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The CCS Companies Leverages CallMiner Eureka Customer Engagement Analytics to Further Enhance the Consumer Call Center Experience and its Quality Assurance Initiatives

November 16, 2016

Waltham, MA – Nov 16, 2016 — CallMiner, the leader in speech and customer engagement analytics, announces today that The CCS Companies has selected CallMiner Eureka and myEureka interaction analytics. Eureka will enhance CCS’ ability to tap into consumer insights that improve the consumer call center experience, contact center agent quality, regulatory compliance, and voice of the customer (VOC) feedback that can be used for training and quality assurance coaching throughout the organization.

The CCS Companies, a leading business process outsourcer (BPO) serving the financial services, insurance, healthcare, telecom and utilities industries was looking for a way to further enhance the consumer call center experience and its quality assurance initiatives. The ability to gain VOC feedback to help improve call center performance along with a way to verify compliance were the top drivers of this technology investment.

“The ease of use of the CallMiner Eureka system coupled with the insights derived from mining 100% of our consumer interactions was the solution we were seeking to meet our quality control requirements,” says Steven Sands, President of The CCS Companies. “We view speech analytics as another differentiating tool that brings more value to our customer base.”

“We always like to work with companies that recognize the tremendous value that customer engagement analytics can bring to their organization. In the case of The CCS Companies, a BPO, Eureka analytics provides the flexibility to create categories, scoring and searches relevant to each of its clients based on the specific KPIs that are important to them,” says CallMiner CEO, Terry Leahy. “We share the same goal – to expand the value we provide to the companies we work with through analytics insights. It’s going to be great working with such a forward-thinking company.”

CallMiner Eureka cloud-hosted customer engagement analytics is PCI-certified. Sensitive data is automatically redacted from the voice recording and the transcript. Eureka analyzes all customer interactions, enabling businesses to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of agent quality monitoring and performance. It measures customer satisfaction, identifies root cause and trends with product and service issues, measures and monitors compliance and improves collection rates.

myEureka speeds the delivery of performance data to supervisors and even agents so that they can take action quickly to improve performance. Feedback is provided with dashboard metric tiles, plain language alerts and notifications. Ranking data is also provided to motivate agents to achieve high performance. Through the watch list, agents can keep an eye on key areas needing improvement.

About CCS CCS is celebrating its 50th anniversary and is widely recognized as one of the nation’s largest and most successful collection firms.  Our client base is vast in scope, ranging from regional operations to large Fortune 50 companies. CCS has invested in strategic facilities to accommodate rapid growth, with leading edge call center technology that is recognized as best in class. We continuously integrate the latest systems to provide the highest performance and customer service levels possible. CCS’ growth has been strictly organic, and not achieved via merger/acquisition. We are extremely proud of our high-profile client base, and being viewed as a “go to” resource on many decision-making occasions.

About CallMiner

CallMiner believes that resolution is the fundamental driver of positive customer experiences. When contact center agents and others responsible for customer engagement are empowered by insight and feedback in real-time, they can dramatically improve the rate of positive outcomes. With the tagline “Listen to Your Customers, Improve Your Business” our goal is to help companies automate the overwhelming process of extracting insight from phone calls, chats, emails and social media to dramatically improve customer service and sales, reduce the cost of service delivery, mitigate risk, and identify areas for process and product improvement. Highlighted by multiple customer achievement awards, including six Speech Technology implementation awards in the past four years, CallMiner has consistently ranked number one in customer satisfaction, including surveys conducted by DMG Consulting and Ovum.

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