Coronavirus – How CallMiner Helps

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The Coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented for its global impact, forced work habit change, and uncomfortable transition in our daily lives. A shocking “new normal” characterized by the sudden need to shift toward a remote workforce and/or manage on-site contact center agents under unexpected stress demands new tools and approaches. This must happen seemingly on the turn of dime.

CallMiner is first and foremost concerned with your personal safety. Our second priority is to assist you along this Coronavirus journey. And it is a journey. In this moment that matters we must step-up by listening to our customers and employees with proactive response whenever possible.

As this virus begins to subside, and life returns to normal our customers and employees will recall our most meaningful actions post-pandemic. Customer satisfaction, employee retention and even recruitment will be in play as we manage Coronavirus impact now. Following is how we can help:

  • Listen & Hear – CallMiner Interaction Analytics allows you to listen for Coronavirus and Covid-19 references as well as hear (and feel) stress levels expressed by your customers and agents. Not just looking for virus mentions, but all the second order and third order effects this global health challenge has created. To realize a “pandemic pulse”, CallMiner is freely offering a category set to quickly generate Coronavirus and other health-oriented insight within CallMiner Analyze based upon your customer and agent conversational behaviors.
  • Engage & Exchange – The Coronavirus Customer Think Tank is established on CallMiner’s Engagement Optimization website. Here you can download Coronavirus categories, turbocharge your analytics with crowdsourced ideas and new category downloads, post your comments and suggestions and work together to manage the unexpected within a common forum.
  • Innovate & Fortify – In many respects a “new normal” will not be temporary. Reducing uncertainty with analytics establishes a foundation for insight to action as we move forward. Of particular note is the ability to benchmark agent reactions and response when challenged with customer demands while dealing with personal issues. Performance management metrics shaped by Coronavirus learnings will work to encourage a culture of persistent optimization that’s established and even ready for what may be the next global challenge.
  • If you are a CallMiner customer, please log into the Coronavirus Customer Think Tank here.
  • If you are considering a CallMiner solution, please request Think Tank access here.
  • If you are using a non-CallMiner solution we still might be able to assist. Although CallMiner category syntax may not be compatible, we might be able to assist with category suggestions and community support.

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