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Automate agent performance management through direct  feedback

Performance Management Portals
for the Customer Engagement Center

MyEureka is an application that’s included with Eureka and Eureka Essentials that automates the contact center agent performance management process by providing direct performance feedback to contact center managers, supervisors, and agents.

The faster agents get feedback, the faster and more likely they are to take action to improve their performance and your customer’s experience. Motivate the competitive spirit with performance ranking data, and provide your agents with feedback they can understand. myEureka uniquely delivers contact center performance feedback with the following features:

Key Features

Metric Tiles

Personalized easy to read performance indicators, display current performance and trend information. Aggregate all key information into a single view.

MyEureka Metric Tiles

Performance Feed

Contact Center performance feedback is delivered as continuous, plain language alerts and notifications, personalized for each user (individuals or team leaders). Take direct action from feed items.

MyEureka Performance Feed and Scorecard

Ranking Data

Call center agents are encouraged to compete beyond just hitting the minimum target. Access to rank data for each metric and key performance driver motivates a competitive culture for high performance.

MyEureka Agent Ranking Data

Watch List

Individuals can keep an eye on key areas at risk or needing improvement through a personalized list.

myEureka Agent Performance Watch List

Award Winner

MyEureka Technology Innovation Award Winner

“CallMiner is demystifying analytics, making it useful and available in multiple contexts: deep insights for the analysts and managers, and actionable reports for the agents.”

Keith Dawson,
Principal Analyst