CallMiner CEO, Terry Leahy.  “The level of insight on the voice of the customer and the value they have already been able to achieve with Eureka is impressive. Over time they will see even greater value and we are proud that our technology will contribute to their continued success,” Leahy concludes.

About Phillips & Cohen Associates

Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd. was established in the United States in 1998 and has expanded internationally building a reputation as a responsible and trusted partner to creditors around the globe. The global group includes offices in Manchester, UK, three offices in the United States including a dedicated analytics center, offices in Quebec, Canada and Melbourne, Australia and a newly founded office in Madrid, Spain. The business has achieved national and international prominence by providing highly effective financial recovery services built around a uniquely compassionate style of customer engagement. With clients ranging from mid-sized firms to leading national and international creditor and banking institutions, the company serves the consumer credit, banking, and finance markets, as well as specialized industries including home shopping, utility, telecoms, debt purchase, local & central government.

About CallMiner

CallMiner believes that resolution is the fundamental driver of positive customer experiences. When contact center agents and others responsible for customer engagement are empowered by insight and feedback in real-time, they can dramatically improve the rate of positive outcomes.  With the tagline “Listen to Your Customers, Improve Your Business” our goal is to help companies automate the overwhelming process of extracting insight from phone calls, chats, emails and social media to dramatically improve customer service and sales, reduce the cost of service delivery, mitigate risk, and identify areas for process and product improvement.  Highlighted by multiple customer achievement awards, including six Speech Technology implementation awards in the past four years, CallMiner has consistently ranked number one in customer satisfaction, including surveys conducted by DMG Consulting and Ovum.

Media Contact: Maureen Szlemp | CallMiner Marketing Director | | 319-573-3312.

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