Slimware Reduced Churn and Improved Customer Satisfaction by 300% with CallMiner

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Slimware Utilities Case Study

Slimware Utilities is a leading media and internet company revolutionizing the way users and businesses clean, update and optimize personal computers. Slimware supports over 79 million downloads annually and 5 million active users each month. In 2019, the company sought to improve its call center’s customer satisfaction and retention.


Call Center Irregularities Created High Customer Churn

Slimware’s mission is simple: “Help people better manage the digital world, so they can enjoy the real world.” To support its customers and databases of over 1.4 million drivers, Slimware maintains five call center sites globally with over 125 agents and only a handful of analysts. However, managing their call centers in Ukraine and India had proven difficult.

“Customer churn was a problem for us. We just had too many customers leaving and too few subscribing,” said Carl Stuerke, director of operations at Slimware Utilities. “We knew that our call centers and a wide variance in call performance were part of the problem. We needed to improve overall quality and compliance. Additionally, it was very important for senior leadership to have access to analytics. They wanted to establish quantifiable, reportable standards for the call center.”

In 2019, Slimware’s operations team understood that analyzing their calls could help them resolve a number of issues. However, with 25,000 subscribers and over 6,000 support calls per month, the operations team needed an efficient approach for call analysis. Meeting regularly, the team was reviewing 25% of contacts externally and only a portion internally. Correcting their customer churn issues required a more progressive approach. Slimware sought a speech analytics solution to solve these problems.


Actionable Intelligence from CallMiner

Slimware turned to CallMiner’s speech analytics Eureka platform to address their ongoing compliance issues. They chose CallMiner for its holistic approach to analytics and ability to deliver valuable insights from Slimware’s significant call volumes.

“CallMiner captured and analyzed every single call made, helping us see what was working and what wasn’t,” said Ed Lee, business analyst at Slimware. “So, we established a baseline and started asking questions. Why are some agents better at converting calls to sales than others? What are the agents doing to save customers? We did this for sales, support and billing.”

Once CallMiner captured Slimware’s calls, the company was able to automatically generate scorecards for agent performance as well as full transcripts that were tagged for customer emotion (content, discontent, indifference, etc.). The transcripts and scores enabled Slimware to search their calls for keywords and decision milestones. Speech analytics revealed opportunities for refinement, which Slimware quickly turned into actionable improvements in agent performance.


Improved Compliance with Focused Training

Using CallMiner, Slimware began seeing significant, positive trends in their call center. The operations and analyst teams went from reviewing just 3% of its calls to fully analyzing 100% of its customer interactions. The CallMiner Eureka platform provided a significant increase in call reviews and delivered automated scoring for each interaction; it’s how the Slimware teams used this information that made the difference.

“We established that there was a wide variance in what our agents were saying to customers,” said Stuerke. “So we created verbatim script requirements that made every call more quantifiable, turning them into binary decisions. From there, we were able to isolate problems and correct them quickly with focused training.”

Increased Sales Average Order Value by 4%

“Speech analysis helped us establish a lack of value delivery during sales calls and gaps in language fluency,” said Lee. “So we armed our agents with shorter, more value-driven scripts. Additionally, we provided longer training cycles before agents got on the phone. The results have been great.”

Slimware invested in more sales training for each agent, to ensure they understood the full value of the service. As a result, the average handle time for calls improved by 1%, which meant agents had time for more calls. More importantly, Slimware also noted a 4% increase in their average order value.

“Not only were our sales calls faster, but we were actually getting more money from each call as well,” said Stuerke.

Improved Customer Satisfaction by 300% and Retention by 16%

“We looked at customers who had churned out, using CallMiner to examine the customer journey timeline to identify where issues occurred,” said Stuerke. “We were able double-click on these interactions to determine how to fix common issues. As a result, we have a 16% reduction in churn by having agents do a better job on the phone.”

By adapting agent training to the areas of improvement identified with CallMiner, Slimware witnessed dramatic improvements beyond retention. As a company, Slimware began sharing performance metrics – like handle time and average sale – with its agents to demonstrate the impact of the call center’s efforts. Over a one-year period with CallMiner, the call centers saw their net promoter score (NPS) climb from 10 points to 33, a 300% increase. Additionally, the customer satisfaction score rose 350bps over the same time period.

“Our call center’s continuous improvement process is anchored on CallMiner’s capabilities. Everything begins with speech analytics.” - Ed Lee, business analyst, Slimware Utilities




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